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MOKB During SXSW in 2013, we were fortunate to attend The Windish Agency’s showcase. Admittedly, we were there to catch CHVRCHES, but Birmingham, UK band Peace absolutely stole the show for us. They had the total package; looks, sound, and swagger. MOKB
I went to the old scene spot And saw the same scene faces A few years older Still wearing stupid clothes Still looking proud Is the scene still alive? Was I the one who was alive? Or was I just naive feelings of youth, hope, a better tomorrow manifesting itself in my arbitrary cultural immersion HIPSTER RUNOFF HIPSTER RUNOFF
Shades of the timeless pop of Odessey & Oracle-era Zombies on this beautifully restrained track from Memphis' Magic Kids, taken from their upcoming full-length MEMPHIS, out later this summer on True Panther. If the lush, soaring Memphis tracks I've heard so far are any indication, this record represents a huge leap forward for the young band. Catch 'em on tour this summer with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti + Puro Instinct. gorillavsbear.net gorillavsbear.net
BrooklynVegan Loop / FKA twigs You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights... Loop, Purling Hiss, Donovan Blanc @ Le Poisson Rouge Existing for a barely five years, UK psych band Loop were one of the most perfectly-named bands ever. Rarely bothering with verse-chorus-verse song structure, the South London group took a riff and added layer upon layer till it had its own gravitational field. They were heavy, man, and got heavier as they went along. Loop are back in action and are stopping in NYC tonight on their way to Austin Psych Fest. BrooklynVegan

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Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post Ramune Golysenkiene via Getty Images I've been tweezing, shaving, moisturizing, defrizzing, flat-ironing, bikini-waxing, gym-joining (notice I said gym-joining, not gym-going?) exfoliating and manicuring since 8th grade, all while sleeping on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

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Chronic income gap between richest and poorest poses biggest global threat: World Economic Forum The growing gulf between the rich and the poor represents the biggest global risk this year, the World Economic Forum… New Zealand will euthanize stranded whales found on a remote beach New Zealand conservation officials said Thursday they would have to euthanise eight pilot whales stranded on a remote beach where… Inspector General’s report: Afghanistan risks becoming a ‘narco-criminal’ state Investigative News and Politics Investigative News and Politics
Wonkette Wonkette Hey, kids, it’s January (really, we checked the Google), so you know what that means, right? Time for Republicans to make their annual attempt to pass a “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion” bill. But wait, you are saying to yourself, isn’t taxpayer funding for abortion already prohibited? Yes, you are correct, and it has been that way since 1976. Wait some more, you are now saying to yourself, shouldn’t Republicans be focused on actual problems that actually exist? Yes, you are correct again, even though that is utterly beside the point because abortion something unborn children something taxpayers something money is fungible something blah blah something.
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Firedoglake Firedoglake No one seems to have an explanation for why a plane belonging to the Bank of Utah has been spotted in the Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Iran. The US has strict sanctions on Iran which includes prohibitions on most American aircraft entering the country – though both the Treasury Department and FAA are not commenting one way or the other on the plane. Nor is the government of Iran. President Obama has warned that Iran is not open for business, even as the United States has loosened some of its punishing economic sanctions as part of an interim nuclear pact.Yet, on Tuesday morning, Iran had an unlikely visitor: a plane, owned by the Bank of Utah, a community bank in Ogden that has 13 branches throughout the state.
How about, "See you around"? I don't know where, exactly, though I do have some good ideas. More on that at the end. Open Left
Is there a modern cultural phenomenon more widely reviled than political correctness? In the forty years it’s been with us, I can’t recall a single person claiming to like it. So why hasn’t it gone away? The Smirking Chimp | News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing
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by WALTER BRASCH Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky, of Peoria, Ill., ordered all parish priests in his diocese to read a letter to their congregations condemning Barack Obama. The letter, to be read the weekend before the election, declared that Obama and the Democrat-controlled U.S. MyDD :: Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics
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