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SupportedPhonesSonyEricsson - OpenOBEX - Trac Check and update formatting, then remove this message It would be nice if people would provide information about which OpenOBEX/ObexFTP version they used, which type of connection (cable, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB etc.), which phone firmware software version and on which operating system/distro they ran OpenOBEX. Maybe even which GCC version they used. Serial Cable usage ¶ Some Sony Ericsson phones are rather picky when it comes to the usage of serial cables. No-name cables typically lack the RTS/CTS voltage-level adaptation and don't connect the RTS and CTS pins. Also, some serial cables do suck the phone's battery dry in no time. Finally, there are cables out there which are not at all inteded to be used for synchronizing data with the phone. More about serial interfaces in general can be found in this ​ Wikibook . Ericsson ¶ Ericsson R320 ¶ The initial cable support started here Ericsson T68i ¶ Reported working Sony Ericsson ¶ Sony Ericsson J300/K500i/k700i ¶ Sony Ericsson T300 ¶ Working? Working?

Instacalc Flickriver - A new way to view Flickr photos and more... Anywhere.FM View offers » The face of the VPN industry is ever-changing, but one constant that has remained over this considerable period of evolution is that of the Golden Frog-owned Vypr VPN. This veritable behemoth of the world of private internet is powered by veteran minds that have been involved in the field since the first breakthrough of public internet back in 1994, and boasts over 700 servers and an IP address count that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Those statistics alone should be capable of properly conveying the true scale of the Vypr VPN operation, and the fact that it has endured twenty years of service in its various iterations speaks volumes about the quality of service on offer here. Vypr VPN operates its own servers in Europe, North America, and Asia, but the company itself is based in Switzerland – the benefits of which will become more apparent later on. Goldenfrog runs its own large server network across the globe. Pricing Privacy and Security How it Works Conclusion

The World's Best Photos on 2008-07-25. Flickr Hive Mind Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies. All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them. Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: tags(keywords); Flickr photography groups; Flickr users, their contacts, and favorites; free text; the Flickr Explore algorithm for interestingness. scripts » User tag clouds tool: Create your personal user tag cloud A musical user tag cloud is a textual depiction of one's listening habits, here based on musical social networking service The weight of a tag in the cloud is determined by the play counts of top artists in the user's profile, and the top tags for those artists, labeled as such by the community. Inclusion of these tag clouds in a user's profile increases the readability, since now it is often unclear what musical genres a user is listening to. Want to learn more? I have created other scripts, so you can compare your profile with that of other users, generate a cloud of recommended artists or compute your eclectic score. With the form below, you can generate your personal tag cloud. Please be patient, the script may require up to a full minute to process your request.

Simple JavaScript DropDown Menu with timeout effect « Scripts and Tricks « JavaScript DHTML Tutorials It is a One Level Menu with Timeout effect. If you are looking for advanced script, see the Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu based on simple treelike unordered list. Internet has a lot of scripts with the name "Drop Down Menu". One day I needed to make such menu for my site. And I just wrote this simple script: Sample This menu can be located anywhere on the page: HTML Code HTML code is very simple and without tables. Parent items and hidden layers have unique identifiers. CSS Code <li> tag have loat: left; declaration. sumbmenu layer have visibility: hidden; and position: absolute;. Everything else is usual decoration: JavaScript Code Insert this code between your <head></head> tags. Thats it!