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Vulvacadamy. Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It. Zhana Vrangalova had hit a problem.

Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It

On a blustery day in early spring, sitting in a small coffee shop near the campus of New York University, where she is an adjunct professor of psychology, she was unable to load onto her laptop the Web site that we had met to discuss. What is Your Attachment Style? What is attachment and why is it important?

What is Your Attachment Style?

Attachment refers the particular way in which you relate to other people. Your style of attachment was formed at the very beginning of your life, during your first two years. Testes size correlates with men's paternal instinct. Men with smaller testes than others are more likely to be involved in hands-on care of their toddlers, a new study conducted by anthropologists at Emory University finds.

Testes size correlates with men's paternal instinct

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published the results of the study Sept. 9. 30 Ways, 30 Days to Hotter Sex. What do women want? It depends on the time of the month. If she loves you and then she loves you not, don’t blame the petals of that daisy.

What do women want? It depends on the time of the month

Blame evolution. UCLA researchers analyzed dozens of published and unpublished studies on how women’s preferences for mates change throughout the menstrual cycle. Why women lose interest in sex. New research is demonstrating what many people already knew from experience: Women lose interest in sex over time, while men don't.

Why women lose interest in sex

The finding has the potential to help couples, the researchers said. Knowing that many women's sexual desire diminishes over the course of a relationship could encourage both partners to be more realistic about their sex lives, and could help them weather the changes in desire as they occur. Sex researchers Sarah Murray and Robin Milhausen, both of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, asked 170 undergraduate women and men who had been in heterosexual relationships for anywhere from one month to nine years to report on their levels of relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and sexual desire. Desire was scored using an established model called the Female Sexual Function Index, which ranges from 1.2 to 6.0.

3 Ways to Make Your Vagina Smell Good. Edit Article Understand the CausesQuick SolutionsPractice Good Hygiene Edited by Jack Herrick, Carolyn Barratt, Oliver, SilverSparkz and 40 others.

3 Ways to Make Your Vagina Smell Good

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain. Most popular notions about the male brain are based on studies of men ages 18 to 22 — undergrads subjecting themselves to experiments for beer money or course credit.

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain

But a man's brain varies tremendously over his life span, quickly contradicting the image of the single-minded sex addict that circulates in mainstream consciousness. From his wandering eye to his desire to mate for life, here's what you need to know about guys' minds. 10. Penis Size Matters in Bed, Study Finds. Contrary to the reassuring catchphrase "size doesn't matter," penis size may matter in bed — but only for some women, and for certain types of orgasms.

Penis Size Matters in Bed, Study Finds

A new study finds that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely than other women to say they climax more easily with men with larger penises. Women who tend to prefer penile-vaginal intercourse over other types of sex also say the same, researchers reported online Sept. 24 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 5 Ways Love Affects the Brain. By Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer | February 14, 2014 11:04am ET Credit: umnola, Shutterstock "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind," as Shakespeare's Helena said in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" — and perhaps neuroscientists would agree.

5 Ways Love Affects the Brain

Love might seem to move in mysterious ways, but scientists actually have a pretty good idea of what love does to the brain. Being in love floods the brain with chemicals and hormones that produce feelings of pleasure, obsession and attachment. What Falling in Love Does to the Brain. Falling in love can wreak havoc on your body. Your heart races, your tummy gets tied up in knots, and you're on an emotional roller coaster, feeling deliriously happy one minute and anxious and desperate the next. Research shows that these intense, romantic feelings come from the brain. In one small study, researchers looked at magnetic resonance images of the brains of 10 women and seven men who claimed to be deeply in love. The length of their relationships ranged from one month to less than two years. Participants were shown photographs of their beloved, and photos of a similar-looking person. Why Men and Women Get Jealous for Different Reasons.

Cheating on a spouse or significant other is sure to cause feelings of jealousy and hurt in the spurned partner.

Why Men and Women Get Jealous for Different Reasons

But men and women differ on what part of cheating they think is the worst: Men tend to be more bothered by sexual infidelity, while most women are bothered more by emotional infidelity. The prevailing explanation for this difference is the unique evolutionary roles played by men and women, but a new study suggests that it has more to do with the types of attachments people form in relationships.

The widespread evolutionary explanation posits that men rank sexual infidelity as the greater sin because over the eons they learned to be hyper-vigilant about sex, as they could never be absolutely certain that their children were actually theirs. Women, on the other hand, became more bothered by emotional infidelity, because they are concerned about having a partner to help raise their children.

Attachment to others Sexual vs. emotional infidelity. Surviving Infidelity: What Wives Do When Men Cheat. Dressed in a black suit with a subdued silk scarf, Silda Wall Spitzer stood by her husband, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer as he announced his resignation to a room full of reporters. When the cameras stopped flashing, however, a husband and wife were left to deal with an alleged violation of marriage and above all, busted trust. Gov.

Spitzer has referred publicly to the alleged infidelity as a "private matter," but the experience is rooted in human behavior and family sociology. That means social scientists can to some extent get into the minds of the parties involved. Clit'info. A quoi ressemble le clitoris et de quoi est-il fait ? Meredith White, la dessinatrice de vulves qui se rebelle contre les standards de beauté. Cet article a été classé comme "contenu explicite", ce qui signifie qu'il peut contenir de la nudité ou tout autre contenu sensible. En cliquant sur ce lien vous certifiez être majeur et conscient du contenu que vous allez visionner. Les âges sexuels de la femme - Les Chandelles by Valérie. «Faisons la révolution de la vulve !» Il est grand temps de briser le tabou de ce qui coule du vagin après le sexe.

«C’est comme pour le clitoris. Vulve. Clitoris. Le Guide du Vagin par Sophie-Pierre Pernaut. Le guide du Vagin. Il est grand temps de briser le tabou de ce qui coule du vagin après le sexe. OkCupid : le plus ouvert des sites de rencontres. Le langage corporel de la séduction féminine. Désir et plaisir : les secrets de la libido.

Le clitoris au fil des siècles, de sa découverte à sa mauvaise réputation. Quels sont les styles d'attachement dans les relations amoureuses? La "théorie de l'attachement" dans les relations amoureuses tire ses origines des travaux portant sur la psychologie de l'attachement chez l'enfant. The Female Orgasm, Explained with Science Projects. Le clitoris au fil des siècles, de sa découverte à sa mauvaise réputation. Videos. Sexe, pornographie, etc. DIVA Magazine / Lesbian and Bisexual Magazine, News, Lifestyle, Dating, Entertainment, Sex, Health, Shopping / Sex News, Advice, Videos, Opinion - HuffPost Life & Style. Health & Sex - Special Feature Stories and News. Actualités Sexe sur 123 NEWS - Toute l'actualité francophone - Annuaire d'actualités classées par themes et mots clef. Actualité sexualité : toute l'actu du sexe avec Brigitte Lahaie.

Les 400 culs. Sexactu. Sexe. Planète sexe.