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Gamma error in picture scaling. Best Monitor till now to view this page was a standard CRT Dell M783c Introduction There is an error in most photography scaling algorithms.

Gamma error in picture scaling

All software tested (August 2007) had the problem: The Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, CinePaint, Nip2, ImageMagick, GQview, Eye of Gnome, Paint and Krita. Hardware Revolution. Usenet Newsgroup Server Reviews. FileSharing Talk - Latest News. In a recommendation to the Australian Government, Google warns that draconian anti-piracy measures could prove counterproductive.

FileSharing Talk - Latest News

Instead, the Government should promote new business models. "There is significant, credible evidence emerging that online piracy is primarily an availability and pricing problem," Google states. As in many other countries, online piracy is causing headaches for the Australian Government. Asterisk- The Open Source Telephony Projects. The utility for virtual desktops. What are virtual desktops?

The utility for virtual desktops

Virtual desktops are supplemental work spaces for windows and icons in Windows.You can switch virtual desktops at a keystroke or with your mouse. Learn more... What's the use of virtual desktops? Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. Domain Tools: Whois Lookup and Domain Suggestions. Download ICQ with Facebook chat. Whitespace. What is Whitespace?


Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren't there. We consider this to be a gross injustice to these perfectly friendly members of the character set. Faster & safer internet. Best Internet Browser Software for Windows - SlimBrowser. Download for FREE. Armagetron Advanced. Pingdom Web site monitoring for 100% uptime. Measure your downtime. Royal Pingdom. Royal Pingdom » A look inside the fastest supercomputer in Europe. Posted in Tech blog on June 2nd, 2009 by Pingdom What is now the fastest supercomputer in Europe was recently unveiled at a research institute in Jülich, Germany.

Royal Pingdom » A look inside the fastest supercomputer in Europe

The computer, named Jugene, is capable of a massive one trillion computing operations per second. Adobe. Global Interactive Marketing Services. Pingdom Web site monitoring for 100% uptime. Measure your downtime. 3D-Engines - Your 3D-Engine List. The Printliminator. Virtual Appliances for Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing and Bare Metal. Storage Area Networks.