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What the People Reading Your Resume Wish You Knew. Dropbox recruiting video features puppets and data privacy. Usually recruiting videos are pretty boring.

Dropbox recruiting video features puppets and data privacy.

They try to make a company look like a good place to work, but they typically try too hard or are just lame. Last week, though, Dropbox posted a much smarter version, and all of the improvement comes from puppets. The video is confessional-style and features the voices of real employees, but instead of seeing them on screen, you see colorful puppets. The puppets talk about why they love Dropbox and what makes the office culture so positive. “My very favorite perk at Dropbox is the tea and scones cart,” says engineer Ritu Vincent. Since it’s a promotional piece, the video doesn’t exactly feature deep discussion of Dropbox's mission or goals, but at one point Will Yoon, the legal counsel for products, says, “The one thing that really attracted me to come to Dropbox was this belief that users really own their data.”

8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance (and 4 Things That Don't Matter) This question originally appeared on Quora.

8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance (and 4 Things That Don't Matter)

When recruiters look through a stack of resumes for candidate screening, what is the vital information they focus upon? Answer by Ambra Benjamin, engineering recruiter at Facebook, previously LivingSocial, Google and Expedia. I think this varies from recruiter to recruiter and also depends on the role for which you're applying. For one, I don't look through stacks of resumes anymore. I hate paper. I should preface this by saying that I primarily recruit for senior-level individuals. Resume red flags: What makes a recruiter reject you in seconds? - Nov. 2, 2014.

Three-quarters of human resource professionals said it takes them less than five minutes to review a resume before deciding whether a job applicant makes it to the next round, according to a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Resume red flags: What makes a recruiter reject you in seconds? - Nov. 2, 2014

And that may be generous. Five minutes sounded like an eternity to some of the recruiting managers who spoke to CNNMoney. "I thought it would be a lot less. 6 things to leave off of your resume. As we've stated before, avoid giving hiring managers and recruiters any reason to reject your resume, and that includes your age, or any factors that could point to your age.

6 things to leave off of your resume

While you want to include your educational history, degrees and any particularly relevant courses, projects or certifications, it's best to avoid putting graduation dates alongside these. Age, of course, shouldn't act as a deterrent in a job search though in many cases ageism, especially in the startup culture that is IT, happena. Make sure you're focusing on what your years of experience can bring to the table, and make sure you're up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology, trends and skills, says Gillis. Should I Put That On My Resume? Is a Two-Page Resume Ever OK? You’ve been there.

Is a Two-Page Resume Ever OK?

You’re up late one night trolling job boards and in between travel ads the perfect job opportunity appears. You hear the heavenly hosts cheering you on and rush to update your resume. But before you add your latest and greatest skills and accomplishments, your brain interrupts with the job seeker debate: Should your resume be one page or two?

The answer, dear job seeker, is—it’s all subjective. Google this topic and you’ll get 100 different sources with 400 different pieces of advice. How not to Format your CV. How To Write A Resume – Three Types Of Word Choices Guaranteed To Attract An Employer's Attention. 7 Examples of New Ways to Start Your Cover Letter. It’s time to dump the old line: “Please accept this application in response to…” If you’re still starting your cover letter with this overused one-liner, then I implore you to stop what you’re doing, delete the line, and spend a few minutes reading this article to discover seven new examples of how you can catch the hiring manager’s attention with an attention-grabbing opening line.

7 Examples of New Ways to Start Your Cover Letter

Entice them with the job title and some of your standout accomplishments… 1. As an IT Director for ABC Company, I manage IT operations for a 500+-employee organization. Recruited in 2005, my goal has been to modernize and scale the technology landscape and drive forward initiatives to expand the capabilities, systems, and performance across the organization. Keyword-rich opening lines that demonstrate fit… 2. 3. 4. Highlight the fact you can meet their needs to keep them reading… 5. 6. 7.

How To Protect Your Resume From Identity Thieves. Someone responded to one of my videos with a statement and question.

How To Protect Your Resume From Identity Thieves

Here it is… “Great tips Jim. Cover Letters. Optimize Your Resume Don't Forget the Cover Letter. Stand Out From The Crowd – Include a First Rate Cover Letter With Your Resume What does a well written cover letter do for your resume?

Optimize Your Resume Don't Forget the Cover Letter

It helps you stand out; assisting by distinguishing you individually from the endless list of names applying for the same job. The job market is overpopulated, and it is more crucial than ever to find a way to be set apart from the crowd. Many hopeful job applicants don’t realize how dramatically they lessen their chances for being noticed by the hiring managers sorting through piles of resumes, just for failing to include a good cover letter. ResumeBear Online Resume Builder Resume Delivery Resume Tracking. Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Resume. Keywords in Your Resume Lead to Interviews. Eighty percent of all submitted resumes (and 100 percent of resumes sent to Fortune 1000 companies) get scanned by software commonly known as an applicant-tracking system (ATS), and such scanned resumes are stored on a server in a digitized format.

Keywords in Your Resume Lead to Interviews

Humans are seeing your resume only if it resurfaces based on a query. That’s why most job applicants don’t receive responses from companies after submitting resumes. Therefore, in order to increase your resume chances of being at least viewed by a human–even if it’s not thereafter considered suitable–you have to understand the process and beat them at their own game. Human resources departments that use ATSs base their queries on keywords they lift from job descriptions or receive verbally from hiring managers.

Based on that information, the ATS extracts appropriate resumes from the ones on file. HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume [INFOGRAPHIC] Writing a resume is such a nebulous activity these days.

HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

You have to figure out which type of online resume format is best for you, whether to include a cover letter, how to incorporate social media into your resume, if a video resume is a good idea and what you should include on your LinkedIn profile. Above all that, to get the job, you need to beat out all the other creative digital peeps who are producing dynamic digital resumes. 7 Words That Make Your Resume Irresistible. InShare709 Make no mistake about it, writing an effective resume has to be a highly individualized matter, since no two people are alike. Nevertheless, it is such a constricted and standardized format, that we resume writers find ourselves adopting certain phrases or words that each of us tends to prefer and that in fact help our clients get jobs.

Every resume writer has his or her own list. Here is mine: 1. "$3,000,000" (vs. "$3M") - To a skimmer's eye, "$3M" looks like three dollars. 2. 3. . | 1 | 2 | Next Page. How to write your resume with quantifiable results. 7 Reasons Why a Potential Employer Won't Read your Resume, and What to Do About it. InShare700.