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UN observers reach 'ghastly' Syrian massacre village This citizen journalism image purports to show two injured Syrian boys who survived a massacre in Mazraat al-Qubair on the outskirts of Hama. Picture: AP Source: AP Syrian army forced alleged to have slaughtered 78 villagers Media, UN find evidence of blood, destruction, no bodies "In front of me there is a piece of brain, in the corner ...blood" UN monitors have finally reached the site of an alleged new massacre where up to 78 people have reportedly been slaughtered in the latest violence sweeping Syria. Militia loyal to the Syrian Government are said to have slaughtered villagers on Wednesday, with the UN finally reaching the village of Qubair overnight, accompanying reporters who described gutted buildings and dead animals but no identifiable human bodies. "Clearly something ghastly has happened here," said a Sky News correspondent at the scene. "We have made it in 50, 60 hours after the event, and that means there has been ample time to clear up... - With wires

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The U.N. war over calling Syria a "civil war" Herve Ladsous, the U.N.'s peacekeeping chief, acknowledged on Tuesday that Syria was now effectively in a state of civil war. The statement may seem self-evident to anyone watching the escalation of fighting between the Syrian government, which is using attack helicopters, tanks, and mortars against civilians and armed opposition fighters, which have themselves stepped up attacks against government targets. But the declaration triggered a sharp rebuke from the Syrian government and prompted the U.N. leadership to say that Ladsous has no legal standing to judge the nature of the Syrian conflict. Ban Ki-moon's office issued a statement saying the "UN secretariat will not characterize the conflict in Syria." "Talk of civil war in Syria is not consistent with reality," the Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The determination has real implications, according to legal scholars, subjecting Syria to laws of war under Geneva Conventions. So far, the Red Cross has not rendered a judgment.

The Moscow Times | Russia's only daily English-language newspaper Centre d'actualités de l'ONU Bienvenue aux Nations Unies. C'est votre monde. Centre d'actualités de l'ONU Les dépeches du Service d'information de l'ONU Recherche avancée ven, 11 avr 2014 | Prochainement à l'ONU: Samedi - Journée internationale du vol spatial habité… Lundi - Le Secrétaire général s'envole pour le Mexique… Centrafrique : le HCR inquiet des attaques contre des civils fuyant vers le Cameroun Le HCR a fait part vendredi de sa vive préoccupation après avoir reçu des informations selon lesquelles des anti-balaka, les milices chrétiennes, bloquent les routes et attaquent des civils tentant de fuir la violence en République centrafricaine. A Washington, Ban appelle à investir dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques Syrie : Amos dénonce deux attentats meurtriers à la voiture piégée à Homs Venezuela : l'ONU salue le début d'un dialogue entre le gouvernement et l'opposition L'Italie porte secours à 6.000 personnes en Méditerranée en quatre jours, selon le HCR Les autres titres Autres dépêches » Dépêches par thème

Syria: From Aleppo To Damascus, Ramadan Shadowed By Conflict Eurasia Review By MISNA Ramadan in Syria is beginning this Saturday, Sana news agency writes, quoting the text of a telegram sent by Damascus Grand Qadi, Ahmed Armouche, to Syrian president Bashar al Assad. In a large majority of Muslim and Arab countries Ramadan has actually begun today, but in Syria, as in Iraq and Iran, will begin tomorrow. “In Damascus there is not the atmosphere of a feast, we hold to the news coming from relatives and friends, or internet, or TV, or by word of mouth”, a MISNA source, contacted in the Syrian capital says, speaking under condition of anonymity. State media report that the Midan district, the rebels’ stronghold, has been retaken by government forces; the armed opposition confirms this but adds that this is just a strategic retreat. In the meanwhile, clashes seem to have reached Aleppo. About the author: MISNA Visit MISNA's website

Pith in the Wind Metro School's board members voted unanimously Tuesday night in favor of a $779 million spending plan to run its school system next school year. "I think the priorities speak for themselves," said Director of Schools Jesse Register who pointed to teacher pay raises and a new set of pre-K centers as highlights to the district's $32.5 million in new funding he and the school board are asking from Metro officials this year. Mayor Karl Dean warned last December he would look closely at the district's budget, saying "no department gets a blank check and that includes schools." The district's next step is to pitch this spending plan to mayor's office who will then decide how much of it he will offer to fund. That meeting is Apr. 16. Last year, the school district asked for $44 million new dollars, an amount Dean's administration cut down to about $26 million. (Update 9:45 a.m.: Pinkston emailed to clarify.

Syria Crisis Spills Over Into Lebanon Eurasia Review By VOA By Al Pessin Syria’s main border crossing with Lebanon was quiet Friday, the day after an estimated 20,000 Syrians crossed to flee the increasing fighting. The conflict in Syria is having a growing impact on its neighbor. Lebanese officials on the border were prepared for another busy day. Many of the refugees who came over on Thursday were believed to be supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from Damascus and its suburbs, like a driver who came on Friday, saying he had brought some people for a two-day visit. “No one better will come after Assad. Volunteers from the International Committee of the Red Cross were ready to help, but were not needed. A local Muslim relief organization also swung into action, finding space for refugees in schools and homes. Still, Ali Abdul Khalek of Muslims Without Borders is concerned that more, and poorer, refugees could come if the trouble in Syria continues. “Lebanon can’t absorb a large number of refugees. “Business was very good.

The Top 25 Which news providers make it in among the top 25 for total U.S. traffic? While the raw figures for visitors vary from one metrics firm to the next (Nielsen’s unique visitors numbers are often much smaller than those of the ratings agency comScore, for example, and both rely mainly on home-based traffic rather than work-based, which may undercount total news consumption) the list and rank of top sites remains relatively consistent across measuring companies. In that mix, based on Nielsen’s data, legacy news organizations (those attached to a news operation that is in another platform such as television or print) account for about two-thirds of the top 25 sites (17 in all). Online-only ventures, split between pure aggregators and those that produce some original content and engage also in aggregation, account for the remaining third (eight sites in all). See the full list of most trafficked news sites.

RSF: Kurdish citizen journalist kidnapped and murdered in Syria March 29, 2012 PARIS,— Reporters Without Borders has learned with dismay of the murder two days ago of the Kurdish citizen journalist Jawan Mohammed Qatna. “The organization strongly condemns this murder. Activists and journalists who strive to keep the international community informed about the demonstrations across the country and the abuses by the authorities are the main victims of the violence of the past year,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Kidnapping, torture and murder have become everyday practices, particularly by forces linked to the government. The UN special representative for Syria, Kofi Annan, must acknowledge these abuses in his plan to end the violence and conduct an investigation as soon as he is able.” Qatna, an amateur photographer, was abducted by four hooded men from his home in the town of Derbassiyeh, north of the eastern city of Al-Hassakeh, at 8 pm two days ago. Uncertainty surrounds the identities of his killers.

Republican presidential contenders to debate Washington's Total War on Syria Washington's Total War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Syria attacked no one. It threatens no one. Washington's scorched earth mass killing and destruction constitutes total war. High stakes define the conflict. So far Syrian strategy failed. Saudi Arabia openly supports mass Syrian killing and destruction. At the same time, Saudi officials drafted a resolution condemning Security Council inaction. Moscow and Beijing stand firmly opposed. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said: "We would like to confirm our principle and steady position of unacceptable unilateral sanctions against Syria." "We consider their implementation as actions, violating sovereignty of the country, the principle of non-interference in home affairs, as well as the prerogative of the UN Security Council in supporting international peace and security." Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said new sanctions violate previous agreements, "including with the United Nations." Blockades are acts of war.