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Launch interface. OK, everything looks good on the preliminary quantum accelerator. Need to check how much we need for launch. As you know, there's no such thing as a free launch. Well let's, see. Dr. SPEAKER 1: What we need is for you to walk us through the launch. Dr. SPEAKER 1: We need enough thrust to escape Earth's gravity, right? Dr. SPEAKER 2: Doctor G., why do we need so much power to launch? Dr. SPEAKER 2: That gravity-- it's strong. Dr. Consider a paper clip lying on a table. SOPHIA: And although it is the weakest of forces, it's gravity that holds the universe together. Dr. SOPHIA: It is extraordinary. SPEAKER 1: Right. SOPHIA: Humans always complain about fighting gravity. SPEAKER 2: It sounds like you're curious about it, Sophia. SOPHIA: No, I'm not curious.

Dr. SPEAKER 3: Did you know that the gravitational force that creates the trajectory of that baseball-- I mean-- SPEAKER 1: No trigonometry, please. SPEAKER 3: Trigonometry is not techno-babble. Newsela: Leveled Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. Newseum: Today’s Front Pages.

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