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SimpleNeat. Online safety for the home & SMEs. 8 Pinterest Alternatives You May Not Know About. Pinterest has garnered a reputation (whether incidentally or intentionally) as a website geared mostly towards females who need ideas for weddings, home décor, and recreation.

8 Pinterest Alternatives You May Not Know About

Maybe you like the idea of Pinterest but not its subject matter. Maybe Pinterest just isn’t for you. Is there hope for you? Yes, there is. As it turns out, there are many sites out there that have taken the core concept of Pinterest and spun it in unique ways. Juxtapost Juxtapost is a Pinterest knockoff but in a good way.

The feature I like best in Juxtapost is the “More Like This” button. Project Awesome: Share & Collect Inspirational Posts Online. Quick Solutions to Everyday Problems (23 Photos) 10 Websites Guaranteed To Press Your Buttons [Weird & Wonderful Web] We humans are naturally curious creatures.

10 Websites Guaranteed To Press Your Buttons [Weird & Wonderful Web]

We see something, almost anything, and we want to reach out and grab it, touch it, feel it, and interact with it. Which is all good as long as the thing we’re reaching for isn’t going to bite us or trigger a nuclear holocaust. Contrary to popular belief, the latter isn’t as easy as pressing a big red button. But if it was that easy I’d bet my right arm that none of us would be here now.

Instead, we’d all be piles of dust on the sidewalk or stains on the wall. 9 Hilariously Random Websites To Help You Procrastinate. The Internet is a wonderful place, but sometimes it just spawns the weirdest creations.Case in point — these 9 websites.

9 Hilariously Random Websites To Help You Procrastinate

Some are genuinely hilarious for no good reason. Others are just so strange you’ll wonder why they were ever created. Regardless, you’re bound to have a laugh or two…while you procrastinate. Spoiler alert: It’s a pug licking your screen, adorably. Why does it exist? And just so you know, “sanger” is Danish for “singer”. Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet?

Thankfully, the answer is a big “NOPE.” Back when the Large Hadron Collider was being built, there was some controversy surrounding the safety of the device. And this website is proof of that. Gaze. From Someecards Labs. Quozio - Make Beautiful Quotes. Another Side of History. Top 10 Lists - Listverse. Silk – Interactive Generative Art. Deformations. Top Ten Lists at TheTopTens. MillionShort. 29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier. Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Top of the Web. Follow Springo on : Find top sites My top sites Top Sites News Music Video Sports Online Games Shopping Maps Photos Movies Select your setting:

Top of the Web

Daily Zen List — 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet. I am bored - I'm bored - I am so bored. Dream It, Share It, Achieve It. Extreme Earth Photography by Nat Geo. GreyNet International, Grey Literature Network Service. Cool websites. 75 Best State Websites Now Available Online. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content. Best Websites Portal. Full List - 50 Best Websites 2008. Usenetlearningcenter. Great sites.

The App WhispererTheAppWhisperer. 25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer. It’s easy to forget that we have access to a virtually limitless resource of information, i.e. the Internet.

25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer

For a lot of us, this is even true at our fingertips, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and an ever-increasing push for online greatness by tech engineers all over the world. As a result, there are countless websites out there that are geared to make you smarter and more brilliant for either a low or no cost. Here are just 25 killer websites that may just make you more clever than ever before. 1. Duolingo This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended this language-teaching website (and app), and it certainly won’t be the last. Coolest Websites and Online Tools 2012. Each year I try to compile a list of my favorite websites and tools to share with friends.

Coolest Websites and Online Tools 2012

In this post you’ll find a little something for everyone. It has taken me most of the year to find, discover, research, and gather all the information and links to the sites and online tools below in hopes that you’ll find something useful for you, your business, your fun and enjoyment, or that will simply contribute to your personal success. Most are FREE, but a couple are “pay-after-trail” if you find them worthy. Treater – In a digital world, give friends something that’s real. Send instant treats. 5000 Best Websites. Great Websites to Explore History.

The websites below are not intended only for history teachers but for anyone interested in taking a journey back into history.Some of them provide document search that allows you to search into the most important historical documents from well known and trusted archives.

Great Websites to Explore History

You will also find timelines documenting the major historical events or if you like maps then you can track back the history on maps. All these resources are free to use and do not require any download or software installation.Just browse through the selection below and click on any title to access the webpage. Make sure you share them with your students and colleagues as well. 1- Look Back Maps This is a website that allows users to view historical pictures of various locations on Google Maps, search for specific locations and even add images. 2- Timelines.