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- Convertir des coordonnées. Les cartes et data visualisations de Baptiste Coulmont. Baptiste Coulmont est professeur de sociologie à l'École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.

Les cartes et data visualisations de Baptiste Coulmont

Il s'intéresse au big data et à la façon de faire parler de gros volumes de données. Il aime à en extraire des connaissances et à produire des analyses originales sur le monde social. Il s'est particulièrement fait connaître à partir de publications sur son blog et notamment son analyse des prénoms comme vecteurs de reproduction sociale. Mais ce ne sont pas ses seules publications. Passage en revue de ses centres d'intérêt. Les mentions très bien au bac 2019 : prénoms et classes sociales par Baptiste Coulmont (source : XerfiCanal) 1) Sociologie des prénoms Comment se répartissent les résultats au bac des personnes qui portent votre prénom ?

Index. Oubliez votre vieux planisphère, voici la représentation à plat la plus juste de la Terre. Temps de lecture: 3 min Cette semaine, je n’ai pas envie de parler d’une polémique quelconque ou de rapporter les horreurs quotidiennes.

Oubliez votre vieux planisphère, voici la représentation à plat la plus juste de la Terre

En fait, cette semaine, je n’ai pas envie d’actu. Alors j’ai décidé de parler plutôt du monde. Attention, ce texte pourrait changer sérieusement et irrémédiablement votre vision de la planète. Spheres, Cones and Cylinders – Circles and Pi – Mathigon. Quand Carl Sagan expliquait comment les Grecs anciens savaient que la terre est ronde @alvinfoo. 3D BEHAIM Globe. A classroom map in seen in China. Does anyone know what projection it is? : geography. Ghislaine ESCANDE Artiste peintre, plasticienne, Paris. Ghislaine ESCANDE Artiste peintre, plasticienne, Paris.

Matthew Cusick. Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Geo-Sound by Jeff Mills “Inner Cosmos Soundtrack” Music created by Mr.

Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Jeff Mills, a techno-producer and DJ, can be heard on the Oval Bridge connecting the 3F and 5F. This soundtrack is an accompaniment for watching the Earth. The soundtrack to go with the Geo-Cosmos is based on the experience of Chief Executive Director, Dr. Mamoru Mohri, in space, and was produced with the concept of linking space, Earth, and human beings. Music changes The soundtrack changes smoothly depending on the day and time—everydays from Mondays to Fridays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights.

Special sound system The sound system along the Oval Bridge is made up of 32 speakers with 16 channels. Concept designed and Music composed by: Jeff Mills /Sound Designed by: Go and Partners, Inc. / SYNETICS LTD. Main Ingredient Monday- Globe Projects. Les globes en fuseaux. Du XVIe au milieu du XXe siècle, les principes de fabrication des globes varient peu: il s’agit de juxtaposer, sur la surface d’une boule de papier mâché, une série de fuseaux imprimés.

Les globes en fuseaux

Dezoom Le plus grand parking d'Europe Arte 2019 06 05 15 12. LES MYSTÈRES DES CARTES - L'Esprit Sorcier. Index. Le Paper Globe — un patron de globe terrestre en papier. Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Space Available: Make Your Own Globe. Flat maps may be easier to carry around, but there is still a need to make globes so that Earth's geography can be viewed without any directional or spatial distortions.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Space Available: Make Your Own Globe

Printing the location of continents and oceans directly onto a round surface would be difficult. Instead, this map of the Earth is printed in flat, roughly triangular sections and then attached to a ball. These sections are called gores. Make a globe Using a tape measure, determine the circumference of the ball, making sure that the tape measure circles the ball without wandering away from the "equator. " Find the midpoint between A and B as follows: Place the compass point on A. Maintaining the same compass radius, move the compass pencil to the midpoint of the bottom edge of the next section and place the compass point on the equator.

Turn the paper upside down and repeat the above procedure to draw the opposing arcs and form the gores. The Map Shop - Wall Maps, Travel Maps, Guide Books, Globes, Flags & More! Map projections : Sinusoidal Interrupted : Planetary Visions Limited. Make a globe. Paper Globe. Making globes of the planets. A reader wished to make globes of the planets, but wanted rounder ones than Planetary Icosahedrons.

Making globes of the planets

I am told the USGS in Flagstaff Arizona has some in the works, but as of 2001-Nov-11, they are not yet available. So I wrote a quick GIMP plug-in to make gore maps, and generated these images. [Update: USGS Astrogeology: Maps and Globes now available.] You can print them out, cut them out, and bend them into globes. (Mostly diameters of about 8cm and 16cm.) The software. Make This Dymaxion Globe Ornament Please. It’s that time of year (again!)

Make This Dymaxion Globe Ornament Please

When geographers gather closely to reflect warmly on our shared mission to make our geoid a more spatially aware place. We gather round the warmth of our external hard drives, zip our conference swag fleece vests all the way up, don our coziest ground-truthing boots, and swap stories of hexagonal tessellations, raster formats, and cartograms of yore. But we are a making sort of people with very particular dispositions, so when we see a sphere that isn’t adorned as a globe we see it as an opportunity to set the world just a little bit more right.

Naturally, when we hang ornaments on a tree, we yearn that they were actually little globes and feel just the slightest pang of regret for each of our non-globe ornaments we pretend to feel fondly toward. But this is not the season of pretending. Click any (or all) of the templates below to open up a big (6 or so megabytes) image. And that’s it. Let’s do this. Draft Equal Earth Physical Map Open for Public Comment. UPDATE (February 3, 2019): The Equal Earth physical wall map is now available: Download the Equal Earth Physical Map for Free Tom Patterson, one of the developers of the recently released Equal Earth map projection, is asking for feedback from the public on his draft physical wall map based on the Equal Earth projection.

Draft Equal Earth Physical Map Open for Public Comment

The map is a companion piece to the Equal Earth Political Map. A main complaint of the Mercator map projection which is commonly used is that landmasses towards the poles are depicted much larger than they actually are. The Equal Earth map projection was developed to show land masses at their true sizes relative to each other. How to Make a Beautiful Map - Boris Müller - Medium. Folding paper globes - origami globes - MapScaping. Whether you are looking for a fun family project, a teaching resource or just want something interesting and unique to decorate your home or office with these printable globes are just the thing. The graphic on each globe is not just a pretty picture, made from real topographic data, each globe is a great way of exploring our earth. The globes are designed to be printed in A3 but A4 is fine too.

But generally the bigger they are the easier they are to fold! Especially with the more complicated designs. Each fold line is marked by a thin black line. Main Ingredient Monday- Globe Projects. Globes as a Chandelier.