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Make Christmas Light Up Cards - 6 FREE Templates. Get into the holiday season by making these Christmas light-up cards using paper circuits.

Make Christmas Light Up Cards - 6 FREE Templates

Learn how to create a simple circuit using copper tape, a coin cell battery and an LED light. This tutorial include (6) FREE project templates in black and white outline. Once your circuit is created you can color and decorate your card. Project Time: 15 Minutes Materials Needed (1) LED – Any Color(1) CR2032 Coin Cell BatteryCopper Tape w/ Conductive Adhesive Project Templates (See Below – Step 1) Need the materials for this project? Step 1 – Print Project Templates Download the light up card templates using the links below: NOTE – Looking for more templates? Select the template you want and print it on white or colored paper. 8 Paper Circuit Projects For Christmas For Christmas. Looking for a fun makerspace project that you can do around the holidays?

8 Paper Circuit Projects For Christmas For Christmas

This tutorial will show you how to create light-up Christmas cards using copper tape, LEDs and a coin cell battery. Paper circuits are a fun way to discover the basics of electricity and circuits in your STEM lab or makerspace. Top 10 Crafts & Hobbies: 2021, by By Donna Seaman. Stories With LEGO Characters : 12 Steps. Luann2425's Activity. The Ultimate DIY Workshop and Makerspace! Zine Machine: A DIY Magazine Primer. Did you spend your young adult years with Sharpie marks all over your fingers, sneaking access to the library photocopier to produce handmade doctrines to hand out at concert venues?

Zine Machine: A DIY Magazine Primer

If so, then you know what zines are all about. For the rest of us: zines are DIY magazines that have been enjoying a burst of popularity in recent years. They can be found in a variety of formats and explore every topic under the sun. If you have paper and something to say, you can make a zine. Zine-making resonates with the library field's values of promoting activism, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If you are a programming librarian, consider hosting a zine workshop at your library. One of the most appealing aspects of a zine program is the infinite versatility of the format.

The beginnings The first zines on the scene were created by sci-fi fans. Jumping ahead to the 1970s, the punk revolution was fertile ground for zinesters. Riot grrrls Zines today Zine workshops in the library. Sew What: How a Sewing Machine Can Open the World to Students // Project-Based Learning Through Making. Succulent MicroGardens in Wine Cork Live succulents in cork. (525) Pinterest. DIY Wine Cork Planters. By her own admission, Linda from It All Started With Paint isn’t what you’d call a green thumb.

DIY Wine Cork Planters

But tiny low-maintenance succulents were calling her name and that’s where the idea for these unlikely thumb-sized planters came from. Read on to learn how to create your own easy-to-make planters! The DIY ideas for cork stoppers are endless! We love these adorable cork magnets with #succulents … @paintschips @BobVila #DIY #WorldEnvironmentDay… DIY Upcycled Cork Air Plant Magnets - Living La Vida Holoka. Cool DIY Gift Idea for Plant, Wine Lovers: Plants Grow in Fridge Magnets, Recycled Corks. Plants are said to create peace and harmony in your living space.

Cool DIY Gift Idea for Plant, Wine Lovers: Plants Grow in Fridge Magnets, Recycled Corks

Cork planter fridge magnets add a touch of green harmony to your fridge door’s “to-do and not-to-forget” lists. Here’s how you upcycle cork wine stoppers with very little tools or materials. 1. Punch a hole in the corks with a screw driver. 2. 3. Cindy Crushes Programming: Tile Art. I love doing drafts with tiles.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Tile Art

They are super cheap and it is easy to do many projects with them. I get my tiles from Home Depot, Menard’s or Lowes. I purchase the white ceramic tiles. The size depends on the price and type of tile available. MakerHub. MakerHub. Ultimate Makerspace Guide For Schools and Libraries. 'Check Out' All the Creative Things Libraries Circulate. Everyone expects to be able to check out books and DVDs from their library.

'Check Out' All the Creative Things Libraries Circulate

But telescopes? Cake pans? Litter clean-up kits? Below are some creative examples of materials being circulated in libraries around the country. Do you circulate something unique at your library? Contents: Litter grabbers, safety vests, bags and a bucket. Cost: The Suffolk Litter Control Office received a grant that enabled the library to purchase the kits' contents and covered the cost of marketing materials, such as banners and signs, says Litter Control Coordinator Wayne G. Pinterest. Templates – LoveToKnow. The term "ribbon" refers to narrow loom-woven strips of cloth, often with a visible selvage on each side that helps them to maintain their form.


Ribbons can be made of any fiber and are usually woven in satin, plain, gauze, twill, and velvet weaves. The origins of the term "ribbon" and its earlier forms, ruban or riband, are obscure, but they may be Teutonic and a compound of the word "band"-the ancestor of the modern day ribbon. As early as the Neolithic period, people wove very narrow, dense, often utilitarian strips of fabric on small portable looms. Impressions of warp-faced plain weave bands dating back to 6000 B.C.E. were excavated from the Turkish archaeological site of Çatal Hüyük.

While their purpose was primarily functional, some evidence suggests that bands also could be used for more flirtatious and decorative purposes. Early History Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Nineteenth Century Twentieth Century Beyond Fashion Commemoration. Parents & Educators . DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL. Community Partnership Application.

Technology Support for Maker Communities - K-12 Technology - April 16, 2018 - Big Deal Media. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Valentines Day Light-Up Cards.