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Resume Tips: To Write A Resume Objective Or Not- How To Write A Great Objective. Objectives have really gotten a bad reputation.

Resume Tips: To Write A Resume Objective Or Not- How To Write A Great Objective

Some believe they can help clarify your career goals and impress future employers, while others think they are outdated and a waste of space on your resumé. Sometimes objectives can be a great selling feature, or they can end up being redundant. Identifying your career goals can show self-knowledge, but it can also limit you in terms of job prospects if others see very specific career goals on your resume. What’s a job seeker to do with all of this conflicting information? Several career experts defend the objective and give their tips for creating the best one you can.

Objectives can be incredibly effective when written properly Objectives get attention “The current school of thought from the career resumé experts is kind of mixed on this,” says Deborah Shane of However, she believes that an effective objective can do just that. Objectives set a tone Taub suggests avoiding being too self-serving. Her example: Thanks to J.T. Majexplore.

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UMD Majors Learn about majors available at UMD What Can I Do With A Major in....? Click on this to check out the wide range of career choices you can pursue in every major. Starting a career as a logo designer – Which way to go?? How to Illustrate for a Children's Book. Becoming a Game Concept Artist. Matt Kohr is a student at Savannah College of Art and Design who wants to work as a concept artist in the video game industry.

Becoming a Game Concept Artist

He's already nabbed a few gigs doing some artwork part-time while in school and during his summer break. In this interview conducted by professor Brenda Braithwaite (who teaches a course Kohr is enrolled in called Applied Game Design class, which mimics the game industry environment), he explains his artistic process and the secret to his success so far. Prof. Brenda Brathwaite: The concept artist is often considered the holy grail of art positions. How do i become an artist for Magic the Gathering.

Becoming a Magic: The Gathering Artist, Step 1 by Mike Linnemann. It's the best day of the week, Vorthos Wednesday.

Becoming a Magic: The Gathering Artist, Step 1 by Mike Linnemann

We've changed things up a little bit in the lineup, and in doing so, we've actually omitted a small demographic. As Vorthos cares the most about art, I figure today's article will cover how you, your friend, your sister, or your girlfriend can create an artwork for the brand Magic: The Gathering at Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. I am not an artist employed therein, nor am I speaking on behalf of Wizards of the Coast, but the information is out there.

I've cited it below and have compiled it for you here. The steps to be come an artist are: 1. Resumes, CV writing, CV samples, and Cover letters - Career Services at UW-Green Bay - Resumes. Tony DiTerlizzi, Never Abandon Imagination – FAQ- Art. TD: For those who follow it, I have a section on my blog titled “Friday Fan Art” where I post fan’s renditions of my characters, or similiar subject matter (like dragons and stuff), or just plain talented artists.

Tony DiTerlizzi, Never Abandon Imagination – FAQ- Art

Most of the fan art I post is sent to me: Friday Fan Art c/o Tony DiTerlizzi P. O. Box 442 Amherst, Massachusetts 01004-0442 …but you can always scan and send your images to my loverly wife, Angela at: Just title your email as “Friday Fan Art” and we’ll file it for a future post.

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Top 15 Interview Tips For Students - You have labored for hours over your resume, sent it out, attended the job fairs and managed to line up some interviews.

Top 15 Interview Tips For Students -

You're hopeful. You're optimistic. And you might be having a panic attack. Fear not! These tips will help you handle those interviews with confidence. IN PICTURES: 7 Cover Letter Blunders Before the InterviewDress the part.If you don't own any professional clothing (jeans and t-shirts do not fall into this category, neither do sun dresses), then it's time to invest in some grown-up clothing.

Get there early.If you're not sure where the interview location is, go there before the day of the interview, find your parking options and make sure you know the right building or wing. Specialty Job Sites - - Job Bank. Job Bank - Home. Bus Girl - job and career information, median salary, and schools. Real Job Titles for Library and Information Science Professionals. Librarians. Librarians’ job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, school and college libraries.


Librarians help people find information and conduct research for personal and professional use. Their job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, school, and medical libraries. Duties Librarians typically do the following: In small libraries, librarians are often responsible for many or all aspects of library operations. In larger libraries, librarians usually focus on one aspect of library work, including user services, technical services, or administrative services. The following are examples of types of librarians: User services librarians help patrons find the information they need. Technical services librarians obtain, prepare, and classify print and electronic library materials. Administrative services librarians manage libraries. Librarians who work in different settings sometimes have different job duties.

Library Job Description. Library Support Staff Job Titles. Since 1993, the annual questionnaire for the ALA Survey of Librarian Salaries has included a “Supplementary Questions” section to gather, for one time only, information needed to answer questions from the field about library human resources.

Library Support Staff Job Titles

In 2004, the question asked about the most frequently used job titles for library support staff. This supplement was to inform the ALA-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) < > in preparation for a separate Library Support Staff Salary Survey to be conducted in 2005. Beginning with the 2005 survey, both the librarian and the support staff salary surveys will coordinated by the ALA-APA as part of its mission of “improving the salaries and status of library workers.” Thirty-seven commonly used titles (shown in Figure 1) were listed on the 2004 supplementary questionnaire. For each one, respondents were asked to check all job titles used for non-MLS staff (shown in Figure 2), and had an opportunity to provide titles not listed. How To Become a Librarian-Updated. By Rachel Singer Gordon This exciting and varied profession embraces public service, literature, the cutting edge of technology, and more By Rachel Singer Gordon — Library Journal, 09/15/2009 So, you want to become a librarian?

How To Become a Librarian-Updated

Examples of Transferable Skills - Short List of Transferable Skill. By Dawn Rosenberg McKay Updated March 14, 2016.

Examples of Transferable Skills - Short List of Transferable Skill

Whenever you embark on a job or career change, you hope to be able to use at least some, if not all, of your current skills. Talents and abilities you can take from job to job, or use in multiple careers, are called transferable skills. Use the transferable skills list that follows to help you discover yours. Job Skills Checklist. Job Skills. Info*Nation: Skills for Success. Cover Letters - Job Bank. Writing a Cover Letter. Resumé Writing: Cover Letter - Canada's Biggest Job Site. Composing Your Cover Letter Cover letters should be more than just wrapping paper for your Resume. They should set you apart from other candidates by providing a sense of how you think and your eagerness to work for a particular organization. Most of all, they should give readers a compelling reason to want to interview you, one that includes both your qualifications and the vitality you can bring to a job.

Unlike a Resume, cover letters are narratives. You can use highly descriptive and persuasive sentences to evoke a positive response from your reader. 5 Cover Letter Mistakes. How to Write an Amazing Cover Letter. 5 Cover Letter Mistakes To ensure you’re always using a cover letter properly, let’s review its intended purpose. A cover letter primarily connects your resume to an open position. To understand the importance of such a connection, you only need to put yourself in the position of a hiring manager for a day. Hiring managers, recruiters, HR personnel and others within the hiring realm, see several dozen — or potentially a hundred or thousand — resumes per day. Resumes: How to Write a Cover Letter. How to Write a Cover Letter By Staff.