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8 Cool Free Online Design Resources for Creative School Projects. The free online design resources that are available today are versatile, simple, and powerful.

8 Cool Free Online Design Resources for Creative School Projects

They are user-friendly and social media-oriented in every way. They’re also free to use, which makes it easy to explore and experiment with them as much as you like. The tools listed in this post fit the bill nicely. Design a website, create vector graphics, edit photos, design icons, create a visual resume, and much more! 1. Essential Extensions: Practical Chrome Extensions for Education. I love it when I find a new app or extension that does something cool.

Essential Extensions: Practical Chrome Extensions for Education

Whether it’s a new function, a more efficient workflow, or it will block spoilers for Star Wars, a good extension is a powerful tool. As I often write about, there’s not enough time in education to waste, so I’m particularly fond of the tools that help save clicks and make our work more effective, both for students and teachers. Collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining. Software scaricabili. Web 2.0 Resources for Special Needs. Sharing Communities. Classroom management. Integrational applications. Platforms and LMS. Exercice management. AI-based learning. Educators-focused contents. Presentaciones. Tests. Web 2.0 Tools. Web 2.0 Tools.

Content Curation Tools

Activate Instruction. Hstry - Bringing history to the digital classroom. Personalized Learning at Scale. OpenStudy: Study Together. Common Core Alignment. Kaggle. ALEKS. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. Digital Storytelling Tools for Education. Learning management system (LMS) Schoology. School Seating Planner & Behaviour Management Software: Class Charts. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Explain Everything

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom. Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers. Michelle Luhtala/Edshelf With the thousands of educational apps vying for the attention of busy teachers, it can be hard to sift for the gold.

Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers

Michelle Luhtala, a savvy librarian from New Canaan High School in Connecticut has crowd-sourced the best, most extensive list of apps voted on by educators around the country. “I wanted to make sure we had some flexibility because there’s no one app that’s better than all the others,” Luhtala said. Some apps are best for younger students, others are more complicated, better suited for high school students. Many apps do one thing really well, but aren’t great at everything. 30Hands allows a user to make pictures, annotate them, record a voice explainer and then packages it all into a video.

Adobe Voice is a recently released education product from Adobe that allows students to narrate a story over an array of digital images. Tellagami is a tool to share quick animated messages. ExplainEverything is another tool for creating video like tutorials. Using non-linear stories to gamify your books. Idea: make use of hyperlinks in Book Creator and see students’ imaginations come to the fore when they create interactive books.

Using non-linear stories to gamify your books

Adam Foster is an experienced Primary School Teacher who teaches across Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as co-ordinating ICT at a Preparatory School in Wolverhampton, UK. He has been using iPads in his teaching for the past 4 years and also supports schools around the UK and Europe with integrating mobile technology into the curriculum. Book Creator was one of the first apps we installed on our school iPads in 2011 and we have gone on to use it across the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2. This has included Year 6 creating illustrated audio children’s stories for Year 1 pupils to read and review, DT Animal Shelter Evaluation ebooks showing progression and Numeracy Vocabulary Dictionaries to to help revision. Interactive adventure stories. For Education. Digital Explorer. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations.

This Is How to Create Videos in Google Drive. July 29, 2014 This week's tip for teachers is about creating videos in Google Drive.

This Is How to Create Videos in Google Drive

As you know, since the time Google made it possible to integrate third party apps into Google Drive, there appeared a wide variety of excellent applications that are deemed to enhance the overall performance of your Drive . ZeeMap. Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives. Camtasia Studio is one of my favorite tools.

Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives

It gives you the ability to create screen recordings, to customize and edit your content, and to integrate it into your eLearning courses. On the other hand, even though it does offer a variety of functions and features, eLearning professionals with tight budgets might find the price tag a bit too steep. The good news is that there are a number of free Camtasia Studio alternatives that can provide any eLearning professional with the opportunity to capture screen images and produce high quality screen recordings.

Stypi. PrimaryPad. Online Courses, Tutorials, and Teacher Resources. Project Management Software in the Cloud: project planning and tracking in Gantt task-tree - Comindwork. MonkeyLearn - Text Mining Made Easy. StudentFreelance. Edoome. Schoology. Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom.

Free Beautiful Online Survey & Form Builder. How to Create Image-Based Quizzes in Google Forms. Glossi. Metta — Storytelling. Wideo - Make animated online videos free. Weably. Voki Home. Twiducate. Edcanvas. Make mobile learning awesome!


Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! EduClipper. Knowmia. Gooru. Lessons Worth Sharing. TeacherTube. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Sh... EDpuzzle. A Collaborative Learning Community.: RCampus Open Tools for Open Minds. The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms. Figuring out which tool is right for the job is something we all struggle with every day.

The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms

Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, or teacher, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Teachers managing connected classrooms have it quite rough, though. There’s an embarassment of riches when it comes to apps, web tools, and digital services that want to make your life easier. So how do you easily figure out which are the best education apps for connected classrooms, you ask? Great rhetorical question, Jeff! About The Methodology To help answer your question, we polled the Daily Genius community via social media and then curated a list of the most popular apps being used in classrooms right now. What follows is the result of this effort. Changing the way you learn.

CultureStreet - Home. Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Parents: Your Resource for Parenting Tips & Parenting Advice. Visits - Explore the places you have visited.