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Gosse Beerda

Originally born in the Netherlands, life has brought me to many places, of in some I used to live. That was mainly in many parts of the Netherlands, as well as in Venezuela, Berlin and nowadays in Ibiza. The things I keep myself busy with in general variate from listening to lots of music, DJ-ing for more than 20 years now, meditation, martial arts, travelling, reading and my personal spiritual development in a quest to manifest my Divine potential here upon Earth, together with as many like-minded and like-hearted souls as possible. That being said, or written in this case, should give you a short indication of who you're dealing with. I wish you all well and nothing but the very best for you and with that I close this message in love, faith and with gratitude. One love, Gosse Beerda

Affirmations, Decrees, Invocations & Meditations

Architecture. Ascension & Personal Development. Art & Decoration. Astrology, Human Design, Tarot & other (card)systems. Audio Software. Clothing. Communication. Community. Computer Stuff. Conspiracy 'Theories'. Crowdfunding. Design & Graphics. Divine Messages. Energy Work & Healing. Free Esoteric Knowledge Collections. Frequency Facilitator. Gadgets. Galactic & Human History. Gnosis & Ancient Spiritual Knowledge.

Health & Food Consciousness.


Institutions. Jewelry. Kundalini Yoga. Legends, Myths & Symbology. Living. Movies. Music. Nature. Numerology. Paranormal Phenomena. Politics. Sacred Geometry. Science & Technology. Shamanism. Spiritual Centers. Tantra, Sexuality & Relationships. Travelling. Tribal Culture.