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GESARA Notes by James Rink. Strawman: Secret HMRC Account – Awakened-UK. HMRC Truth bomb Below you will find in-depth instructions into how to uncover your secret HMRC Bond and the US and Vatican accounts that hold this money.

Strawman: Secret HMRC Account – Awakened-UK

You have been traded since birth as a commodity appraised to generally give 60 working years with an average income of £30k pa yield. You have also been declared dead or lost at sea to enable the UK government to act as a trustee on your behalf. 90 Free and Low-Cost Ways to Raise Your Vibration and FEEL FANTASTIC! 1.

90 Free and Low-Cost Ways to Raise Your Vibration and FEEL FANTASTIC!

Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. NESARA and GESARA Act - Has It Already Been Enacted? Some sources say that the NESARA and GESARA Act has been quietly enacted on November 2nd, 2020 right before the election by President Donald Trump.

NESARA and GESARA Act - Has It Already Been Enacted?

Is it true? If you’re new to this topic and would like to become more familiar with it, including explanation of terms mentioned in this article, you may read the following previously published articles entitled The Global Currency Reset and Our Liberation from the Debt Slavery Financial System. Clones, Doubles, Trannies - Who's Your Daddy? - Out Of Shadows, Fall Cabal, Pizzagate, Child Abuse, Hollyweird, Slavery, Human Trafficking... Trump Assassination Foiled, Deep State in Panic Mode! - Real Raw News. The Mushaba Force. The pineal gland and the third eye, how you can open it and activate it - E.T. on the earthE.t. on the earth. The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, conarium or the "third eye") is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain.

The pineal gland and the third eye, how you can open it and activate it - E.T. on the earthE.t. on the earth

It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. Extraterrestrial Races. The National / Global Economic Security & Reformation Act NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only the United States of America but the whole planet (thus GESARA) in its entire history.

The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and much more. NESARA implements the following changes: Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.Abolishes the income tax.Abolishes the IRS. The National Economic Security & Reformation Act. Heaven is for Real and it's on a Spaceship – Part 2. Archangels. Archangel is a term meaning an angel of high ranking or close to God.


Archangels are found in many religions in similar forms including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Michael and Gabriel are archangels whom are both named in the Bible as recognized by both Christians and Jews. New Dimension. Trump Administration Accomplishments. Unprecedented Economic Boom Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy.

Trump Administration Accomplishments

America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record.Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

Delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds. Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA. Hit record stock market numbers and record 401ks. The Arcturian Group : May 3, 2020 – cosmic news. Dear readers, welcome to our message during these times of chaos and confusion.

The Arcturian Group : May 3, 2020 – cosmic news

These messages are meant to inform, comfort, and assist those who resonate with them into more deeply understanding what life on earth is really about. Mothership: The New Jerusalem – Ashtar – cosmic news. DECLASS HAS BEGUN? Lin Wood Says He Has The Keys To The Blackmail Files, Handing Over To President Trump. For those of you who think Lin Wood has “gone crazy”…..his latest Tweet storm will probably only further solidify your opinion.

DECLASS HAS BEGUN? Lin Wood Says He Has The Keys To The Blackmail Files, Handing Over To President Trump

For everyone who thinks Lin Wood is quite sane and boldly telling the truth, then you will be stunned to see what he just posted. In either event, it looks like the major declass we have been waiting for for over 4 years may finally be beginning. Trending: President Trump Officially Declares State of Emergency In D.C. Through January 24, 2021. - Ascension, The Law of One, Spirituality. Black and White Theme 6000 Cures held back from humanity since 1930s.Gold Shall Destroy The Fed.1776.How many more clues does Q have to drop before it becomes Mathematically Impossible?

Brad Parscale told everyone suppressed Technologies were being released.— WhipLash (@WhipLash347) October 30, 2020 (@white_rabbit_76) October 27, 2020. FM144 Update - Timelines - 25.12.2020. Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius and events are accelerating. The Archons produced a huge amount of new entities over the last weeks which were specifically designed to attach themselves to the executive power so that the physical part of the Cabal can enforce its current bullying of the population in terms of COVID with greater vigor.

This is the reason why parts (not all) of the police are currently acting so harshly when it comes to complying with restrictions and lockdowns. The Light Forces are in the process of extinguishing these entities on the ethereal planes, but more importantly, the Cabal's attempt for a reconnection to the old Nazi timeline of the last century has been crushed. During an operation, the Light Forces managed to remove various occult key players of the Dark Ones from the board, players who were already responsible for the manifestation of the 3rd Reich. Mothership: The New Jerusalem – Ashtar – cosmic news. Interview with Cobra for the Age of Aquarius Final Activation. We Love Mass Meditation, International Golden Age Group and Prepare for Change Japan Official had organized an interview with Cobra in order to raise the awareness of the Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st at 6:22 PM UTC. ॐ Illuminology — The 12 dimensions explained. Center for Resource Management.

Mothership: The New Jerusalem – Ashtar – cosmic news. President Trump Is Anointed By God - Deep State Criminals. Problem loading page. Thread by @WarNuse: "If The American People Ever Find Out What We Have Done, They Will Chase Us Down The Streets And Lynch Us." - George H.W. Bush From A 1992 P… NESARA GESARA law. Thread by @3days3nights: 1. Proof of Submission to Trump Relax. Trump already won. He forced the globe to submit to #MAGA under fear of DECLASS. Everything you are w… Login. The NESARA ACT - Meaning, Law And Currency Reset. NESARA is a United States government policy that was introduced to congress in 2000 and passed, but is yet to be enacted. This economic reform act is intended to finally bring fairness and wealth to the little people in this world. FULFORD: ELITES FIGHTING DESPERATELY AGAINST GLOBAL SLAVE REVOLT [FULL Report] >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds. April 16, 2020. THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD AND THE FALL OF THE CABAL >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds.

P atriots. » Elixir of The Gods (Version 1) 2020 Recipe For World Health And Ascension!! Triple Numbers and Their Meanings: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555. Trump Disses Argentinian President and it is Hilarious. What are Binaural Beats and how they work? - Mindvalley Blog. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - ARE YOU AN ANGEL OR A HUMAN? - PROJECT NEW EARTH. STAGE 4 CANCER GONE WITH BAKING SODA TREATMENT >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds.

UFFO Charts (UAP) American New Republic Currency Looks Like This (Continental Dollars)! Government Official Confirms it Is Real Deal in Writing! Weird News, UFO Sightings Videos & Conspiracy Theories. Weird News, UFO Sightings Videos & Conspiracy Theories. These 10 Body Hacks Will Relieve Your Aches And Pains In Seconds. 40 OUTRAGEOUS FACTS MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW. ET SPIRITUAL TEACHING. A PRAYER FOR AMERICA. Theory: Aliens + Humans = Asians? : General Conspiracies. Extraterrestials.

Black Alien Face Discovered on Hubble Photo/ End Time Sign ! Anunnaki - Don't Watch this Film! : tankerenemy. A-Z Of Alien Species. Project Redbook. The UFO Conspiracy (Part 2) Ancient Aliens. TYPES OF ALIENS.