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Untitled. By Chris Warren The concept is simple: replace a few of the keys on a USB keypad with heavy duty footswitches.


Then use the select function in Max to direct these switches to control your patch. Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes basic familiarity with electronics and the use of soldering tools. Cycling ’74 assumes no responsibility for damages to your keypad or any other device in following this tutorial. As a guitarist, I was looking for a simple hands-free controller for Max. Here are the parts you will need: USB keypad (a keyboard can work too, but is slightly more difficult to wire up—more non-ASCII key functions)momentary on switches (you will find these labeled “off-(on)”)fine wirea box (I used a project box from the local electronics shop) and the tools: a soldering iron and soldera small screwdriverwire strippers Download the Max 4.6 legacy patch and the updated Max 5 patch used in the tutorial. First open the USB keypad. Solder wires onto the terminal.

Run the test patch. How to get access to over 25,000 free electronic components. Selection is easy and hassle-free Consider the following: you are a research and development engineer tasked with designing a new optical-communications-related product.

How to get access to over 25,000 free electronic components

Your responsibilities include not only determining that exact components required, but also selecting a supplier for those components. The challenge you must face is ensuring the selected components are the right components, especially considering that nearly all suppliers sell in bulk. Fortunately, Electronic Products' Sample Center provides access to over 25,000 samples from one consolidated, easy-to-search location ─ the majority of which are free! The Sample Center inventory includes components from leading organizations such as Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated, Honeywell, Littelfuse, HARTING, Harwin, and more. Articles - Electronics-Lab. - Electronic Projects, Electronic Schematics, DIY Electronics. Whats your Work-Bench/lab look like? Post some pictures of your Lab.

Built-it-myself tools/machines - show us what you've done - Page 15. Built this cable unwinder to handle 1000' spool of 12-2 for wiring the garage.

Built-it-myself tools/machines - show us what you've done - Page 15

Unwinding in a controlled fashion keeps the cable from becoming full of curley-Q's. Wanted something a bit more "cool" than the broomstick through the center, supported by two chairs/blocks/midgits/whatever. Can't take credit for the idea, it's how large cable spools are unwound (being supported on wheels). Those cheapy rubber tire/wheel assemblies were on sale at HF for 3.50ish ea, took the tires off as all I wanted was the rims/bearing hub.

Those were the only parts bought, everything else was stuff laying around. 1/2" copper pipe was the perfect size for axles. I added the PVC roller to help remove the curl from the wire, as you pull wire, it passes under the roller slightly bending wire in the opposite direction it was coiled. Invested probably 1.5 hr start to finish and now wire pays out nice and straight! Switching Power Supply. My magnetometer sensor is going to run off a 12 volt lead acid battery charged with a solar panel.

Switching Power Supply

The main power needed is 5 V DC so a regulator to convert the battery voltage to 5 V DC is needed. I will use a switching regulator to keep the power needs low. Texas Instruments has a switching power supply design application, WEBENCH, on their web site that lets you set the requirements and then provides several designs that meet those requirements. Of course they use TI semiconductors. Jameco Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor.

PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" ... The 8min circuit board system. This section will quickly touch on the basics of what our system can do.

PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" ... The 8min circuit board system

When done with this page, just mouse-over the "START HERE" button to select more information about each of these subjects. QUICK NOTE ABOUT OUR SITE! Our left-side main menu is structured with drop-down selections. Whatever button you select will stay UNDERLINED. Active Antenna. Documenting the History of Radio TV and FM broadcasting. The Sproutie MK II HF Regen Receiver. Note – If you have read this article before and are checking back in, it’s a good idea to clear your cache, to ensure that you are viewing the very latest version of this post.

The Sproutie MK II HF Regen Receiver

I do add material and make corrections from time to time. It’s been about a year since I finished building The Sproutie, and it’s been a good year. Of all my scratch-built projects, it has been the most satisfying to own. It works well, looks pretty good and also, there is always the lure of possible of tweaks and improvements. Electronics Projects - Home. Solomon Coil Winder. This picture shows the coil winder in operation.

Solomon Coil Winder

Although it can operated without hand guidance, I have found the manual guidance gives more control. The winder consists of two primary parts -- the winder itself and a coil spindle. Build Your Own Instant Emergency Internet Kill Switch. Advertisement Every once in a while, we all feel like we just want to shut it all down.

Build Your Own Instant Emergency Internet Kill Switch

Being online 24/7 is fun and all, but it can get a little bit exhausting sometimes. People are constantly able to get a hold of you, and you feel pressured to always pick up the phone or answer all those emails and direct messages you get. It can easily turn into a world of chaos if you don’t have the self-control to actually unplug. That’s when this Internet kill switch will come in handy. We here at Bit Rebels are constantly looking for stuff that can further increase the geekiness in any home or office, and that’s why I have been on the lookout for something that I think could benefit most of us. Apollo-NG - picoReflow. More and more semiconductors are produced in packages (the chip's case) which have become impossible to hand solder with a solder iron.

Apollo-NG - picoReflow

The switch from through-hole (THT) to surface mount technology (SMT) has actually made hand soldering much easier (although still many believe the opposite to be true) but now we are faced with BGA and other packaging forms which only have contacts on the bottom of the chip. In order to be able to work with these chips, a reflow solder process is needed. So we've built our own DIY reflow oven, using a Raspberry Pi as a universal, web enabled, PID Reflow Oven Controller driving a convectional hot air oven originally designated for gastronomy/bakery purposes. Since it's all open-source you may also use it to build the world's most sophisticated pizza oven controller and experiment with temperature curves for fresh/frozen pizza :) Remember: Never put food into an oven that you have used for reflow soldering purposes.

Electronics DIY - Quality Electronic Kits, Electronic Projects, Electronic Schematics, FM Transmitters, TV Transmitters, Stereo Transmitters. Water-level Indicator. Metalworking and Electronics. As I said in the previous post I needed to remake my CNC controller boards.

Metalworking and Electronics

Here’s the work done. Board cutting. Filing. Edge lapping. Wet sandpaper gives great finish to the edges, and makes deburring easier. Cleaning. AideTek: Surface Mount resistor kit SMD parts Orgnizer Surface mount capacitor kit. Components - What's the best way to store and categorise resistors/capacitors/ICs/etc? Electronics Workbench. Small Storage I decided to get some small storage bags for storing resistors.

This takes up a lot less space than storing them on the paper reel. Buy ClampTite Tools and Wires. Raspberry Pi: A Raspberry Pi-based Digital Picture Frame. About 10 years ago I got the idea to build a digital picture frame based on an old 3Com Audrey (anyone remember those?) That I bought off of eBay. I actually did build it, and it ran for a good while. My memories of it are a little vague, but I recall it was clunky, slow, and it crashed a lot. Around the same time, commercially built digital picture frames were starting to flood the marketplace. AutoSpeed - The DIY Seismometer. Seismometers measure earth vibrations.

You’ve probably seen them on TV after an earthquake – the seismographic record shows the magnitude of the ‘quake and, through the use of three or more seismographs, the epicentre of the ‘quake can be established. The seismometer presented here won’t be finding a place in too many geological laboratories, but it’s cheap and easy to construct, sensitive enough that on a wooden floor it can literally detect a cat walking past. Equipped with a remote probe, it can also be used as a vibration detector of the sort that’s used to assess whether machine bearings are running smoothly. In short it’s a fun, interesting project that costs nearly nothing to make. The Components To make the seismometer you’ll need a discarded (but still working) cassette deck that has VU meters. $10 DIY Alarm System That Calls Your Cellphone. Turn your $60 router into a $600 router.

Poor man digital read out. A mouse and an old pc asPoor Man's Digital Read Out2 axis PMDRO Requirements: DOS with PC A serial 9 pins sub-D mouse connected to com1 A mouse driver loaded on com1 The program encode5.zipThink this is the pascal source Mangle that old mouse and use it on your Lathe, xy-table etcetera screenshot I have an old Huvema HU450 lathe and there is no nonius on the wide axis So by using a fishing line and place it on the lathe with old mouse&pc i have used a 5mm axis x 3.14 / 200 mouse encoder = a readout off 0.0785mm its not perfect but much better as nothing Notice: On startup you can set the X an Y movement pro puls = resolution Left mouse button resets Xaxis to 0 Right mouse button resets Yaxis to 0. Grant Trebbin: Homemade Surface Mount Vacuum Pick-Up Tool. Lately I've been experimenting with surface mount components, trying to better understand how to design for them, how to solder them, and how to place them.

I'm getting better at designing for them and understanding the different soldering methods, but I still have issues placing parts on PCBs. Using tweezers is okay, but I wanted to see if I got better results using a vacuum pick-up tool. After all, industrial pick and place machines use a vacuum to lift components, why can't I. So with that in mind, I decided to build my own, hopefully learning the idiosyncrasies of the process during the build. Untitled. Homebrew CNC Engraver. Making Your Own Solder Paste Stencils. REUSE YOUR OLD LAPTOP BATTERY TO MAKE A POWER BANK. Few months ago my Dell laptop battery did not work.Whenever I unplug it from main AC supply,the laptop switched off immediately.After few days of frustration, I replaced the battery and kept the dead one (as per my laptop message) for tinkering.I was curious what I would find inside it.Then I go through several blogs and forum to get some ideas.I got lot of things from Then I took apart the battery and charged them by using a good charger.By luck I found 4 batteries are in good condition.

Arduino. ARDUINO SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER ( Version 2.0) RS-232 Laser Transceiver. Rusk County Amateur Radio Club: Op Tools. This page contains information from a variety of sites including DX operation, propagation and more. Joule thief. The circuit is variant of the blocking oscillator that forms an unregulated voltage boost converter. The output voltage is increased at the expense of higher current draw on the input, but the integrated (average) current of the output is lowered and brightness of a luminescence decreased. Emperor of Test Equipment - Home. Xantrex C35/C40/C60 Display. The display shows the following: DIY Air Quality Sensing from HabitatMap and Sonoma Tech. DIY Air Quality Sensing from HabitatMap and Sonoma Tech tigoe — May 9th, 2013. Top 40 Arduino Projects of the Web.

Electronics on Pinterest. Projects - PCB Heaven. High-res Cap meter by RomanBlack. [Back to Home Page] Dave's Homemade Radios - Nick's Homemade Radios. Hossmachine Homepage. Arduino Solar Tracker with ServoMotor. Spark Transmitter Circuit. DIY thermoelectric device charges hiker's smartphone. Unusual Copper Oxide Thermopile - Make: Electronics on Pinterest. Raspberry Pi gets an open source educational manual. Electronic lab on Pinterest. My Workbench by Twylo, via Flickr. Pin by Edward Van natta on Electric guide. Hacker(Space) Ideas on Pinterest. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics on Pinterest. IBM 5100 Portable Computer. Multi Display on Pinterest. Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering. Equation Formula and Limitation of Ohm’s Law. Specialdealsandleftovers. Tools and Information for Electricians. DIY Wood Stove Fan for under $50. Home made tools? Lets see them! All About Circuits : Free Electric Circuits & Electronics Textbooks.

POPULAR ELECTRONICS: Consumer Electronics and Experimenter magazine. Gerry's Laboratory. Greenproductsolutionpr. Arduino Uno Box, Modular by khiebert. Poor man digital read out. Solder paste controller from Dead_Bug_Prototypes on Tindie. Homemade Circuit Designs Just for You. Ultrasonic anemometer (Ultrasonic wind sensor) RTL-SDR. AutoSpeed - DIY Digital Anemometer. Documenting the History of Radio TV and FM broadcasting. Batteries - Learn. Elektronica Stynus > Projects. Welcome to the Radio and Phono Museum.

Phonograph Makers' Pages. Contraptor. Chispito How to. Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & DIY Ideas. Bad-bulb finder fixes Christmas lights. DK LABORATORIES. Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog. Projects. Transcribing Piano Rolls, the Pythonic Way - __del__( self ) WattsVIEW Power Monitor. Custom Electronics, Quality PWM Circuits, and DIY Science Projects - Research Media & Cybernetics. Pocket laser engraver. : Getting the software ready. Automatic Coil Winder. DIY digital read out for machine.