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7-things-really-successful-people-quietly. 9 Mindfulness Exercises to Make You More Focused Than Eckhart Tolle on a Limitless Pill. “The truth is, just having a concentrated mind — that’s not getting lost in thought — is just intrinsically pleasurable.

9 Mindfulness Exercises to Make You More Focused Than Eckhart Tolle on a Limitless Pill

It’s intrinsically blissful. Blog. BESbswyBESbswyBESbswy.


12 Truths About #VanLife That You Won't Find On Instagram. Is anyone tired of reading stories about #vanlife and how unfathomably cool and liberating it is living life “on the road?”

12 Truths About #VanLife That You Won't Find On Instagram

How exuberant, how effortless these bloggers’ lives seem to be; always amidst some stunning landscape, with an equally stunning significant other languorously draped over a surfboard, brewing coffee, smoking mussels over an open fire, watching the sun rise and set, gazing at the stars without a care in the world… I will admit (rather sheepishly) that I used to scour these types of blogs with a mixture of chagrin and wide-eyed enthusiasm. And although the triggers may differ between individuals, I think at some point or another most of us can relate to feeling simultaneously inspired and antagonized; intrigued, yet oddly ruffled. Here’s How The YouTube ’Adpocalypse’ Is Affecting Top Creators. It’s been a little over a month since the so-called YouTube ‘Adpocalypse’ began in earnest.

Here’s How The YouTube ’Adpocalypse’ Is Affecting Top Creators

And, while a boycott of YouTube by major marketers — who were aghast to discover last February that, in some cases, ads were running against videos promoting hate speech and terrorism — does not seem to have affected Google’s bottom line just yet, certain creators are feeling the burn. Commentary channels — including Philip DeFranco, h3h3productions, and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg — were particularly vocal about lost revenues in the wake of the boycott.

Though, to be fair, earnings seem to be improving slightly today as certain marketers resume their YouTube spend. 6 Books that Make You Less of a Horrible Person. Did you know more people commit suicide during Christmas season than any other time of year?

6 Books that Make You Less of a Horrible Person

I know, what a cheery way to start an article during the holiday season. But seriously, you think that’s a coincidence? It’s that time of year again, where we’re all socially pressured into spending an inordinate amount of time around people that we’ve kinda-sorta known our whole lives, but who also drive us insane and make us feel like there’s no point to it all. Ww2.kqed. “Ja ću vas motivirati i inspirirati da ramišljate na način kako do sada nikada niste” Možete li pojasniti pojam motivacijski govornik, odnosno trener?

“Ja ću vas motivirati i inspirirati da ramišljate na način kako do sada nikada niste”

Motivacijski govornik je netko tko će vas svojim govorom motivirati da krenete u akciju. Osoba koja zna da ste rođeni za velike stvari i koja u vama budi taj potencijal. VIDEO: Želite da svi misle da ste superpametni? Evo pet trikova kako – Ne bi li bilo cool kad biste mogli ušetati u sobu kao dr.

VIDEO: Želite da svi misle da ste superpametni? Evo pet trikova kako –

House ili Sherlock Holmes i zadiviti sve prisutne svojom superbrzom natprosječnom inteligencijom? Nažalost, ne postoji brz način da postanete genijalac, ali postoje trikovi koji vam mogu pomoći da se takvim prikažete… Kako razmišljati poput Sherlocka Holmesa: važnost kreativnosti i imaginacije. Ingrid Wickelgren, urednica na portalu Scientific American na svome najnovijem blogu pozabavila se knjigom „Master-mind“ autorice Marie Konnikove.

Kako razmišljati poput Sherlocka Holmesa: važnost kreativnosti i imaginacije

U svome opsežnom djelu Konnikova analizira ljudski um s posebnom pažnjom usmjerenom na kreativne procese koji, prema njenome sudu, karakteriziraju genijalne umove poput onoga kakvoga je (u teoriji) imao najpoznatiji imaginarni detektiv na svijetu – Sherlock Holmes. „Prilično je nevjerojatno da ljudi ne vjeruju da u znanosti postoje stvari poput imaginacije“, izjavio je jednom Richard Feynman, poznati fizičar i dobitnik Nobelove nagrade.

Turistička zajednica grada Vinkovaca poziva vas na pete Rimske dane od 26. i 27.svibnja 2017. Turistička zajednica grada Vinkovaca po peti puta organizira Rimske dane koji traju 26. i 27. svibnja.

Turistička zajednica grada Vinkovaca poziva vas na pete Rimske dane od 26. i 27.svibnja 2017

I ove godine će Vinkovci otkriti tajne drevnog Rima. Zbog ovog ćete zelenog praha imati energije kao raketa - Učim - Ž Ima devet puta više željeza od špinata, sedam puta više vitamina C od naranče, četiri puta više vlakana od zobi i tri puta više kalija od banana...

Zbog ovog ćete zelenog praha imati energije kao raketa - Učim - Ž

40 Things You Can Do To Break Your Creative Block. Whether you write for a living or haven’t authored anything since your school days, we can all relate to the pain of writer’s block. Writing isn’t the only thing this applies to. How to Be Unhappy: 10 Ways To Be Unhappy In Life. Are there times when you feel beaten up and let down by life? Are there times when you feel unhappy and it seems like nothing can cheer you up? Last month, I wrote a guide on how to be happy. Today, I present to you the unhappiness guide, on how to be unhappy. The reason why I’m writing this guide is because while most of us (I assume) want to lead a happy life, many of us subconsciously do things that make us unhappy at times – myself included. Jonathan Marks: In praise of conflict. Zbog groznice maturalne večeri roditelji u minusu. Izlozima gradskih trgovina, butika i trgovačkih centara već naveliko vladaju svečane toalete i muška odijela. Bliži se kraj školske godine za završne razrede srednjih škola, a maturantska groznica trese kako maturante, tako i njihove roditelje.

Maturalna je večer mnogim maturantima i njihovim roditeljima jedan od najvažnijih događaja koji će pamtiti cijeli života. La Fábrica – Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. We found enormous silos, a tall smoke stack, four kilometres of underground tunnels, machine rooms in good shape… This was in 1973 and it was our first encounter with the Cement Factory. This cement factory, dating from the first period of the industrialization of Catalonia, was not built at once or as a whole but was a series of additions as the various chains of production became necessary. The formal result was given, then, by a series of stratified elements, a process which is reminiscent of vernacular architecture, but applied to industry. Keeping our eyes moving like a kaleidoscope, we already imagined future spaces and found out that the different visual and aesthetics trends that had developed since World War I coexisted here: Seduced by the contradictions and the ambiguity of the place, we quickly decided to retain the factory, and modifying its original brutality, sculpt it like a work of art.

“Presently I live and work here better than anywhere else. Ricardo Bofill. Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away. When Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated cement factory in 1973, he immediately saw a world of possibilities. La fábrica was born, and almost 45 years later, the structure has been completely transformed into a spectacular and unique home. Show Full Text The factory, located just outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine that had closed down, and came with many repairs to be done when Ricardo Bofill and his team purchased it. 30 Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of the Day. One thing that successful people share is that they are driven to set goals and meet them every time.

There are various techniques that you can employ to feel inspired every day and one of them is getting positive reinforcement from the best motivational quotes. Zimmerman i samoregulacija. Majstori manipulacije i prevare - sociopate ne skuže ni najbliži. Neki ljudi imaju samo sociopatske tendencije, ali to ne znači da su pravi sociopati. Što je clickbait?

Clickbait je intencija autora da za svoj članak pomoću senzacionalističkog naslova navuče što više čitatelja. Top 10 Interesting Websites You Should Check Out - Top 10 Interesting Websites You Should Check Out - What Do People Lie About on Social Media? - There’s a lot of temptation to lie on the internet and on social media. In some cases, people don’t even know your identity, so why bother being honest? Perhaps it’s a good way to pass the time and even garner some attention in the process? But before you go slinging sob stories and fake reviews, you should probably be aware of one thing: Some people on the internet have no qualms about calling out liars. In fact, the website Reddit features an entire subreddit (subpage) – /r/quityourbullshit – dedicated to doing just that.

If you’re not careful, you might just show up on the front page. How Kids Benefit From Learning To Explain Their Math Thinking. Math teachers of older students sometimes struggle to get students to explain their thinking with evidence. It’s hard to get kids in the habit of talking about how they are thinking about a problem when they’ve had many years of instruction that focused on getting the “right answer.”

That’s why educators are now trying to get students in the habit of explaining their thinking at a young age. Stručnjaci: Brzo čitanje je gore nego da ne čitate uopće. Sve popularniji trend brzog čitanja mogao bi imati potpuno neželjene posljedice na čitatelje. Image recognition. What is image recognition? With image recognition technology, any image on print ads, flyers, billboards, packagings, vCards, etc. can be interactive and trigger a defined action or link to a specific mobile content when scanned. For example, scanning a logo available on all communication support can instantly open the company or product website.

Another application can be to identify a person with a single face scan to access his contact information Like QR Codes, NFC or iBeacon technologies, image recognition can be seen as one of the contactless "entry door" to the mobile web. How does image recognition work? 8 Recognition Apps Work Almost Like Magic. In my Scientific American column this month, I noted that in consumer electronics the promises of magic sells. And one of the most important areas for magic simulation these days is recognition. That's when your phone or computer recognizes human speech, motion, visual cues and audio. Nova "Google Slike" aplikacija je sad dostupna za preuzimanje! - HRVATSKI TIM PODATKOVNIH ZNANSTVENIKA OSVOJIO 1. MJESTO U BRUXELLESU Smislili sjajnu aplikaciju za tržište rada u samo dva dana i oduševili žiri -Jutarnji List.

Grize li te? – Naranča. Što je SEO ili kako se svidjeti Googleu – Naranča. Ustrajnost (Sheryl Sandberg) – Naranča. Što su kreativne industrije i zašto su važne – Naranča. Svoj život držimo na čekanju dok se bavimo željama drugih. Mentor - Članci. Kad bi se moglo otputovati... ...u sveti grad Jeruzalem > Slobodna Dalmacija. Moć interpretacije – da li izvitoperavamo realnost? – Kultiviši se. Prizemljeni Sunčev sustav: Znate li gdje se u Zagrebu nalaze svi planeti? - Ratios. Mislite da znate što znači "i" u iPhoneu? Odgovor bi vas mogao iznenaditi. Generalni direktor Ubera dolazi na Digital Takeover konferenciju.

Šta je Native Advertising? — Online Tržište. Native oglasi odgovaraju dizajnu medija i izgledaju poput prirodnog uobičajenog sadržaja. Native oglasi i content marketing - razvoj novih trendova u oglašavanju. Što trebate znati o native advertisingu - Jasno&Glasno je full service digitalna agencija. 5 ključnih pokazatelja da je vaša 'native' kampanja uspješna. Arhiva native oglašavanje.  Native advertising – Neprikriveno/Prikriveno oglašavanje?! Dobri primjeri native (prirodnog) oglašavanja – Cool Klub. Native advertising – neprikriveno prikriveno oglašavanje - Media Marketing. A saint in the wrong place. 30 SEC reading: A saint in the wrong place. Primjer jedne bake - Kako nam digitalizacija olakšava život. Every Star Is Different: 4 Steps to Managing Aggressive Behavior in Children. Priča o talentima: Mozart i Salieri. EU fondovi: Odličan projekt rješava problem i slijedi plan. Coursera. Join Viddyoze - Limited Time Offer.

Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro: Funkcija javnog servisa nije zadovoljavanje jednostavnih potreba publike i političara. Vojnike u vrtove - H-Alter - Udruga za medijsku kulturu. E-Lab Courses: Login to the site. How to be a critical reader - OpenLearn - Open University - L185_1. Week 1: Your digital life - OpenLearn - Open University - SDW_1. Timeline: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud. 7 razloga zašto bi svaka škola trebala imati 3D printer.

Osnovna škola Borovje Zagreb - Comenius. An introduction to Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom - Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom - Into Film. Uncommon Insights Into Common Knowledge – Association for Psychological Science. 14 Pictures Comparing Life Today With How It Used To Be...#4 Is Spot-On! Different Types of Nomads - BecomeNomad. Terezu smjestili u 6. red, pa je poludjela: Kako vas nije sram?! Veliki književnik Hermann Hesse i skriveni izvori njegovih nadahnuća. Sway - Error. DRUŠTVENE KONCEPCIJE LJUBAVI. Agapa koju dajemo uvećava se; agapa koju gomilamo smanjuje se. How to Teach Your Students How to CHECK THEIR WORK. Hendrik Kerstens.

Pismo Predraga Matvejevića na dan rušenja Starog mosta - BUKA Magazin. Deset strategija manipulacije ljudima. Budućnost: Film s tisuću fabula - Internet Monitor. 100 mini-tapestries (on a functional loom!) by Travis Meinolf. Prošle godine u hakerskim napadima ukradeno preko 4 milijarde privatnih podataka. #1 Resource for Education & Study Skills. CARNet - Webinari - Održani webinari. Mark's Lecture Notes : The Paradigm Shift - U potrazi za linearnim umom.

'BESPLATNO SAM S OBITELJI BORAVILA U VILI U PARIZU, NA SARDINIJI...' Riječanka ide u New York: 'Pomaže mi to što je Hrvatska apsolutni hit u svijetu!' -Jutarnji List. Hakirali hotel: Zaključali goste u sobama i zatražili otkupninu. Pljačkaš: Lako smo pokrali Kim jer je sve otkrila na Instagramu. 'Holokaust je školski primjer kako izbjegavanje odgovornosti može narasti do genocida' No Limits to Computer Play, Says Psychologist Peter Gray.

Peter Gray's new book says kids need free play to thrive. Freedom to Learn. Free to Learn - Home. Piter Grej Archives - Detinjarije. Free to Learn - Home. Publications - Dr Michal Kosinski. Zastrašujuće: Trump zna o vama više nego vi sami.