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What's the best way to get young people engaged in leadership? We asked them - Generocity Philly. “Mentors should serve as sources of encouragement for our students, but more importantly, they should help provide the tools through which our students claim their own voices and become their own source of empowerment.”

What's the best way to get young people engaged in leadership? We asked them - Generocity Philly

That’s from City Year AmeriCorps member Michael Harding, who wrote about the importance of Black male educators and role models for us last week. Throughout youth leadership month of Generocity’s 2019 editorial calendar, we’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of centering young people’s voices when discussing issues that affect them — an extension of the common refrain heard in the social impact sector that representation matters. Cargill. South and Central Asia. Nonprofit Repositioning Fund. How the Fund Makes Grants The Fund responds to requests for support on a rolling basis.

Nonprofit Repositioning Fund

To be eligible for review, each partnership must designate one specific ‘lead’ organization. Successful applicants must engage in the following steps to receive Exploratory or Implementation grants: How the Fund Assesses Grant Proposals The Governance Committee and Investors of the Fund consider Exploratory and Implementation requests from organizations that contribute to a stronger, more vibrant five county region by focusing on the development, culture, health, environment, education, and stability of local communities and their residents. The following general criteria are used to assess applications for Exploratory and Implementation grants: Specific Prerequisites for Implementation Grant consideration include: Join or die: Why nonprofits must consider mergers - Generocity Philly.

Tivoni Devor’s “Getting Good Done” column focuses on new models of enacting impact.

Join or die: Why nonprofits must consider mergers - Generocity Philly

Community Fund for Wellness - The Scattergood Foundation. How to Develop a Logic Model. Partners with Moxie – Moxie Foundation. The Unreasonable Institute East Africa (UEA) accelerates the growth of early stage companies across East Africa.

Partners with Moxie – Moxie Foundation

It focuses on for-profit and financially sustainable non-profit businesses across diverse sectors with positive social/environmental impact integrated into their models. UEA runs 10 month programs designed to get early stage high potential companies in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda what they need to grow, including knowledge, mentorship, connections, and financing. The organization believes that the power of entrepreneurship is the key to solving some of the toughest social and environmental challenges faced in East Africa like inequality, unemployment, poverty and the lack of basic human needs (food, shelter, healthcare, education, safe clean drinking water and many more).

The goal of its program is to help each of its companies grow to eventually meet the needs of over 1 million people each. Lenfest Foundation – Projects. Everyone a Changemaker. Ashoka is a team of people working together to advance a world in which Everyone is a Changemaker.

Everyone a Changemaker

Foundations, Inc. Obama Foundation Fellowship. Civic innovators We’re looking for individuals who are working to solve important public problems in creative and powerful ways.

Obama Foundation Fellowship

We are inspired by a broad vision of what it means to be “civic,” one that includes leaders tackling a range of issues, in both traditional and unconventional ways. Discipline diverse We need people working from all angles and with different perspectives to strengthen our communities and civic life. Target youth soccer grants. Background The Target youth soccer grants program provides support for player registration fees, player and field equipment, and training and professional development for volunteer coaches.

Target youth soccer grants

Any eligible school, government agency, non-profit organization or non-profit regional/local soccer organization within the U.S., serving youth 5 to 18 years old, can apply. A preference will be given to programs serving in-need communities. guidelines. Apply for a Grant - Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Thank you for your interest in submitting a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation grant application.

Apply for a Grant - Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

We encourage you to review the foundation’s priorities before starting your application. Our program pages, blog and master grant list page offer more insight into our work. Before you submit your application, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. Foundation priorities: The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation only accepts unsolicited proposals for specific areas within the education, family economic stability and childhood health sectors in select countries where we work, namely the United States, India and South Africa.

Samuel S. Fels Fund. The Samuel S.

Samuel S. Fels Fund

Fels Fund, founded in 1935 by Samuel S. Fels, is a private independent foundation with a commitment to improving conditions and opportunities for marginalized communities within the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia - GreenLight Fund. Community Wealth Ventures. Southwest. Southwest Airlines Co.


Guidelines for Charitable Contributions Southwest Airlines is proud to contribute to the communities we serve through contributions to charitable organizations in the form of cash donations and/or airline tickets. To make best use of our resources and provide the greatest impact to the communities we serve, Southwest Airlines strategically emphasizes contributing to I.R.S. qualified 501(c)(3) organizations that share our passion for: Families Facing Serious Illnesses; U.S. Default. American invests in groups that help our communities. All requests must be submitted through the on-line application process. No status calls are accepted. Faxed, emailed or incomplete requests will not be considered. There are no submission deadlines to request a contribution, however applications are reviewed at the close of each quarter. Only one request per calendar year will be accepted. Commitment to Global Citizenship. Grants YSA (Youth Service America)