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Summertime DIY! Make a Film Candle Holder in 3 Steps

Summertime DIY! Make a Film Candle Holder in 3 Steps
Poor, neglected photo negatives. Ever since digital photography has come into play, these photographic beings have lost their heyday and are quite the endangered species in the photography world. Well, neglect them no further—time to use those negatives for something positively enlightening! Brighten up their lives—and yours—by using them to make a lightbox-esque candle holders! It’s a super simple and fun way to dress up your candle lights for these lovely summer nights! How to Make a Film Negative Candle Holder! p.s. Why So Negative? Since they’re transparent, photo negatives are best viewed with some sort of light behind ‘em, and candlelight works perfectly to illuminate the different photos found on a negative roll. So why leave your photo negatives to the dust bunnies when they could be showcased using just a few additional materials? It’s a quick and easy way to personalize the rather plain glass candle holders—and makes a neat conversation piece, too! And hey—no negatives?

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mustache mug tutorial A fun, easy and silly gift to give the cute men in our lives this Father's Day. First, draw a mustache on the top of your mug with a sharpie marker. As you can see mine took a couple times to get right. Second, trace around the edges of the drawn mustache with your Pebeo pen. Next, fill in the mustache with your Pebeo gel stain. This is a picture of one coat.

Mega Roundup: 25 Easy DIY Jewelry Organizer Projects I'll be the first to admit that my jewelry organization situation is pretty horrendous. The knobs on my closet doors are home to countless necklaces, half of which fall off if one happens to even glance in their general direction. Fortunately, there are DIY jewelry holders aplenty, a few of which I have my eye on for upcoming weekend projects. Check out all 25 below and let me know which one is your fave! 1.

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs: Gift Idea: Photo Coasters Three years ago I moved to Oregon, just weeks before Christmas. Mark and I had to come up with an idea for family gifts in a hurry with a limited budget. I had seen a set of four decorative coaster tiles selling for forty dollars in a local boutique and thought I could do the same,but much cheaper. I did some research online and only found expensive kits to make photo tiles. Having majored in art/photography, I recalled an alternative image transfer process using acetone and a xerox color copy and transferring it onto paper so I decided to experiment with it on tile. Etched Glasses for Father's Day By Jennifer Perkins Like most red blooded men out there, my husband enjoys an ice cold beer from time to time. Last year was his first Father’s Day so I whipped up a custom 6 pack of beer for him. This year I decided to continue with the beer theme (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), but upgraded things a bit. No one keeps empty beer bottles, but a set of customized pint glasses are forever. This is especially true when those pint glasses have pictures of your kids on them (both animal and human ones). Materials

Plastic Bottle Flower How to Make a Dart-Shooting Weapon Using a Plastic Bottle, Straw, & Cotton Swabs This quick guide will show you how to make a makeshift weapon out of cotton swabs, a plastic bottle with cap, a straw, and some hot glue. You'll also need a hot glue gun, scissors, and a drill to make the hole in the bottle cap. Video: . Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more awesome videos from macobt projects!... 0

17 Apart: How To: Plant & Grow a Pineapple Top After successfully regrowing vegetables from their scraps like celery, Bok Choy, sweet potatoes and green onions, we got lots of requests and comments from folks who have also used these methods to regrow pineapples in their own homes — so what did we do? We are trying to regrow a pineapple we bought and ate from the grocery store with its leftover top! After researching how it can be done on none other than Pinterest, it looks like growing a pineapple from the leftover top is fairly easy with just a few simple steps and a lot of patience. Evidently, once your plant gets going, it can take up to 2 years for it to bear fruit, so just like with our avocado tree, we are in this one for the long haul and hope to enjoy this little pineapple growing experiment as a house plant along the journey. Pretty interesting, right? Seeing this field of pineapple plants helps makes sense out of why they can make such a great container house plant.

the red kitchen: The Leather Cuff tutorial Hello and welcome all you boy-lovers! While I don't have any little boys of my own to play with yet, I do have a husband and brothers and brothers-in-law to make things for. And--truth be told--I think the boys in our lives that are over the age of twelve are the ones who are really the hardest to take care of when it comes to all things handmade. Such was the case for me a few months ago. My husband and I decided early on (July-ish?)

Unique & Beautiful Art Who would have thought a plastic bag or a plastic water or soda bottle could be upcycled into something so unique and beautiful? Check out these unique upcycled products made by talented artists and I think you'll agree that one person's trash can definitely be another person's treasure. unique flowers made from the bottoms of soda bottles (above and below) by Michelle Brand What is PET?

DIY Lavender Bubbles: how to make bubbles Did you know that you can make your very own bubbles? Today I have a beautiful craft to share with you and your kids will love it too. That’s right, it’s beautiful and kids will love it. Introducing: DIY Lavender Bubbles! DIY: Chalkboard Mug December 14th, 2011 Naturally when I discovered porcelain chalkboard paint I had to grab some. The inventor must be some kind of genius. Now I have the most amusing coffee mug ever, and you can have one too. This is a much easier version of the hand painted mug project—no drawing or painting skills required!

How to make your own air dried porcelain with common household ingredients Anything that is quick, affordable and makes beautiful things is a craft winner for me. But...I often find myself uninspired for something new and different. I've found it in air dried porcelain (aka Porcelana Fria). What will someone make with DIY Ping Pong Ball Cafe Lights Right now Edie sleeps with us in our bedroom. Sometimes she actually sleeps with us in bed in a LulyBoo (love that portable thing) and other times she sleeps in this cradle above in the corner by the door to the sunroom where the rest of her nursery is (see the full nursery tour here). Because this is a small space I wanted to make it special and thought some colorful cafe lights might do the trick! Did you know you can make these cafe lights from a strand of LED lights and ping pong balls? It will cost you about $16 with plenty of extra ping pongs to spare for another strand.

Make your own paperback wallet! I wanted to share my tutorial for making wallets out of old paperback books (or any paper media, really.) This basic wallet was not my idea... the original link does not work (but here it is anyway.) The original design was flawed, and the wallets ripped the first time you opened them.

Sparkly, artful inspirations by artist and author, Kathy Cano-Murillo. Do you ever buy jewelry that you feel like you could beef up? That was me last fall. I bought a necklace at Target, but it needed a little “chica-izing.” I loved the long chain strands, but loving the glitz, I wanted mas. I set it aside and then last month I came across some beautiful gold milagros at Suenos Latin American Imports. The owner, Robert Bitto, is a longtime friend of mine and Patrick’s.