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Quibans Toticity Maths Resources Resourceaholic Last weekend I recorded a podcast with Craig Barton to celebrate my 100th gems post. I love the way @boss_maths described it: "So informative and entertaining, listening to this felt uncannily like listening to TMS as a cricket fan"! You can listen here and see what you think. The conversations we had in the podcast made me realise how much happens in a year. In this post I look back at 2018 and list some of my personal highlights, and look ahead to what's coming up in 2019. The start of 2018 saw the publication of Craig's book How I Wish I'd Taught Maths. Thankfully, opportunities for maths teachers to take control of their own professional development have continued to grow. In 2018 I attended three of La Salle's national maths conferences and loved every minute. If you missed these presentations then you might be able to catch me presenting them again next year. In addition to the La Salle conferences, I was fortunate to attend a number of excellent events in 2018.

Home | AMSP Computing Technology for Math Excellence Math = Love: Bulletin Board Ideas I've spent many a hour browsing pinterest and blogs for new ideas for decorating my high school math classroom. This summer, I'm taking some time to categorize some of my own resources so they are more accessible to readers. This page is meant to house pictures of the bulletin boards I have created over the past few years. Most (not all) are math-y, but I think they can be easily adapted to your own classroom. I've also created a page on my blog to house all of the posters I have created. Click here to find the files to create many of these bulletin boards. When you enter this classroom... Absent? How to Learn Math Bulletin Board Change Your Words - Change Your Mindset! Calculator Bulletin Board Wheel of Theodorus Bulletin Board Left Side Ideas for Interactive Notebooks Bulletin Board Problem Solving Strategies Bulletin Board Math Bulletin Board Math Comics Bulletin Board Wall of Pride Bulletin Board - Students were invited to post anything they were proud of. Pascal's Triangle Bulletin Board A Level Resources Over the course of my teaching career I have written various revision sheets for my students at both of the schools I have taught at. I don't agree with the philosophy of cramming close to the exam, but students will be students, and I wanted mine to have a document that they could refer to the night before to ensure that they knew all the required information for the exam. Inevitably when writing them I have had in mind the set who were going to use them. I am currently teaching the new OCR Linear A Maths Course (for first Assessment in 2018). Single Pure OCR Single Pure Revision Sheet (Needs updating to new syllabus. Single Mechanics Single Statistics OCR Single Statistics Revision Sheet (Needs updating to new syllabus. Further Pure Core OCR Further Pure Core Revision Sheet (Needs updating to new syllabus. Further Mechanics OCR Further Mechanics Revision Sheet (Non existent) Further Statistics OCR Further Statistics Revision Sheet (Needs updating to new syllabus.

Yummy Math Fractions Worksheets How much is Shaded? (Circles) Fractions in this worksheet are represented as circles divided into sectors. The task is to work out what fraction of each circle has been shaded.answers How far along each line are the arrows? Each fraction on this worksheet is shown using an arrow above a point on a straight line.answers Oblong Fractions The task here is to work out what fraction of each oblong has been shaded.answers Pie Shading 29 circles need to be shaded in order to represent given fractions.answers** Polygon Fractions This worksheet shows 20 partially shaded polygons. Coordinates and Fractions Game This can be used as a fast paced warm up game. Improper Fractions 24 illustrations (pies and slices) provide a visual representation of improper fractions. Mixed Fractions Mixed fractions are illustrated here as points on a line. Shading Blocks This worksheet gives learners practice in finding fractions of whole number quantities represented by blocks of squares. Equivalent Fractions 1

KS5 – This is a relatively new section of the site, and as such is still growing. The resources here are not designed to substitute for a good textbook—which most sixth-formers tend to have access to anyway. The content here instead centres around dynamic interactive applets with three main purposes in mind: conveying concepts more clearly than is possible with static diagrams on a page or a slide;offering several question generators that can be used in class to develop fluency e.g. through use of guidance fading, material for mini-whiteboard or oral questioning; andproviding step-by-step procedural guides for students. Differentiation Matrices Newton’s Laws Newton’s Laws and elevators The binomial distribution Visualising the binomial distribution

Maths Masters Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - Short Problems Mean Sequence Age 11 to 14 Short Challenge Level: Weekly Problem 38 - 2009 This sequence is given by the mean of the previous two terms. Ordering Fractions Weekly Problem 46 - 2014 Which of these fractions has greatest value? Jacob's Flock How many sheep are in Jacob's flock? Farthest Fraction Which of these fractions is the largest? Tommy's Tankard Weekly Problem 4 - 2017 Tommy's tankard holds 480ml when it is one quarter empty. Multiplication Magic Square Weekly Problem 32 - 2015 Can you work out the missing numbers in this multiplication magic square? Smashing Time Weekly Problem 58 - 2012 Once granny has smashed some of her cups and saucers, how many cups are now without saucers? Talulah's Tulips Weekly Problem 10 - 2017 Talulah plants some tulip bulbs. Better Spelling Weekly Problem 12 - 2010 Can Emily increase her average test score to more than %? Valuable Percentages Weekly Problem 23 - 2010 These numbers have been written as percentages. Bouncing Ball Percentage Mad Information Display Halfway