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A Modern Æneid.

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Media Matters for America. Places. The Washington Note. The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper. Slog tipper Tea Lopez says she was maced by a man shouting transphobic slurs, including "tranny" and "bitch" at about 11 p.m. last night, as she walked to a bus stop with her friend, who is transgender.

The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

According to Lopez and the subsequent police report filed by Officer Edward Medlock, a gray-silver SUV pulled up and stopped suddenly in front of them as they stood waiting to cross the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and East Pine Street. A man jumped out of the car and ran up to them. "He asked if we like mace, and then he maced us," Lopez says, though she and her friend turned away swiftly enough that most of the spray landed on their jackets and bags. She heard him say something in Spanish, then remembers hearing the word "tranny" and something like "You stupid bitches like mace" while she was trying to avoid getting hit.

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Ezra Klein - Economic and Domestic Policy, and Lots of It. By Andrew Sullivan. Barbie Latza Nadeau. Glenn Greenwald. Kevin Drum. The Supreme Court will soon hear oral arguments in King v.

Kevin Drum

Burwell, in which conservatives will argue that the text of Obamacare limits federal subsidies only to people who buy insurance from state-run exchanges, not from the federal exchange. Roughly speaking, there are two prongs of the conservative argument: The law contains text that explicitly limits subsidies to state-run exchanges. Democrats may not have intended this, but they screwed up in the rush to get the bill passed. That's too bad for them, but the law is the law. Was meant as an incentive for states to run their own exchanges rather than punting the job to the feds. The argument over #1 revolves around textual interpretation of the statute as a whole, as well as previous Supreme Court precedent that provides federal agencies with broad latitude in how they implement regulations.

But the recollections of journalists aren't really very germane to a Supreme Court case. Ben Smith: Political News and Analysis. From our report on today's Pulitzer Prize announcement: Edward Snowden didn’t win a Pulitzer on Monday, but he might as well have.

Ben Smith: Political News and Analysis

In a move certain to be interpreted as a vindication of the former government contractor’s efforts, the Pulitzer Prize Board on Monday awarded The Guardian US and The Washington Post its coveted Public Service award for reporting on the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance practices. The award was given for the “revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, marked by authoritative and insightful reports that helped the public understand how the disclosures fit into the larger framework of national security,” the committee said in its release. Laura Rozen: on foreign policy.


- Big Government. Conservative Political Blog for Right of Center Activists. Althouse. Pajamas Media. Michelle Malkin. American Thinker. Conservative News, Issues, Political Cartoons, Blogs, Talk Radio. The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog.

Exposing Liberal Media Bias. The Weekly Standard. The Corner. “You could have said that yesterday,” a friend wrote on social media, slapping down someone who was inveighing against the alleged racism of an accomplished sports figure who had died a few hours earlier.

The Corner

“You could have said it tomorrow.” Out of respect, we honor the dictum “Speak no ill of the dead” — for a day. Mourning, we might extend the period to months, or even years, but to maintain that attitude in perpetuity would mean that we suspended forever our judgment of precedents: We could never criticize any action if it was taken by someone who, being human, went on to die. Pamela Geller and the participants who were targeted by gunmen at the “Draw Muhammad” event she organized outside Dallas earlier this month are still very much living, thank God.


Business Insider. Calculated Risk. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for ev. Literature. Only Words to Play With. Letter to Lord Chandos. Hugo von Hofmannsthal The Letter of Lord Chandos THIS is the letter Philip, Lord Chandos, younger son of the Earl of Bath, wrote to Francis Bacon, later Baron Verulam, Viscount St.

Letter to Lord Chandos

Albans, apologizing for his complete abandonment of literary ac­tivity. IT IS kind of you, my esteemed friend, to condone my two years of silence and to write to me thus. Howard A. Landman's translation of Rilke's "The Sonnets to Orphe.


Notes from a Common-place Book. Fascism. Bifo: The Obsession with Identity Fascism. Franco Berardi Bifo Translated by Steve Wright.

Bifo: The Obsession with Identity Fascism

This text is an extract from Franco Berardi's La nefasta utopia di potere operaio. The original can be found here. Potere Operaio presented itself explicitly, even provocatively, as a movement that had severed all links with the history of realised socialism. Just as decisively, it refused to identify with the tradition of anti-fascism.


Internet Archive: Free Download: The Coming Insurrection by The.