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Everything I Knew About Dating I Learned From 19th Century Novels. Huge Mistake. BuzzFeed Video - If Dudes Catcalled Dudes. “I am No Man” Doesn’t Cut It: The Story of Eowyn. There are many things I love about the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings film adaptations.

“I am No Man” Doesn’t Cut It: The Story of Eowyn

The attention to detail, the shout outs to uber nerds with Silmarillion refs, the way Legolas jumps up on that horse in The Two Towers. There’s a lot to really admire given the scope of the world and the fact that a large part of the story is following different groups of people wandering around and talking. It takes skill to adapt a work that was clearly never intended for film and make it compelling visually without losing the core of the story. I’m thrilled the films exist and I’m glad that, obsessive geek though I am, it wasn’t me tasked with making that come alive. What is The Bechdel-Wallace Test and Why Does It Matter? Recently, the lack of female representation behind the scenes and in front of the camera in the entertainment industry has become a hot topic.

What is The Bechdel-Wallace Test and Why Does It Matter?

Whether it’s pay discrepancies between actors and actresses or the lack of diverse characters, we’re finally talking about what’s been apparent for so long: women aren’t represented in the media to the degree that they exist in the world. Recognition of the issue has grown throughout 2015 and for good reason! The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that in popular movies across 11 countries, only 31% of speaking roles are occupied by females. HuffPost Women - 48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That... 40 times ladies ruled the world in 2015. 6 Reasons Telling Women Their Power Is in Their Sexuality Is Not Empowering. Men Explain Lolita to Me. Warming up to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: What my mother taught me about the guy who wrote the “date-rape” Christmas song. I brace myself for it every year.

Warming up to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: What my mother taught me about the guy who wrote the “date-rape” Christmas song

Come December, before the first snowfall, we’ll see a flurry of articles about “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” now often called the “date-rape song.” We’ll read opinion pieces and watch parodies that place this song squarely in the camp of a “no means yes” patriarchy, a story about a man who uses alcohol and coercion to make a reluctant woman stay the night. But what if the writer of the song was actually a feminist? Listening While Feminist: In Defense of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Editor’s note: Please enjoy this featured post from our archives.

Listening While Feminist: In Defense of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

I’m a pretty voracious consumer and critic of American popular culture. I’m one of those 3rd wavers who believes that the deconstruction of all aspects of pop culture is an important aspect of feminism or any sort of progressive movement. Your Guide to Surviving Awkward Family Conversations about Sexism. Now our vaginas are being photoshopped. Great. The 10th most read post on Mamamia this year, was about a different kind of photoshopping.

Now our vaginas are being photoshopped. Great

In it, we asked you to consider whether the western world even knows what a real vagina looks like any more? The world famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover has leaked for 2012 and it shows model Kate Upton in all her bikini-clad glory, but er, without her vagina. Jezebel asks: “So did they photoshop out part of Kate’s cleft of Venus, to put it delicately? Really the whole area meets her thighs in kind of a flat, strange way—even a Barbie doll has more realistic, prominent-looking genitalia.” That’s right.

Femicide is predictable and preventable but we need to name the problem. “They both went over the railing,” CTV reported on December 20th, describing the deaths of Robert Giblin, 43, and Precious Charbonneau, 33, days before Christmas.

Femicide is predictable and preventable but we need to name the problem

No they didn’t. Giblin first stabbed his pregnant partner seven times. Then he threw her 21 flights to the ground, ensuring her death. On Male Privilege. 10 Anti-Feminist Trolls You'll Meet on the Internet – And What They're Really Saying. As Subtle as the Pose – Jennifer Moss. About ten years ago when the internet bubble popped, I took up a new career to pay the rent.

As Subtle as the Pose – Jennifer Moss

I had a good camera back before everyone had one on their phones. Fortunately I was in L.A., so I hung out my shingle and started doing headshots and model portfolios and was fairly decent at it. I was eventually published. Egypt PSA: Put yourself in her shoes, instead of finding ways to blame her. Mohamed Ghilan - Journal. 48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone) Aesthetic labiaplasty is never just a 'choice' 10 Types of Misogynist Men We All Need to Know About – And Then Call Out! The battle against 'sexist' sci-fi and fantasy book covers. Science fiction and fantasy novels routinely portray scantily clad woman on their covers - a device that draws the heterosexual male eye but may turn away women readers.

The battle against 'sexist' sci-fi and fantasy book covers

Lynsea Garrison finds one fantasy author aiming to zap gender stereotypes. Jim Hines straddles the remnants of a defeated alien species (a table), and clasps a pistol (a toy gun) as he triumphantly raises a cyborg's head (a toaster). Sometimes he fights battles alongside his romantic interest (a large teddy bear). But no matter the mission, Hines shows some flesh.

Video Calls Out Sexism In Advertising By Showcasing Ads That Objectify Women. Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language. Linguists call it collocation: the likelihood of two words occurring together.

Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language

If I say “pop”, your mental rolodex will begin whirring away, coming up with candidates for what might follow. “Music”, “song” or “star”, are highly likely. Teenage Girl Blossoming Into Beautiful Object. ARLINGTON, TX—Calling the transformation both delightful and stunning, friends and family members confirmed Tuesday that 17-year-old Ashley Parker was blossoming into an absolutely gorgeous object.

Teenage Girl Blossoming Into Beautiful Object

According to Parker’s relatives, in the span of 14 months, the high school junior underwent a staggering metamorphosis from a young girl with thoughts, feelings, and aspirations into a truly stunning commodity. “Ashley has really developed into quite a striking assemblage of physical attributes that are found to be sexually attractive in our culture,” said Parker’s uncle Keith Hayes, expressing astonishment at how his niece had steadily matured from a precocious youth into a shapely, ravishing thing devoid of intellect and personality. “It’s hard to believe that she used to be that little girl [capable of subjective experiences] that I remember.

Now look at her—she’s such a lovely vessel for displaced sexual frustration and voyeuristic lust, just like her mother.” "This Week in Modesty Culture: Who Wore It Modest-est?" by L.P. - The Salt Collective. I’ve written in the past about modesty culture— —Again? Omg this person is OBSESSED with modesty… Nocookies. You have cookies turned off To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set. This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon. Male scientists described in same demeaning way as female scientists. You know the stories about how close Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger came to never marrying? Chances are you haven't heard them, because nobody ever talks about Schrödinger's marriage when they discuss his work.

The same can't be said for female scientists, however. Twitter user Daurmith jumped on this by writing short bios for some of science's most famous men, but in the condescending manner typically employed for female scientists. This meant putting all the focus on the scientists' family lives, their looks and the sheer amazement that they were so brilliant despite being men. All this and more in 30 minutes - Collective Shout. What will 30 minutes at Chadstone Shopping Centre tell us about our pornified culture? Last Friday night I headed to Chadstone Shopping Centre to catch up with some of my colleagues from Collective Shout. I was there a little early and decided to browse the stores while I waited for the others to arrive. I expected to see the odd front window or billboard using the same old tired exploitation of women, but the proliferation of sexualised and objectifying images right throughout the centre was quite overwhelming. It started with Bras’N’Things. What Russell Brand Says About Porn Is Shocking—and Makes 100% Perfect Sense.

Cool Story, Bro. Judged purely on style, HBO’s “True Detective” is a great show. Every week, it offers up shiver-inducing cable intoxicants, from an over-the-top action sequence so liquid it rivals a Scorsese flick to piquant scenes of rural degradation, filmed on location in Louisiana, a setting that has become a bit of an HBO specialty. (“Treme” and “True Blood” are also set there.) Like many critics, I was initially charmed by the show’s anthology structure (eight episodes and out; next season a fresh story) and its witty chronology, which chops and dices a serial-killer investigation, using two time lines. In the nineteen-nineties, two detectives, Marty Hart and Rust Cohle (Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey), hunt down a fetishistic murderer, the sort of artsy bastard who tattoos his female victims, then accessorizes them with antlers and scatters cultish tchotchkes at the crime scene.

Being Woman. Nobel Prize - Women who changed the world. Photo of the Day: When 90 percent of Iceland’s women went on strike in 1975. UNICEF - Journal. A Letter to Young Christian Feminists - The Junia Project. Refinery29 - Journal. This Parody of What The Game of "Life" for Girls Would Be Like is Everything - Comedy Central's Glass Ceiling Game For Girls Is Great. Growing Up in Pornland: Girls Have Had It with Porn Conditioned Boys - Collective Shout. Pope Francis: We must “see in the women’s movement the working of the Spirit.” 'Get your arse out, mate': we turn the tables on everyday sexism – video. Omeleto - Journal. Girls going wild in red light district. Growing Up in a Pornified Culture. Justin Trudeau Teaches Men How To Be Better Feminists In 10 Seconds. This reporter turned the tables on a group of men who tried to disrupt her work, and it's awesome. BuzzFeed Books - Journal. Elliot Rodger, And The Dark Heart Of Men’s Rights Activism.

HuffPost Women - Journal. Emmy Kegler: Do you see this woman?: a preaching commentary on rape culture, Bathsheba, and the use of grace. Films For Action - Journal. Absurd propaganda postcards warning men about the dangers of women’s rights, early 1900s. Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today. Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today. Lesson Plan: A Survey of the Women's Liberation Movement. Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective – Fighting back against sexism in schools. Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence - Our Watch. Action for gender and social justice through education. FHS Feminist Collective. Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting. Comment: Watch what happens when men are Photoshopped out of politics.