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Vitamojo Restaurant. The Caterer - YO! Sushi launch ‘genetically tailored nutrition' offering with DNA testing. The YO!

The Caterer - YO! Sushi launch ‘genetically tailored nutrition' offering with DNA testing

Dinner Yo! Way scheme, in partnership with genetic testing firm DNAFit, will bring personalised health food to the sushi brand's offering, tailoring dish recommendations based on genetic sensitivities. The scheme is currently being offered as a free service for a small number of selected applicants. This time it’s personal: personalised nutrition emerging as next big industry trend - Vitafoods Europe 2020. Personalised nutrition is rapidly emerging as a key issue for the long term future of the industry, new research has shown.

This time it’s personal: personalised nutrition emerging as next big industry trend - Vitafoods Europe 2020

The findings come from a survey* by the organisers of Vitafoods Europe 2017, which takes place from 9 to 11 May at Palexpo in Geneva. They asked Vitafoods Europe visitors what they saw as the three most important trends in the nutrition industry. For the short term (over the next 12 months) personalised nutrition was picked by one in five respondents (19%). Nutrition Gets Very Personalized. Why Modern Wellness Is More About Feeling Good Than Looking Good, According To Blogger Lee From America. On Instagram, everything is perfect.

Why Modern Wellness Is More About Feeling Good Than Looking Good, According To Blogger Lee From America

At least, it looks that way. Take Lee Tilghman’s Instagram account, for example. The recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the popular @LeeFromAmerica social handle posts picturesque views of must-visit places, badass images of fitness excursions, and colorful food shots that look almost too good to eat. Yet despite her seemingly flawless feed, Tilghman’s life isn’t strictly fun and effortless. Behind the scenes, she works tirelessly to create original content for her website, brainstorm new recipe ideas, lead food workshops within her community, and other day-to-day responsibilities — all while keeping her health (and the wellness of others) top-of-mind.

The New Thinking On Allergies. We’ve been following the rise in allergies (see this goop piece on the epidemic with Dr.

The New Thinking On Allergies

Leo Galland), and are always on the lookout for new research and the accompanying viable treatment options. Dr. What Is Blue Tea? It may look more like a Slush Puppie than a matcha latte, but blue tea is the talk of the wellness world.

What Is Blue Tea?

Here’s why the clean-living set can’t get enough… What is it? Blue tea is made using dried flowers from the blue pea (or butterfly pea) plant – their bright hue is one of the most vivid colours to exist in nature. Your Guide to Different Tea Types - Poosh. Are you ready for the tea on, well … tea?

Your Guide to Different Tea Types - Poosh

We’re breaking down the key health benefits of the aromatic beverage by blend. With the help of Stefani Beckerman, wellness expert and founder of @welldoneguide, below you can gain knowledge on which herbal leaves suit your needs for the next time you fire up your kettle. Read on for the essential health perks of nine different teas. Peppermint tea “Peppermint is the best to relieve bloating, help with digestion, and soothe an upset stomach. The SL Team Reviews The Best Detox & Cleanse Packages. Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder What is it?

The SL Team Reviews The Best Detox & Cleanse Packages

This programme is designed for people leading an active lifestyle, who need extra protein and calories after working out. Each day you’ll receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, a daily detox juice - plus a morning ‘Love + Beauty’ tonic, flavoured with hibiscus and rose. What was the food like? Everything You Need To Know About Dairy & Its Benefits. Nutritional therapist Clarissa Lenherr, who specialises in gut health, says… Despite Popular Belief, Low-Fat Dairy Isn’t Better For You “Although dairy products do contain saturated fats, these are no longer as feared as they used to be.

Everything You Need To Know About Dairy & Its Benefits

As science evolves, we now have evidence to suggest that saturated fats are not as detrimental as we once thought. 7 Proven Benefits Of Green Tea. 1.

7 Proven Benefits Of Green Tea

Increases Weight Loss Green tea’s metabolism-boosting qualities have long been confirmed, with nutritionist’s often recommending it as a useful tool for weight loss. This is all thanks to green teas mesonutrient, EGCG, which provides a hefty dose of antioxidants that work to break down fat at a cellular level, while supporting a healthy and balanced metabolism. Karen Cummings-Palmer, Nutritionist and Founder of 79 Lux, recommends drinking a cup before your workout to further enhance fat-burning abilities. All-Natural Remedies to Reduce Bloat - Poosh. Modern Wellness is Having a Moment. In our busy, challenging world, we tend to obsess over the new.

Modern Wellness is Having a Moment

The latest tech gadget. The newest fad diet. It’s understandable why. But as the saying goes, everything old is new again. And that helps to explain why a 5,000-year-old healing and wellness system is having its moment now. 2019 Health & Wellness Trends: 11 Trends To Watch. By now you've probably heard of the circadian rhythm, also known as our body's biological clock. But did you know that this daily cycle has everything to do with two important hormones: cortisol and melatonin? 2019 will be the year that we all learn just how important the daily fluctuations in these two hormones—and the circadian rhythm in general—is to your health. Simply put, the hormone cortisol is supposed to peak in the morning, helping wake us up and make us feel alert and ready to tackle the day.

These Ancient Rituals Should Be Your New Go-To Beauty Treatments. Despite the current trend towards organic ingredients and “natural” beauty products, most of the lotions and potions we use on our hair, skin, and nails still come from a lab. These are the biggest wellness trends for 2020. Kristin Vicari for Harper's Bazaar The biggest wellness trends for 2020 have been revealed and, if the results generated from Google Trend searches are to be believed, we'll be looking increasingly towards technology and personal experiences to improve our physical and mental wellbeing next year. That's not surprising considering we are a generation who are consistently trying to find new ways to unwind, with three out of four of us reportedly feeling 'overwhelmed' or 'unable to cope' due to stress, according to a report in 2018.

Luckily, research also suggest that wellness is becoming increasingly accessible, as the booming industry is no longer viewed as a niche market. To help you further understand the wellness trends you need to know about for this year and beyond, we spoke to the wellness coach Daniel Mason, who worked with Gear Hungry to analyse and break down the data: