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Climate change: Apocalyptish. The Fascinating Neuroscience Of Color. Neuroscientist Bevil Conway thinks about color for a living.

The Fascinating Neuroscience Of Color

An artist since youth, Conway now spends much of his time studying vision and perception at Wellesley College and Harvard Medical School. His science remains strongly linked to art--in 2004 he and Margaret Livingstone famously reported that Rembrandt may have suffered from flawed vision--and in recent years Conway has focused his research almost entirely on the neural machinery behind color. Oculus Rift, Sony, And The Coming Virtual Reality Revolution. At this year's Game Developers Conference, currently underway in San Francisco, one idea has dominated the field: virtual reality.

Could the tech's time truly, finally, be here? On Tuesday night, at a Sony session on the "future of innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment," Sony researcher Richard Marks and Sony Computer Entertainment president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida revealed the existence of a new prototype VR headset for the PlayStation 4, called Project Morpheus. Using the existing PlayStation Eye camera for positional tracking and the PlayStation Move for 3-D motion controls, the current Morpheus prototype has specs on par with other VR headsets: 1080p screen, 90 degree field of view, and head-tracking at 1000hz.

The price and release date of the new model were not yet released. Now the question is: Can Sony, among many others, catch up with Oculus VR? The Reality of Virtual Reality. Why Teens Are Innovators Of A New Public Form Of Privacy. Taylor is not one to share, and if she had her druthers, she wouldn’t tell her friends much about what’s happening in her life. She under­stands that her friends mean well, but the Boston-based white 15-year-old is a reserved person, and she doesn’t like it when people are “in [her] business.” To combat nagging questions from friends and classmates, she has started creating a “light version” of her life that she’ll regularly share on Facebook just so that her friends don’t pester her about what’s actually happening.

Much to her frustration, she finds that sharing at least a little bit affords her more privacy than sharing nothing at all. Can Better Memories Be Captured? Look At These Horrifying Monster Frogs! Over the past 13 years, artist and biologist Brandon Ballengée has been collecting deformed baby amphibians, preserving them in formaldehyde, using enzymes to make their tissues transparent, and then injecting their bones and organs with colored dyes. This might sound like the hobby of a serial killer.

But it’s actually work critical to learning how our changing environment affects the frogs and toads--and it tells a story that could explode popular understanding of how humans contribute to the problem. Ballengée first got involved with the amphibians in 1996, when he heard about a scarring middle school field trip in Minnesota that stumbled upon a community of frogs with multiple legs missing or sprouting from the bone. After that, he started volunteering with the United States Geological Survey’s North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations system, helping to hunt down the little oddities in the hopes of eventually explaining how they came to be.

How Much Will A Pack Of Joints Cost? The Future Of Mass Market Marijuana. Look At These Spectacular Views Of Cities From Space. Seen from space, cities look incredibly detailed at night, when streetlights and buildings glow brightly enough that it’s possible for astronauts to clearly see individual streets.

Look At These Spectacular Views Of Cities From Space

Photos taken from the International Space Station inspired London-based animator Marc Khachfe to spend hours creating this artwork in homage. “I was blown away by the images taken by the astronauts and wanted to print a map of London at night for my wall, but I found the images too blurry and too small to print,” Khachfe says. “So I went online, found the Open Street Map data, and played around until I got the result I wanted.” After downloading the raw road data, Khachfe adds light layers digitally, while looking at the original photos as a reference. How Freelancers Are Redefining Success To Be About Value, Not Wealth. In an iconic scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort--the “wolf” played by Leonardo DiCaprio--launches his $40,000 Rolex into a sea of outstretched hands, as eager young stockbrokers lunge for it, nearly clobbering one another in the process.

How Freelancers Are Redefining Success To Be About Value, Not Wealth

To Sell Products That Help The World, Convince Consumers That They're Helping Themselves. If you are one of the many retailers that believes being a good corporate citizen will help you sell more products, then we have a little secret to share with you.

To Sell Products That Help The World, Convince Consumers That They're Helping Themselves

Despite what the numerous surveys will tell you about consumers rewarding companies for being good corporate citizens, the truth is not nearly as simple or as obvious as they suggest. Because what people say and do is often very different, especially when it comes to social causes. Consumers’ desire for a certain type of brand, or color, or fit drives much more of their purchasing habits than whether or not the company gives back to community. So if you are interested in selling more products using cause as a driver, then it’s time to get real and appeal much more to consumers’ self-interest than to their desire to do good.