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Giant Marionettes. Artist Creates Beautiful Patterns On Fruits And Vegetables By Hand-Carving Intricate Designs. Beach Art. 45 Of The Most Creative Wedding Cakes Ever Posted Online click 2x. Before you say the game-changing “I do,” there’s so much prep to do for the happiest day of your life.

45 Of The Most Creative Wedding Cakes Ever Posted Online click 2x

Picking up the most perfect white dress is one. Sending out fancy invitations to guests (and not forgetting anyone) is another. Planning the whole celebration part is third. And when the list seems never-ending, you realize there has to be a perfect wedding cake and you can’t let yet another baking fail happen. Luckily for all the newlyweds, wedding cake artisans exist and their mad decorating skills are on a whole new level. Get ready to upvote your faves and share some with your friend whose wedding planning has gotten way out of hand. Tiny Lace Scenes click 2x. Stillness in Motion by Olga Ziemska » TwistedSifter. Stillness in Motion: The Matka Series is an ongoing body of sculptures by Polish artist Olga Ziemska.

Stillness in Motion by Olga Ziemska » TwistedSifter

To date, the artist has installed several of these sculptures in various places including: The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland; The Daejeon Museum of Art in South Korea; and even an art festival in Romania. Ziemska adds: The body of work explores the concept of place. Octopus Cut Paper by Masayo Fukuda click 2x. Artist Transforms Driftwood Into Fantastical Sculptures That Look Like Spirits of Nature. Artist Debra Bernier creates fanciful sculptures from the nature that surrounds her in Victoria, Canada. Working with driftwood, Bernier studies the shape and form of each piece, carefully carving out or adding to the natural material to form these delicate, feminine figures. “When I work with driftwood, I never start with a blank canvas.

Macro Photography Reveals Water Droplets as Miniature Works of Art. Macro photography is more than just close-up images—the technique offers a new perspective on the world, revealing the tiny and often overlooked details of the photographer's subject.

Macro Photography Reveals Water Droplets as Miniature Works of Art

Canadian photographer Don Komarechka explores nature through his macro camera lens, revealing water droplets as miniature works of art. “All of these images are like little sculptures,” Komarechka tells My Modern Met. “Very temporary, and only become beautiful when seen from the right perspective.” Each image from Komarechka’s droplet series shows little spheres of water dotted across petals and flower stems. Through experimenting with perspective, the photographer’s stunning photos reveal how the flowers are reflected in the droplets' surface. Street Artist Transforms an Ordinary Building Into a Spectacular Bookcase. Known for his incredible street art illusions, Jan Is De Man has created a charming mural in Utrecht that's bringing together the community.

Street Artist Transforms an Ordinary Building Into a Spectacular Bookcase

In collaboration with graffiti writer and tattoo artist Deef Feed, he transformed the anonymous facade of a building into a marvelous bookcase. And the best part is that all the literary works featured were suggested by local residents. The project began thanks to friends of Is De Man's, who live in the building. They'd been asking him to create a mural on their building for quite some time, but his original idea was quite different. Originally, he'd thought to paint a large smiley-face, as research shows that people's moods are lifted when they see a smile. According to Is De Man, the community where the mural is located is culturally diverse, which is reflected in the selection of books that sit on the shelves. “We’ve noticed that this project brought people together without pushing it,” Is De Man tells My Modern Met. Related Articles: Ephemeral Art - Mandalas and Spirals Made of Nature click 2x. Yorkshire-based artist James Brunt employs sticks, stones, and other ephemeral materials to create elaborate ephemeral art.

Ephemeral Art - Mandalas and Spirals Made of Nature click 2x

Featuring intricate mandalas, infinite spirals, and one-of-a-kind sculptures, his series of outdoor installations continues contemporary art‘s tradition of creatively using nature as a canvas. Brunt produces his land art in a wide range of locations, including sandy beaches, wooded parks, and even lucky local schools. Artist Illustrates Women of All Shapes and Sizes as Powerful Warriors.

From Disney’s depiction of Mulan to Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, female warriors in animated films are undoubtedly legendary—but a rarity.

Artist Illustrates Women of All Shapes and Sizes as Powerful Warriors

Women in fantasy art and film are still vastly underrepresented, especially characters that embody diversity. Artist Yael Nathan seeks to change this. She’s created an illustrated series of powerful women warriors that represent many shapes, sizes, and skin colors. Female heroines are often depicted as young, physically fit, and attractive (by society's standards). However, Nathan’s illustrations showcase a far more realistic representation of women. I Made 25 Dioramas Of Films I Love.

Somehow I've ended up making dioramas—miniature worlds in boxes—for a living.

I Made 25 Dioramas Of Films I Love

Over the last 15 years, I have made (and sold) several thousand. The scale is a classic model railway—1:87, so figures are less than an inch high. In addition to the paid work, every year, I make a "labor-of-love" collection. Zanele Muholi’s Tate Exhibition Shows Us the Power of Photography in Activism. Muholi has consistently been concerned with absence as much as presence, with memory and memorial, and the implications of photography within that dialogue.

Zanele Muholi’s Tate Exhibition Shows Us the Power of Photography in Activism

This dichotomy is at the heart of their groundbreaking, most famous work, “Faces and Phases” (2006–present), a series of more than 500 black-and-white portraits, stylized and direct, of LGBTQIA+ people. These images are installed in grids, as is the case at Tate Modern, where they lined the gallery walls, but with some empty spaces—representing people who are no longer there, or whose pictures are yet to be taken. Sea creatures: the driftwood sculptures bringing joy to Australian beaches during the pandemic – in pictures. Hokusai and the wave that swept the world - BBC Culture. Rising in the East It’s worth recalling that what brought Hokusai and other ukiyo-e printmakers to the attention of Monet, Degas, Cassatt, and Lautrec were trade deals, on uneven terms, between Japan and the West.

Hokusai and the wave that swept the world - BBC Culture

France and other industrial powers were thriving; Japan was in upheaval, as the shogunate gave way to the Meiji Restoration. So the exchange was uneven from the start, economically and culturally as well. Hakone Forest Net. Sculpture by the Sea: take an inspired stroll along Sydney's coastline – in pictures. Top 10 Sculpture Parks Around the World to View Public Sculpture. We often think of art viewing as an indoor experience, moving through museums and galleries to experience painting and sculpture.

Top 10 Sculpture Parks Around the World to View Public Sculpture

But some of the best art can be seen blended with nature. Sculpture gardens, or sculpture parks, have a long history. For centuries collectors and artists have brought together monumental sculpture and placed it against nature, with institutions finding the allure of art and environment and attractive calling card for visitors. Across the world, the best sculpture parks encourage viewers to fan out, mill the grounds and stumble upon incredible works of art.

Botanical Animal Illustrations Feature Real Pressed Leaves and Flowers. This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. British artist Helen Ahpornsiri brings whole new meaning to botanical illustration with her incredible artwork made from pressed flowers and leaves. Her delicate compositions depict the diversity of the natural world, from mammals and birds to insects and sea creatures. Using real flowers, petals, stems, and leaves, Ahpornsiri responsibly forages her materials from her own garden and local nature spots. Artist “Grows” Tiny Paper Flowers That Will Stay in Bloom Forever. This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. While some contemporary creatives carry on the tradition of botanical illustration in meticulous paintings of flora, artist Tania Lissova has taken on the special challenge of recreating flowers as tiny paper cutouts.

Although small, these lovely blooms are composed of several individual hand-cut pieces that are glued together with precise care. A Parade of Earthly Delights: Floating Bosch Parade Celebrates Painter Hieronymus Bosch in Spectacular Aquatic Event. Florentijn Hofman’s Latest Work is a Gigantic Bunny Gazing Up at the Moon in Taiwan. Gripping a Plastic Bag, A Massive Fox by Artist Florentijn Hofman Towers Over Rotterdam. Storia e riferimenti. Culture - The photos that changed history. “You wait for things to come together, and it all has to happen in a hundredth of a second,” says the Magnum photographer Ian Berry. “Because very frequently you don’t have another chance.” Click on the play button above the story to watch the video.

Berry captured a pivotal moment in South African history: the Sharpeville massacre on 21 March, 1960. Sixty-nine men, women and children died and at least 180 were injured when police fired at a crowd of protestors in the township near Vereeniging. “I walked back to the car, and the cops opened fire,” says the British photographer in this video, the first in the new series Through the Lens, which marks the 70th anniversary of Magnum Photos. 12-Year-Old Girl Redecorates Family Home In A Week For Just Around $125, And Here Are The Results. This 12-year-old girl had nothing to do during the lockdown, so her DIY-expert mom asked her to help around the house. Sculptor Carving A Beautiful Dragon Out Of A Tree Trunk GIF by tothetenthpower. Tiny but amazing art gif 2 clicks.

Maude White Stunning Papercut Artworks click 2x. 'Every Black Person Deserves To See Themselves This Way' 1400's - 1500's Paintings. Talented Mom Crochets Amazing Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids. Swedish Artist Is ‘Vandalizing’ Streets With His Stunning Pixel Art (New Pics) Sunlight Casts Shadows of Phrases Exploring Theories of Time in a Street Art Installation by DAKU.

Benny Bufano Sculpture

Dizzying Scrolls of Hand-Colored Paper Form Bas-Relief Sculptures by Hadieh Shafie. Nina Paley - Sita Sings the Blues - dance. Elaborate Cairns and Mandalas rom leaves, rocks click 2x. Miniature Architectural Interiors and Collections of Tiny Symbolic Objects Carved into White Stone. Textured Embroidery Thread scenes click 2x. Poseable Miniature Birds click 2x. Larger Than Life Guerrilla Sign Installations click 2x. (1) Bruce Cockburn - April In Memphis. The Price of Everything review – elusive portrait of art-world prestige. Back with the real Beatles: the White Album reviewed - archive, November 1968. (22) Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier comes to MIT. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Documentary. Buffy Saint-Marie and Joni Mitchell. Banksy (@thereaIbanksy) Why We Need to Start Seeing the Classical World in Color. Modern technology has revealed an irrefutable, if unpopular, truth: many of the statues, reliefs, and sarcophagi created in the ancient Western world were in fact painted.

The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture. Amazing Photos That Won Siena Awards. Culture - The rare blue the Maya invented. In 17th Century Europe, when Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and Peter Paul Rubens painted their famous masterworks, ultramarine blue pigment made from the semi-precious lapis lazuli stone was mined far away in Afghanistan and cost more than its weight in gold. You Gotta Believe - Nina Paley. Da Vinci's Digitized Journals click 2x. Old Book Illustrations. Carved idol from the Urals shatters expert views on birth of ritual art.

Cleaning and Restoring Old Damaged Paintings by Julian Baumgartner. Woman Parodies Celebrity Culture in Hilarious Photo Recreation Series. Incredible Sculptures By Chad Knight Look So Good Many People Think They’re Real. Culture - The photos that changed history. All the Leonardo Da Vincis in the world: rated. The Annunciation (1472) On display at the Uffizi, Florence In this dazzling performance, created when he was about 20 years old, we peer directly into the riches of Leonardo da Vinci’s mind. Oldest photos. From Maus to Tamara Drewe: the 10 graphic novels everyone should read. Newseum Exhibits click 2x. Electromechanical instruments + rocks: Rock Band click 2x. Timber! Michael Kenna's magical trees – in pictures. Daft Punk - Doin' It Right - Conte Remix. Mushrooms Star in Photography Series click 2x. Race, power, money – the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Inside Jean-Michel Basquiat’s teen years. The rise of Donald Glover: how he captured America. RHYTHM "FOLI" THERE IS NO MOVEMENT WITHOUT RHYTHM, ORIGINAL VERSION. thomas roebers and leeuwenberg. Art. 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' Bosch click 2x. Photos from street view curated by an agoraphobe. Bassnectar interview w/ MoBoogie part 2 in Denver - 9/11/07. Miniature Sculptures Play on Workplace Humor and Struggles. Miles of ancient petroglyphs & petrographs click 2x.

Early photos changed US click 2x. Illustrator Amusingly "Unmasks" the True Identities of Pop Culture Icons for New Book. Blind artist envisions the world through hypnotizing animated gifs 2 clicks. Mini Strandbeest. Tiffany Is Known For Lamps And Stained Glass, But He Made Magical Mosaics, Too. Story Behind Klimt's 'The Kiss' BBC: Hokusai - Old Man Crazy to Paint (2017) 23 Cool Sculptures You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Women's Forum Street Art Project. Art - miniatures. MFON Celebrates the Work of Black Women Photographers.

Artist Creates Intricate Custom Art Rubber Stamps Inspired by Nature. Monmon Cats Wear Colorful Body Art While Tattooing Other Cats 2x click. Tiny treehouses for houseplants by Jedediah Corwyn Voltz. (1) Magnificent Animal Sculptures Made with Scrap Metal by Matt Wilson. Families of Carrots, Miniature Mountains, Needle Felted Wool.