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Digital Marketing Service. Resume update tools. Tools. TED. French law forbids food waste by supermarkets. France has become the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food, forcing them instead to donate it to charities and food banks.

French law forbids food waste by supermarkets

Under a law passed unanimously by the French senate, as of Wednesday large shops will no longer bin good quality food approaching its best-before date. Charities will be able to give out millions more free meals each year to people struggling to afford to eat. The law follows a grassroots campaign in France by shoppers, anti-poverty campaigners and those opposed to food waste. The campaign, which led to a petition, was started by the councillor Arash Derambarsh.

In December a bill on the issue passed through the national assembly, having been introduced by the former food industry minister Guillaume Garot. Campaigners now hope to persuade the EU to adopt similar legislation across member states. Some supermarkets doused binned food in bleach, reportedly to prevent food poisoning from items taken from bins. Brain Picklings 2015. PHOTOSHOP VIDEOS. Strategic management. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds. "Not Much" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 7 AM MT 11-28-16 ~ Intel. Growth Mindset. Lessons. Welcome to Open Library. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Welcome to Open Library. Augmented Reality.

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In Relation to Cancer. Exotic Cancer Cures. Herbs. Taste of Cinema. The theory of everything. Taste of Cinema. The Best Ways of Making Money. Bora Bora. How to grow. Video/audio editing and downloading. Interactive Maps. Interactive Maps. How to grow. Grow plants from your groceries, like ginger root and pineapple! Grow your own ginger Ginger is an essential ingredient in Asian cooking. Growing your own is easy and provides an endless supply of ginger for your cooking. You also get an ingredient that is new to most American palates: ginger grass. Ginger grass shoots off the ginger rhizome when you plant it. The grass will grow to be 2 to 4 feet tall at full maturity.

Ginger grows outdoors in zones 10 and 11. To grow your ginger plants, buy a couple small pieces of ginger root at the store. Place the ginger in 100 F water and let them soak for 8 hours. It can take up to 10 months before you can harvest the ginger. Leader's skills. Slow Cooker. Learning Styles. Theories of Emotions. The Government Machine. TED Talks I like. The Neuroscience of Emotions.

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GTD. Theawesomedaily. TL ; DR – Bookmark and forget it 1 : This is how one serving of fruit really looks like 2 : 7 five-minute dinners nutritionists eat 3 : Hey , is this paleo ?


Productivity. 5 Task Apps for Visual Thinkers. Most productivity tools and reviews focus on very linear, left-brained thinking.

5 Task Apps for Visual Thinkers

What if you’re a visual thinker and looking for a tool that suits your needs? Pen and paper, a massive whiteboard, or post-it notes can work for the right-brainers out there, but they’re also not necessarily very practical in this digital age, where you might need to access your tasks on the go, keep notes and track progress on them, or share them with someone else. Features to look for: If you’re looking at trying a digital app to help manage your to do list, and you’ve struggled with productivity tools in the past, here’s a few features that you might want to look for before you try yet another app: Color coding: This is such a simple feature that so many tools are lacking. Photoshop tips. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools. Content is still king, but it isn't always practical or cost effective for marketers to produce brand-new, meaty, thought-leadership level content pieces on a regular basis.

26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools

That's where curating content can come in handy. Content curation offers a nearly limitless method of fueling your inbound marketing efforts. Unearthing and sharing the quality content of others allows you provide your audience fresh content on a regular basis to serve any interest, industry, or market. What's more, sharing and celebrating the work of others helps get you on their radar and can forge valuable, long-term relationships with the content authors. To help you curate, here's a list of 26 tools you can use to find, aggregate and share your content with the world, be it in a blog roundup, big list of resources or to share via social. 1. A granddaddy of content curation, in practice if not in tenure, Pinterest is one of the Internet's most popular sites for culling content. 2.

Price: Free 3. 4. 5. 6. Web-based visualisation tools. Herbology. Mind Map Creating Tools & Tips. Sleep. Sleep and learning. Creativity.