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Retail therapy

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"Hemingway and the Sea" Book Cover Designs. Kajsa Klaesén is a graphic design student currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Hemingway and the Sea" Book Cover Designs

As part of a School of Visual Arts project, she has created some minimalist designs for a collectors box and covers of three novels (“To Have and Have Not”, “The Old Man and the Sea”, and “Islands in the Stream”) all written by Ernest Hemingway. Kajsa Klaesén’s solution for this collection is based on minimalist graphic design. She used subtle shapes to illustrate the waves of the sea.

Addicted to shopping: The student who can't stop buying. Many students have issues with their finances and responsible spending, but what if you were also trying to balance a shopping addiction?

Addicted to shopping: The student who can't stop buying

Truthfal spoke to a Falmouth student – who wishes to be anonymous – about a shopping addiction which has had a significant impact on her work and mental health. The second year student is in serious financial difficulty because she spends all her money on online shopping sites. Despite this issue causing problems in every aspect of her life, she cannot stop. It is difficult to conceal all the things she owns as a student with limited funds. Online Shopping and Social Media: Friends or Foes?: EBSCOhost. Has digital retail won?: The effect of multi-sided platforms on the retail industry - ProQuest. How Each Generation Shops in 2019 - Salesfloor. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, each generation has its own defining political and cultural traits that have characterized their coming-of-age and shopping habits.

How Each Generation Shops in 2019 - Salesfloor

As of now, there are four major generational demographics that economists have recognized as distinct markets: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (more popularly known as Millennials,) and Gen Z—each of which is unique in their perspectives on marketing tactics and purchasing preferences. If retailers want to make their products available to each generation in the best way possible, they need to adapt their brand experience in a way that accommodates all the options that these groups rely on. That’s why we gathered all the data you need to know just what each generation is looking for. Baby Boomers Shopping Habits Born 1946 to 1964 When it comes to the joy of shopping, Baby Boomers want convenience above all else. Boomers reporting that they would be likely or willing to explore a store for new products. The History of Retail: A Timeline. The Power of Fashion. Doing good does you good.

Evidence shows that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing.

Doing good does you good

It can help reduce stress, improve your emotional wellbeing and even benefit your physical health. Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery. Online shopping addiction is a mental health condition and 'should be officially recognised' Online shopping addiction is a mental health condition and should be officially recognised for its ability wreck people's mental health and relationships, psychotherapists claim People addicted to buying things were more likely to have anxiety or depressionBuying-shopping disorder is long-recognised but is taking on a new meaningShopping online is easy, always accessible and cheaper than real shopping By Sam Blanchard Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline Published: 12:04 EST, 14 November 2019 | Updated: 12:33 EST, 14 November 2019.

Online shopping addiction is a mental health condition and 'should be officially recognised'

‘We live our lives in clothes’ Dion tells me: ’The best way I can explain the complementary nature of fashion and wellbeing is through something a woman said to me during a talk I’d given.

‘We live our lives in clothes’

She explained that she had once worn her favourite David Bowie t-shirt for a week to stop a low mood from taking hold – it helped her feel happy. We’ve seen that exercise and physical health impact on emotional wellbeing – so do the clothes we wear. That’s not a trivial issue and I want to encourage thinking and research about it.’ Which is presumably why Dr Dion Terrelonge, a fairly recently qualified educational psychologist, wrote to us, saying, ‘[Fashion psychology] is an emerging, or rather re-emerging, field which so far seems to focus on the potential negative impact of fashion in the media interpretation of trends, etc… I am interested in the link between personal style and wellbeing, the relationships people have with clothing… and the effect dress has on our cognitions and behaviours.’ Stylewellbeing. Happy fashion: the link between wellbeing and being well-dressed. Clothing is a divisive issue.

Happy fashion: the link between wellbeing and being well-dressed

To some it’s pure function; covering the body and preventing any potential Emperor’s New Clothes scenario. Happy fashion: the link between wellbeing and being well-dressed. Mental Health Advice. Retail therapy. The name retail therapy is ironic and semifacetious, acknowledging that shopping hardly qualifies as true therapy in the medical or psychotherapeutic sense.

Retail therapy

It was first used in the 1980s, with the first reference being this sentence in the Chicago Tribune of Christmas Eve 1986: "We've become a nation measuring out our lives in shopping bags and nursing our psychic ills through retail therapy. Wilhelm Wundt. Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt (; German: [vʊnt]; 16 August 1832 – 31 August 1920) was a physician, physiologist, philosopher, and professor, known today as one of the founders of modern psychology.

Wilhelm Wundt

Wundt, who distinguished psychology as a science from philosophy and biology, was the first person ever to call himself a psychologist.[2] He is widely regarded as the "father of experimental psychology".[3][4] In 1879, at University of Leipzig, Wundt founded the first formal laboratory for psychological research.

This marked psychology as an independent field of study.[5] By creating this laboratory he was able to establish psychology as a separate science from other disciplines. He also formed the first academic journal for psychological research, Philosophische Studien (from 1881 to 1902), set up to publish the Institute's research.[6] Biography[edit] Wundt studied from 1851 to 1856 at the University of Tübingen, at the University of Heidelberg, and at the University of Berlin. Awards[edit] 1. History of psychotherapy. Many 18th-century treatments for psychological distress were based on pseudo-scientific ideas, such as phrenology.

History of psychotherapy

Forget marriage counselling, watching romantic comedies is the way to save your relationship. It sounds unlikely, but it’s true. Sitting down in front of a romantic comedy with your loved one could save your marriage. Seriously, this isn’t just a ploy to ensure women get control of the remote. We promise. According to a study carried out by the University of Rochester in New York, watching and discussing five movies which feature romantic relationships over one month could cut divorce rate for newlyweds in half, reducing the separation rate from 24% to 11% after three years. Film Therapy: The Benefits of Watching Movies — Exploring your mind. It’s clear that film provokes all kinds of emotions. It can make you laugh, cry, suffer, and even find the strength you need to face your problems. The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music. Music Can Improve Endurance and Performance Another important psychological benefit of music lies in its ability to boost performance.

The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music. The five: ways that fashion threatens the planet. Gone to ground Last week, the government rejected recommendations from the Commons environmental audit committee report on the impact of fast fashion – including a 1p per garment levy. Ministers also rejected a ban on burying or incinerating clothes that could be recycled. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) UK households sent 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill in 2016. Collective failure. Addictive disorders: Causes and reasons they may get worse. Substance-related and addictive disorders are complex and often and can result in significant consequences for the individual. The biological processes that cause addiction involve the reward pathways in the brain. These circuits provide rushes of positive feeling and feel-good chemicals to "reward" substance use.

The areas of the brain responsible for stress and self-control also undergo long-term changes during an addictive disorder. Science and Culture: Searching for the science behind art therapy. PERSPECTIVE: RETAIL THERAPY; Fashion therapy, it seems, can benefit your health and now shopping has been given the medical profession's stamp of approval with the creation of the world's first specialist unit. Chief Feature Writer Ros Dodd reports. - Fre. Book you appointment at Clinic Bouchard in Marseille. Teenagers get fashion therapy. University hospital of Marseille / Assistance Publique/Hopitaux de Marseille - MetabERN. Retail Therapy: A journey through the cultural history of shopping.