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Please note: Mayo Clinic is sharing pre-published data on masking efficacy to help highlight the importance of masking and social distancing over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

Mayo Clinic research confirms critical role of masks in preventing COVID-19 infection

ROCHESTER, Minn. — New, unpublished data from researchers at Mayo Clinic found that physical separation reduces the exposure of respiratory droplets and that three feet is helpful but 6 feet separation reduces particle counts to near baseline levels. The findings strongly support the protective value and effectiveness of widespread mask use and maintaining physical distance in helping to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Watch: Dr. Elie Berbari and Dr. Matthew Callstrom discuss mask study. COVID Data Tracker. Can businesses refuse to serve customers who don’t wear masks? Comparing COVID-19 Deaths to Flu Deaths Is like Comparing Apples to Oranges. In late February, when the stock market was beginning to fall over coronavirus fears, President Donald Trump held a briefing at the White House to reassure people that there was little chance of the virus causing significant disruption in the United States.

Comparing COVID-19 Deaths to Flu Deaths Is like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Faith Over Fear – Love in Faith. What Comes After the Coronavirus Storm? Take the Shutdown Skeptics Seriously. Read: A guide to staying safe as states reopen “The public, the media, the business community, and policymakers are largely unprepared for a pessimistic scenario,” the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity argued in a recent white paper.

Take the Shutdown Skeptics Seriously

That is, the U.S. may have no treatment, no vaccine, and no ability to scale up testing and quarantining, due to technical hurdles or Trump administration incompetence or a lack of public buy-in. // ACEP-AAEM Joint Statement on Physician Misinformation. Joint Statement issued on April 27, 2020: The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) jointly and emphatically condemn the recent opinions released by Dr.

// ACEP-AAEM Joint Statement on Physician Misinformation

Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi. Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It. By now you’ve probably heard about or even seen the video “Plandemic” that’s been spreading like wildfire through social media networks.

Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It

This article is not the one you should give to your friend or relative or coworker who shared the video. This is an article for those who recognized the video as rife with conspiracy theories, misinformation and false claims, those who are frustrated and unsettled and disappointed in who they see sharing it, and those who want to know what to say when they see it. It explains why the video is successful, how to recognize propaganda like this for what it is, and explain why it is so, so, so important to speak up about this particular video. 10 Ministry Idols Being Exposed by COVID-19. How to make a face mask with fabric at home. Purell and toilet paper aren't the only items flying off store shelves as coronavirus spreads.

How to make a face mask with fabric at home

Masks have also become a hot commodity, so much so that hospitals across the country have begun sending out desperate pleas for additional personal protective equipment as their supplies rapidly dwindle. Previously, the CDC only recommended masks for front-line health care workers, those who are sick or those who are caring for someone sick. But on Friday, President Donald Trump said Americans should wear non-surgical masks when they're out of their homes to help stop the spread of coronavirus. "The CDC is advising the use of nonmedical cloth face covering as a voluntary health measure," Trump, referring to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said during his daily briefing on the pandemic. A Fire Cider Recipe That Will Boost Your Immunity.

Any time I feel under the weather, I make a large batch of fire cider, an immune-boosting tonic of acidic, spicy things like garlic, ginger, horseradish, chiles, and apple cider vinegar, mixed with fresh citrus juice and honey.

A Fire Cider Recipe That Will Boost Your Immunity

I take little shots of it throughout the day, letting its healing warmth run through my body. Eu.courierpress. - How to make a Face Mask. How to make a Face Mask Due to an outpouring of generous responses to our request for sewn masks, we have created this database to help connect individuals and companies making masks to those organizations needing masks.

- How to make a Face Mask

We are welcoming fabric masks from our community as we prepare for COVID-19. Thank you so much for your interest and care. Orders for standard/disposable masks are on long back-orders, due to both demand and supply chain issues. Other hospitals across the country are reporting the same supply concerns.