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Project Tree Of Life.. Aphantasia: The People Without a Mind's Eye. Orion’s War - Battle for the Tesseracts of the Reality… Galactic Federation vs Draconians. (1) MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL. Occult Secrets of Vril, Bio-Magnetism, Esoteric Transmutation - ROBERT SEPEHR. Schumann Resonance 1304.85% Increase Today, This is Huge! (8) Were Stradivari violins Coated with Blood.

(18) Crater Earth : the gates of Hell. The Magic Of The Mind: How The Conscious & Subconscious Minds Work (Unabridged Audiobook) (18) Crater Earth : Polar shift and mudflood. Youtube. The Pneuma of The Stoa: Breathwork Will Save the World w/ Steve Beattie, Jesse Coomer, & Chuck McGee. 45 Toxic Gemstones Not To Use In Gem Elixirs With Facts - AtPerry's Healing Crystals. Not all gemstones, but some contain toxic metals that can react with water, air or skin when you use it.

45 Toxic Gemstones Not To Use In Gem Elixirs With Facts - AtPerry's Healing Crystals

We compiled 45 toxic gemstones you must not use to make gem elixirs or crystal infusions of any kind. Our experts also added the toxic substance in each gemstone so that you can decide which crystal rituals best fits it. Make no delay and share this with your loved ones. 45 Toxic Gemstones Not to Use in Gem Elixirs Which crystals contain toxic elements? 1. As Aluminum is a toxic mineral present in alexandrite gemstone, it is toxic for making crystal elixirs. 2.

Traces of copper are opulently present in Amazonite making it too dangerous when dissolved in water. 3. You will find Calcium Carbonate in aragonite and hence using it for elixirs is not recommended. 4. As Aluminum is prominently present in aventurine, red, green, white and all varieties of aventurine are incompatible for using in elixirs. 5. Never use azurite to make gem elixir as it contains trace amounts of copper inside. 6. 7. A New Existentialist Perspective: An Essay on Anthony Peake’s Opening the Doors of Perception (2016) – Ritual in the Dark. (You can buy the book here: Anthony Peake is at the forefront of a controversial science that aims to unify consciousness with the literally mind-bending and time-defying processes of the subatomic world.

A New Existentialist Perspective: An Essay on Anthony Peake’s Opening the Doors of Perception (2016) – Ritual in the Dark

Saturn and the Black Sun - ROBERT SEPEHR. Memory implantation is now officially real. The movie Inception is getting closer to reality.

Memory implantation is now officially real

By planting false memories into the minds of mice, neuroscientists at MIT have created the first artificially implanted memories. And they've brought us closer to understanding the fallibility of human recollection. When we experience something, say a trip to the park, a memory of the event is stored in a constellation of interconnected neurons in our brains called an "engram," or memory trace. When you recall that trip to the park, neurons in the engram become active. Rising from the Ashes. THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION - FULL AudioBook □□ (2) Secret of the Labyrinth. Walk-Ins. Most People Don't Even Realize What's Around Them - WATCH THIS !! Adjusting to the new frequency shift.

(1) Nostradamus Effect: Secrets of the Seven Seals - Full Episode (S1, E7) Cause and Effect - Energetic Synthesis. August 2016 Cause and Effect Lisa Renee Dear Ascending Family, During this time of bifurcation our inner energetic integrity is being tested.

Cause and Effect - Energetic Synthesis

(2) Dr. Joe Q&A - Downloads through your fingers? What Is Animism? Animism is the idea that all things—animate and inanimate—possess a spirit or an essence.

What Is Animism?

First coined in 1871, animism is a key feature in many ancient religions, especially of indigenous tribal cultures. Animism is a foundational element in the development of ancient human spirituality, and it can be identified in different forms throughout major modern world religions. Key Takeaways: Animism Animism is the concept that all elements of the material world—all people, animals, objects, geographic features, and natural phenomena—possess a spirit that connects them to each other.Animism is a feature of various ancient and modern religions, including Shinto, the traditional Japanese folk religion.Today, animism is often used as an anthropological term when discussing different systems of belief.

(3) Dr. Delbert Blair: The Difference Between Human, God-Man and Mankind. PENDULUM SCIENCE. (1) CRAZY ORGONITE DISCOVERY part 3 of 3. (1) ION SOLUTIONS. Remote Viewing and the Reality of Psychic Phenomena. Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio letters and Audio books of Dr. Peter Beter. Ouroboros - A Thorough Explanation. The Ouroboros is a Greek word meaning "tail devourer," and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world.

Ouroboros - A Thorough Explanation

It can be perceived as enveloping itself, where the past (the tail) appears to disappear but really moves into an inner domain or reality, vanishing from view but still existing. The ouroboros has several meanings interwoven into it. Surpressed Technology ~ Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds) From Era of Light Writer’s Note: Med Bed technology has been “suppressed” and hidden from the public for a long, long time.

Surpressed Technology ~ Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds)

Fortunately, due to the planetary shift from 3D to 5D happening at this time, and the increasing demand for transparency by the human collective consciousness, an increasing number of courageous people are coming forward to disclose what they know has been hidden for decades, even centuries, and most likely for thousands of years.

(1) Reset Civilization Mudflood Mystery History 101. I Spent 3 Days Drawing THOUSANDS Of Tiny Circles... EPIC RESULT! (Drawing + Creepypasta Story) FANDOM powered by Wikia. The ability to control the 'wheel of life' within living beings.

FANDOM powered by Wikia

Variation of Cycle Manipulation and Life and Death Manipulation. Also Called. What you need to know about the SUPERHUMANS living among us. The Devic Kingdom - An Intro To The Spirits Of Nature. In the following extract about the devic kingdom, taken from The Nine Freedoms (p.109-111), Dr.

The Devic Kingdom - An Intro To The Spirits Of Nature

George King explains what nature spirits (also known as devas) really are, and highlights how important it is to radiate the right kind of energy, rather than energy discolored by wrong thought, to these beings. This is not just a moral teaching – but a very practical and important one, an understanding of which is key to improving physical conditions on Earth, including the weather. Magi Grail Shaman - Mystery of the Grail of Consciousness. Mastering Navigation - Art and Science of Psychology. A First-Hand Look at Psychotronic Generators. By Stanley Krippner from ConsciousnessCentre Website In 1973, during the First International Conference on Psychotronic Research, I met Robert Pavlita a most enigmatic man.

A First-Hand Look at Psychotronic Generators

9 Principles of Conscious Manifestation - Thrive Global - Medium. We create our reality whether consciously or not constantly. Have you ever missed a bus or subway when you woke up in a hurry and was worrying of coming late? Or has it ever happened to you that you wanted something so much but deep inside you didn’t believe that it could be yours and it hasn’t happened? These are all examples of manifestation. Azazel: The Angel Who Corrupted Man [Book of Enoch] (Angels & Demons Explained)

(2) Hidden History. Enter the MAGI: PT5 - Mechanics of the Black Cube - The 396 and Path-Work Beyond. Who Wants your Soul? Every Human Must Watch. Pt.1. Secret Archon Control Grid That Overlays the 3rd Dimension Uncovered, Ra Castaldo. The No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily. What you need to know about FIREBALLS and PLANET X. How Our Bodies Upgraded From Age of Aquarius. Leaked Secrets Of GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS - Alex Jones/Infowars. Reading the Green Language of Light - Vincent Bridges.

Reading the Green Language of Light by Vincent Bridges Part One Divination is one of man's oldest spiritual technologies, its origins lost in the shift from neolithic hunter-gatherers to settled agriculturalists. As the shaman developed into the priest, divination, along with all forms of spiritism, became codified into mythology. From a framework of mythic events and divination - literally readings of the divine - came language, which evolved over time into written forms based on the original symbolic elements.

In turn, these symbolic elements became the focus of divinatory practices of their own, creating sub-sets of meaning within common words and phrases. From this intentional ambiguity arose the possibility of an initiate's language, a language of the birds, or, as it was expressed by the medieval initiates, the Green Language. Fulcanelli also claims that Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel is "a novel in cant," that is, written in the secret language. These are stunning assertions. HEXEN 2.0. It was during a residency in the Texan desert early in 2009 that I first observed a possible connection between the mid twentieth century theories and applications of cybernetics, which arose out of WWII, primarily in the USA where they answered a perceived need for a more controlled society, and our current world of online social media and what is referred to as Web 2.0.

The link was feedback, as in cybernetic feedback loops, with a potential outcome not only of human connectivity and autopoiesis, but also of governmental control. The historical diagrams, which function as the key to the project, are an attempt to map out specific histories and to show how those histories interrelate, as a means of understanding how we got to where we are and where we may be going from here, in terms of the relationships between technology and politics and war and society. The five diagrams are drawn separately but each one connects to the larger whole. DARK JOURNALIST X-SERIES XXVII: CERN TAROT CYBER SEANCE - ADA LOVELACE & THE ORPHIC CIRCLE! ODD TV's 33 Dystopian Movies ▶️️

Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary. ( Age of Lucidity ) Bock Saga - Root Language (by Jim Chesnar) What you need to know about HUMAN ENERGY and the REALITY of PSYCHOKINESIS. What You Need To Know About BINAURAL BEATS And The POWER Of FREQUENCY. Forgotten Ancient Technologies - Atmospheric Electricity, Vimanas n more - p 22 / of the "Survivors" Tiny People Giant Realm. Reverse Speech Subconscious & The Spiritual - David Oates in Portland February 2018. Why George H.W. Bush, #41, died November 30, 2018 +Paul Walker, McCain, W & Barbara. Secret of the Matrix REVEALED. Legend of the Crystal Skulls. The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence – New Dawn. Kirby Surprise - Synchronicity: Part One. Anthony Peake - The Infinite Mindfield. News - THInk Different.

How to Sell Your Soul to The Devil (or not) - Teal Swan - The Crossroads selling your soul. LNM Radio Aug Tellez MKUltra The Dream State Celebrity Cloning Underground Bases Non-human Races. Mastering Your Own Mind – State and the Art of Transmutation. Everything in the material world is comprised of energy as vibration. All vibration is formed by movement as an interaction between complementary opposites of the same thing.

All vibration consists of information and a self-organizing mechanism that organizes the information into a dynamic geometric pattern as a virtual reality that becomes the holographic blueprint for constructing the material equivalent as a growth and accumulative process. Every idea is a vibratory pattern that exists as pairs of opposites that form a scale as a range of vibration that forms a frequency. Every vibratory frequency originates on the mental plane as a “state of mind” composed of qualities of consciousness that shape us and our outer reality to be a part of the same idea on different scales. Vibration operates on multiple planes simultaneously with the same patterning as an archetypal idea that’s made into a whole thematic reality.

Dr. Integrative Mind-Body Medicine Consultant and Spiritual Mentor Save. Master List of Posts – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling. List of 149 MKULTRA Subprojects. Complete list of all 149 MKULTRA subprojects. Who, When, What, Where, Why, and How, and links to FOIA documents available for each subproject. The Dragon is loose after 1000 Years. SVP Universal Cosmology - Part 9 of 17 - What Vibration Is.

Figure 9.3 - Compression Wave. Soul Fragmentation Theory by Daniel Roberge - ITC Voices. By Daniel Roberge* Why The 5 Dimensions of Reality Have Been Hidden for Centuries. The Farsight Institute. The Great Year. Ancient Egyptian Artifacts and Artificial Intelligence - Beyond The Veil (LIVESTREAM) What to Do When You Have No Earthly Idea What Your Passion Might Be - by Barrie Davenport. The Whole World Laughing. Wholly – Wholly Science is the Reviving Reunion of Sane Science and Sound Spirituality. Root-race chronology. Timeline Split, Cosmic Stargates and the August Eclipse with Sandra Walter.

Holographic Kinetics. David Sereda Frequencies and Otherworldly Dimensions. Negentropic Fields: Announcements from Implosion Group- Dan Winter. A Gathering Of Momentum 5 "Harald Kautz Vella, Shane Benattar, Neil Pascoe. Water & Sacred Solfeggio Harmonics. From: Photos by From: The 19th-Century Atomic War - The Objective Standard. Learn and GROW... Centered on the dialogues and publications of the French “philosophes” (Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Buffon and Diderot), the High Enlightenment might best be summed up by one historian’s summary of Voltaire’s “Philosophical Dictionary”: “a chaos of clear ideas.” Foremost among these was the notion that everything in the universe could be rationally demystified and cataloged.

EMERSON FEAT. LAKE & PALMER - BLACK MOON (SINGLE VERSION) LYRICS. Embed. Fandom powered by Wikia. This article largely borrows it content from another wiki, such as Wikipedia or EvaGeeks. Black Moon. There are several definitions of a Black Moon. It can be the third New Moon in an astronomical season with four New Moons or the second New Moon in the same calendar month. Ex Illuminati Druid on the Occult Power Of Music w/ William Schnoebelen and David Carrico. TH&I 02-19-2017 - HUMANITY UNPLUGGED.