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Abstinence-only sex education increases teen pregnancy in conservative US states, study finds. Teaching an abstinence-only approach to sex education in the US has a perverse effect, according to a new meta-analysis.

Abstinence-only sex education increases teen pregnancy in conservative US states, study finds

In an effort to identify the relationship between federal funding of sex education and the adolescent birth rate, researchers looked at pregnancy rates for women aged 15 to 19 between 1998 and 2016. The findings concluded that abstinence-only education is ineffective in decreasing teenage pregnancies. According to the study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, funding for abstinence-only education “had no effect on adolescent birth rates overall.” Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Rather, in conservative states, researchers found the education contributed to an increase in teenage pregnancies. “Specifically, we estimated that conservative states received $692m in federal abstinence funding between 1998 and 2016,” the authors wrote in the new study. The new RSE guidance - your questions answered. So, the long-awaited guidance is out!

The new RSE guidance - your questions answered

Following a public consultation which closed in November 2018, the Government has issued revised guidance on Relationships Education, RSE and Health Education. This applies to all schools in England. The guidance will come into effect in September 2020, but schools can start using it from September 2019. Here, we answer some questions about the guidance, and will continue to provide advice to our members and subscribers in the coming weeks and months. Our fight for fairness in advertising – Dame Products. We’ve decided to take legal action against the MTA to protest this sexist policy, and to address its implications for vulva-havers everywhere.

Our fight for fairness in advertising – Dame Products

Advertisements are hugely influential on our culture, and have the potential to bring sexual wellness tools out of the shadows and into our lives. (You can read our complaint here!) Vibrators are regularly prescribed by doctors as a drug-free, affordable solution for low-libido, arousal disorders, and sexual function issues for those recovering from abuse, cancer, and more. If vibrator companies can't advertise, those people won’t know what options are available to them. Women of Sex Tech. Thinx rolls out national campaign where men get periods too. Feminine hygiene company Thinx is launching their first national US advertising campaign - and it depicts a world in which men get periods too.

Thinx rolls out national campaign where men get periods too

Running just over one minute with the tongue-in-cheek title “MEN-struation,” the advert imagines what it would be like if everyone got periods. The clip places cisgender men in scenarios recognisable to those who’ve ever experienced the monthly bleed: bending over in the mirror to check no stains are visible on light-coloured clothing, asking friends for a tampon and curling up in bed with cramps. We’ll tell you what’s true. 'Euphoria' and the Evolving Boundaries of TV Sexuality.

Not everything about the way the series handles sexuality is progressive.

'Euphoria' and the Evolving Boundaries of TV Sexuality

It’s not a great look that the only real discussion around consent comes from a girl lying about being blackout drunk during a hookup, giving her abusive boyfriend ammunition to accuse that other guy of rape (though he did commit statutory rape). And while bad guy Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) girlfriend, Maddy (Alexa Demie), is willing to say no one is 100% gay or 100% straight when she seems to find proof Nate has been getting dick pics from other guys, her heart isn’t really behind it, and you don’t get the impression she would really be comfortable with Nate coming out as bi or pan. Euphoria is a show that’s taking a lot of creative risks. The close-up, light-shifting, mood-changing shots are gorgeous, and whatever you think about the music video that closes out the season, it was different in a way that got people talking.

Exclusive: Megan Barton Hanson On Embracing Her Sexuality, Sex Work And Never Faking An Orgasm. ‘When I came out of Love Island] everyone was like "are you embarrassed by the fact you've [slept with two people on TV?”

Exclusive: Megan Barton Hanson On Embracing Her Sexuality, Sex Work And Never Faking An Orgasm

, “aren’t you ashamed?” , “do you think your family are going to be embarrassed? All of this stuff,’ Megan Barton-Hanson explains. ‘I was like “well Wes slept with Laura and then me, Adam slept with Rosie and then Zara, so why is that just because I’m female I’m getting slut-shamed?”’ How mindful is your sex life? The women behind sexual wellness app Ferly. The Times, October 26 2019, 12:01am When Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak were described by Forbes as “the entrepreneurs who want to bring mindfulness to your sex life”, some readers of the business magazine may have been puzzled.

How mindful is your sex life? The women behind sexual wellness app Ferly

A sexual wellness app? The women closing the pleasure gap - BBC Reel. How to close the female orgasm gap. In this moment of brave truth telling and female empowerment, it’s time to address one topic that’s been missing far too long from our conversations around sex: female pleasure.

How to close the female orgasm gap

Study after study show that sexual pleasure, self-esteem and satisfaction have profound impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing. It is a natural and vital part of our health and happiness. As a society, we accept this premise fairly easily when it comes to men and they learn it at a young age. When discovering how babies are made, male ejaculation (ie his pleasure) plays a featured role.

Men feel entitled to pleasure and our culture supports that. Repeat after me: vagina is not a dirty word. When Dr Jen Gunter, a US-based gynaecologist, and her publisher, Kensington Books, sought to promote her new book on Twitter, they ran into trouble.

Repeat after me: vagina is not a dirty word

The problem was the title: The Vagina Bible. It appeared that “vagina” was red-flagged by Twitter Ads as “inappropriate language”. Gunter was understandably outraged: “When we’re not allowed to say a word the implication is it’s dirty or shameful. Not being able to buy an ad because of the word vagina for a book about vaginas is ridiculous.”

UK has highest teenage birth rates in Western Europe - Press releases 2016 - FPA. The UK continues to have the highest teenage birth rates in Western Europe, figures published by the Office for National Statistics reveal.

UK has highest teenage birth rates in Western Europe - Press releases 2016 - FPA

Data for birth rates across the 28 countries of the European Union in 2014 show the UK had lower rates than just Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Latvia. The rate for the UK in 2014 was 6.8 per 1,000 15-17-year-olds, compared to 1.1 in Denmark and 1.3 in the Netherlands. Sexual health charity FPA’s Head of Programmes Paul Casey said the figures are a stark reminder of how much work still needs to be done. “We have a record low level of teenage pregnancies but still lag behind most countries in Europe,” he said. “Of course not all teenage pregnancies are unplanned or unwanted but teenagers who become parents are more likely to have poorer health, education, social and economic outcomes.

The pleasure gap: the young British woman who wants  equality in sex (as well as pay) When Stephanie Alys was 18 she spent a gap year working for the professional services network Deloitte in an office near Soho in central London. On the way back from lunch, she and her colleague, a young engineer from India, would pause by the windows of the sex shops, which were lined with mechanical pink plastic penises. It was like the den of an evil castrator, full of disembodied male genitals gathering dust. The pair, Alys and Soumyadip Rakshit, were management-consultant trainees. They spent all day considering what makes a business flop, but could not work out why the vibrator industry was doing its best to fail. “The window display, it would never change as there was no innovation,” she tells me at the Times…

From labiaplasty to lightening – the quest for the perfect vagina. It’s a breezy, sunny morning on a new-build housing development in the wastelands of Kent. In the ground-floor reception room of Elite Aesthetics, a shiny “anti-ageing” clinic, with the receptionist and clients nattering around me and in full view of the cul-de-sac outside, I am sitting, fully clothed, legs spread, on a low, wide, vibrating blue plastic chair that looks like a piece of furniture from a cross-Channel ferry, but which – if the claims can be believed – is performing wonders on my nether regions. Pang, pang, pang, it goes beneath me. The Digital Love Industry (Full Length) Why It's Best to Start Sex Ed When Kids Are Young. Since 2012, the Dutch education minister has mandated that all students, beginning in primary school, receive some form of sexuality education that includes lessons on health, tolerance, and assertiveness.

The core objectives are to prevent sexual coercion, crossed boundaries, and homophobic behavior, as well as to promote inclusion. And new research confirms that students who receive comprehensive sexuality education in school—that is, lessons on sexual diversity and inclusiveness in addition to biological lessons—are less likely to engage in name calling and more willing to intervene when a LGBTQ or female peer is bullied in school.

The power of inclusive sex education Of course, no country is immune to sexual violence, but sex ed serves as an important bulwark against it. As the CDC reported in 2016, “comprehensive sex education programs have been shown to reduce high risk sexual behavior, a clear factor for sexual violence victimization and perpetration.” Denmark's "sex week" helps kids navigate their sexuality. When you think back to sex education at school, what do you remember? A frank exploration of the intricacies of desire, consent and sexuality? Or a profoundly awkward hour in which neither you nor your teacher wanted to be there? For many of us, it was the latter — if our curriculum even covered the topic.

But a mounting body of evidence suggests that comprehensive sexual education (CSE) — a curriculum of rights-based and gender-focused approaches to sexuality including information on contraception, reproduction and sexually transmitted infections — is linked to improved sexual and reproductive health, reduced rates of sexually transmitted infection, and less teen pregnancy. STEPHANIE SARLEY. Stephanie Sarley is a prolific multimedia artist creating her own world of art, using humor and absurdity to boldly challenge how sexuality is perceived and defined. Her art encompasses the surreal and the visceral. Through her current works she is redefining how people look at food and is best known for her fruit art series, featuring notable works such as Cream Cup, and Blood Orange. Sarley was awarded Best of the Bay Artist 2016. Her work has been exhibited internationally and in numerous museums in Europe 2018.

The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany (Mdbk), Museum Der Dinge, Berlin and the Museum Jan Cunen, Netherlands. Introduction: Sex Education in the Digital Era. Abstract Young people all over the world are keen to learn about sex and relationships but are not finding the information they seek in their immediate environment.

The internet provides them with a welcome alternative. Iris View Profile. Six of the best sex education programmes around the world. “We cannot achieve gender transformative change by focusing only on health outcomes. We must equip young people with information about health as well as positive aspects of sex and sexuality,” said Tewodros Melesse, the director general of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), recently on the release of a report about delivering comprehensive sex education for young people across the world.

From 'consent football' to 'pin the organ on the body': sex education around the world. Global Review finds Comprehensive Sexuality Education key to gender equality and reproductive health. The evidence is clear. Eileen Kelly: Killer and A Sweet Thang. The sex-ed blog aiming to redefine ‘the talk’ for teens. 'Pull Out' Zine Covers Millennial Sex and Porn. The Talk. Sex ed program for Gen-Z kids covers porn, sexting. Sex education in the digital age — The Internet Health Report 2019. The sex education circus. Radio 4 in Four - A new era in sex education? - BBC Sounds. Reading the No Outsiders books. Relationships and Sex Education in Schools (England) BBC iPlayer - Panorama - Sex Education: The LGBT Debate in Schools. Experts say sex education isn't keeping up with technology. Best Sex Education Apps For Adults and Teens Alike. Let’s Not Talk About Sex. Meet Eileen Kelly, The Millennial Sex Expert On Instagram - NYLON.

Why does Sex Education on Netflix look American? Where is the British series set? Eileen kelly, instagram star turned sex educator. 7 sex positive influencers you need to be following - Collective - Bellesa - Porn for Women. The sex zines you should be reading in 2018. The Pink Protest. Safer Sex 101 With Eileen Kelly: STDs Are Rising. Here's What to Do About it - Nasty Galaxy. LGBTQ People Share Their Experiences of Sex Education. Meet the teen bloggers starting a sex revolution. KILLERANDASWEETTHANG. Sainsbury's is selling sex toys to improve shoppers' sexual wellbeing. Instagram photos and videos. Sex education at the push of a button: the apps changing lives worldwide. Sex Education For The Real World. Report Shows 60% of Students Turn to Porn to Learn About Sex.

Is porn replacing sex education? - BBC Three. Shibboleth Authentication Request. Shibboleth Authentication Request. Shibboleth Authentication Request. LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX: Improving, Orgasms, Ghosting, Stories. Lets Talk About Sex. For Real. (@letstalkaboutrealsex) LGBTQ Youth Need Inclusive Sex Education. AMAZE Org. AMAZE - Age appropriate info on puberty for tweens and their parents. Emily F. Rothman: How porn changes the way teens think about sex. Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn. Sophia Wallace. Vagina Dispatches: what you didn't learn in sex ed. Voices: Jack - MA Material Futures - #UALSummerShows 2019. Pull Out for Eileen Kelly. Guidebooks. Information – Vagina Museum. MakeLoveNotPorn: The Social Sex Revolution. Here's why Cindy Gallop projected social sex on NYC buildings this weekend.

Vagina museum in London aims to 'banish shame'