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Richard Branson and Virgin - Where did it start?

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Learn Soft Skills & Career Advice from a Career Coach / Wharton MBA Human Workplace - Bring Life to Work, Bring Work to Life World of CEOs Jobs, Opportunities and Talent Getting the top job How to give yourself the best possible shot As a former CEO headhunter and CEO confidant, Steve Tappin, our founder, is accustomed to helping CEOs get the top job. Here are his top tips: Go direct yourself The rising trend of going direct and bypassing the search firms and recruiters works both ways. And if you’re not getting anywhere with the headhunter, don’t be afraid to go direct to the chairman or board members. NB Bear in mind that if an employer recruits you through a headhunter, they’re likely to have pay a 25% premium on your first year’s salary, so they may in fact prefer it if you contact them directly! Get the insider due diligence on companies and leaders As we witnessed with the travel industry, the internet is making companies’ reputation and culture much more visible and transparent. Get yourself out there selectively and thoughtfully Get a better radar – target corporations with job gaps Magnify Your Personal Brand? By Steve Tappin Chief Executive, Xinfu

RedThreadThinking - Innovation & more Interesting, Weird, and Fun Facts - OMG Facts Rent Donkey Apartment Search Engine - Listing all rentals in Atlantic Canada 25 Top UK Startups The London startup scene is well-documented. But the UK innovation ecosystem is not confined to the city. All types of companies are emerging from surrounding places, in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, small Welsh villages, an island in the English Channel. Here is a list of the top 25, although we could've easily named 125. 1. On Songkick's platform, fans can track their favorite bands and artists, and find the latest concert venues, tour dates and ticket news. 2. PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures as a form of online authentication. 3. Social media monitoring system Brandwatch reads and summarizes web discussions about brands, people and products. 4. A promotion tool for events, allows promoters to list and select their events across social media channels, as well as event-specific sites such as SoundCloud, Songkick and 5. 6. Unlike other music streaming services, Psonar is pay-as-you-go. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. gamesGRABR, London 12. 13. 14.

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