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Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable

Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable

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10 Awesome Web Tools Teachers should Be Using Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you with another list of some great educational websites. We have meticulously handpicked this compilation and we want those of you who, because of their time constraints or any other reasons, could not keep up with the sweeping influx of the web tools to have a chance to get to know some useful tools to use both for their professional development and with their students as well. You can also check our archive for other compilations. Have a look at the list below and share with us your feedback 1- Stykz

World Famous from The Teacher's Corner You must have an OLD browser. The old crossword maker doesn't allow all of the new features like cool fonts, adding images, shadows, special colors, and much more coming in the furture like saving, and being playable online. You can upgrade your browser to IE 9+ or better yet, get the Google Chrome browser and enjoy all of those great features. Not convinced? You can go to the old version by clicking choosing it below. 2 reasons crosswords will not generate: The Guide to Digital Games and Learning MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning How can games unlock a rich world of learning? This is the big question at the heart of the growing games and learning movement that’s gaining momentum in education.

Create Your Own Printable Board Game Source The creation of an original board game is as entertaining as playing the game itself. If you want a personalized game to give as a gift, use for a specific classroom activity, or keep the family occupied on rainy days, LTK has printable game board templates and tips to get you started. Printable Board Game Templates If you've already got rules in mind and want a pre-made game board, try one of these free, blank printable board games. These games come in multiple formats. Printable Worksheets: grammar, phonics, games, clipart and more MES English Certificate Templates Printable Cards Phonics Worksheets Worksheet Makers ESL Listening End User License Agreement: You are free to download any resource from this site as an end user and grants you an End User License with the following restrictions: You may not redistribute, copy, modify, transfer, transmit, repackage, charge for or sell any of the materials from this site. You may use photocopies or printouts for distribution to your students.

Turn your picture into Cartoon Using Choggers Chogger is an awesome comic strip building platform. It looks like Pixton and Make Beliefs but offers extra services. Choggers has a good editing tool that allows users to create their own cartoons out of imported photos. Users can even hook on their camera and snap images to edit on Chogger. There are also tools to help users start drawing their own images from scratch.

Vocabulary Review: Crossword Activity (Jigsaw Pair-work) Review Activity of Vocabulary (for ESL Teachers) Target Language: vocabulary ESL Level: lower-intermediate to advanced Augmented Reality in Education String Augmented reality is a 3D learning environment which connects real and virtual world. It provides interactive tools for learning, and fosters informal learning. Town creator. This town creator allows you to drag and drop various pieces in order to create a town or city to your liking. The tool tends to work best as either a planning tool or to create a partial map that is then later edited to improve upon the functionalities that are missing, like curved roads for example. But this makes for a great tool to create quick towns for tabletop role playing games and other projects you need quick references for and just all around fun props to hand to players or yourself. Instructions The tool is mostly very straight forward.

Printable Game Boards to Turn Classroom Curriculum Review into Fun One of the easiest ways to get your students excited about curriculum review is to turn it into a game. With these printable game boards, you can make any subject fun. These printable game boards are simple, with a start and finish on each one.

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