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Motivation Activities

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Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable. Comics. Toonlet. Cartoonize Yourself. Cartoonist. Creaza Cartoonist Do you have a good idea or a good story you want to get out?


Do you have an assignment to create a story based on something you learned at school? Or do you just feel like goofing around and making a comic strip? Is your story about Roman gods, Little Red Riding Hood, friendship, or the future? When you have chosen a theme or an exercise, you get access to characters, backgrounds, props, as well as your own uploaded images and audio files in the menu on the right. Above the main frame, you will find all available functions for your cartoon. Clipboard Here, you can cut, paste, and copy elements from a frame. Frames Here, you will find functions for the frame.You can give the frame a name or a descriptive text under Properties. Drawing Formatting Here, you can work with the appearance of your text, lines, and bubbles. Expression When you work with a frame, you can zoom in and out with the control at the bottom right.

It is very important to save your work often. Good luck! Bitstrips for Schools. Student Materials: Comic Creator. ToonDoo. Write Comics. Essay Map.


Secondary Ed Activities. Classroom Clickers: Response System for Polling Students. Using Cell Phones in Class. Fun Vocabulary Games for the Classroom in Middle School. Team Building. The Leader’s Institute ® is a team building company and world leader in creating and delivering fun corporate Team Activities and Games.

Team Building

We offer both indoor and outdoor team building events and activities, and our company was at the front of the trend of those who offer Philanthropic Events like our world-famous Build-A-Bike ® Workshop and our newest event that is quickly growing in popularity, The Ace Race. Each of these are designed to add fun and energy to conventions or annual meetings, and each is a fantastic way to build camaraderie through a shared experience with your group that benefits a local charity. Add Fun and Energy to Your MeetingsBuild Camaraderie Among Your GroupMake a Valuable Donation to Charity! Our company offers fun team building events that add enthusiasm to any meeting, and your attendees will compliment you for making the convention or banquet “the best ever”! Below is a list of some of our most popular fun events and activities. Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity.

Sample Worksheets > Puzzle Worksheets. Fun Marketing Idea. Classroom ideas shared by teachers throughout the nation.

Fun Marketing Idea

(Watch for a new ideas every other week throughout the year.) Always Selling Although selling is one of the most fundamental skills we teach, it is also one of the most challenging for students to actually apply and to understand the broad range of industries in which selling plays a critical role. This activity helps reinforce both, while adding an element of interest to practice. I’ve developed a set of cards with lots of different selling situations (different industries, different situations, etc.). Elizabeth Autry Highland Ranch, CO Interdisciplinary Sports Business Plan I have used business plans as a teaching tool since the Sport Sciences Academy was founded in 1996.

Our plan requires a group of students to select a sport franchise which they would bring into the greater Hartford area. Advantages: • Teachers work as a team to develop the project and to help students throughout the activity. Bruce Michaels Hartford, CT Dena Howe 1. Fun Classroom Games. Only 5 Minutes Left Lessons - For All K-12 Levels - Makes It A Breeze!

Fun Classroom Games

See It Here... Busy Teacher Forms - 600 Instant Forms - For All Grade Levels View Now... Fun Classroom Games "9 chairs required. Free Word Search Maker, word search puzzle generator with images, clues or text hints, custom word searches for kids to print. Tools for Educators offers free word search generators, word search makers, worksheets and programs for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school and language teachers to make word search puzzles to print and activities for lessons The are super simple, easy to use, but very powerful.

Free Word Search Maker, word search puzzle generator with images, clues or text hints, custom word searches for kids to print

If you are willing to try the super maker with all the vocab listed ... super list. Free Puzzlemaker. Game and Puzzle Maker Resources at Internet4Classrooms. 100+ Motivational Techniques to Take Learning to the Next Level. Getting students motivated to learn can be hard no matter what grade level you teach.

100+ Motivational Techniques to Take Learning to the Next Level

Sometimes it’s because students find the material boring or useless, or sometimes because they are simply there because they are required to be and not because they have any interest in the subject matter at hand. There are some things you can do, however, to help boost your students’ interest in whatever it is that you’re teaching. Here are 100 or so suggestions of ways that you can make your classes more engaging and encourage your students to work harder at learning. General Here are some basic ideas to consider when motivating your students. Encourage internal motivation. Spark Interest The first step to motivating students is to spark their interest in the subject.

Focus on the importance of the subject. Learning Environment Creating a great learning environment is key to motivating students. Make the classroom inviting. Feedback Give praise. Learning Opportunities.