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Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina The purpose of this website is to help you grow as a conscious human being. This includes guiding you to discover and accept your life purpose; inspiring you to feel more motivated, energized, and passionate; helping you shed disempowering relationships and build a network of loving support; teaching you how to achieve stable financial abundance doing what you love; and encouraging you to make a genuine contribution to humanity -- so you can finally experience the kind of life that deep down, you always knew you were meant to live. You aren't here to struggle and suffer. You're here to express and share your creative gifts, to give and receive love, and to be happy. It will take time, but this site can certainly help you get there, and the vast majority of resources here are free. This site will help you make conscious decisions in your personal development journey and courageously follow through.
How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes How do you discover your real purpose in life? I’m not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you’re here at all — the very reason you exist. How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes
NBA Games Live Streaming HD. For any fan who loves to watch NBA online or doesn’t want to miss out on even a single match of their favorite game! Watch it here! As NBA is the premiere sport for all the basketball fans in the world, this PC TV software provides these fans with the best online streaming solution to watch their favourite games played every week. For all those NBA fans who are not at home, out of country or anywhere where they don’t have TV, PC TV is the answer to watch NBA games stream every weekend on all their favourite channels. the SO Lab | Simply Optimal the SO Lab | Simply Optimal
The Haters The Haters will tell you... Blogging doesn't have a ROI. A tweet is worthless. Getting someone to "like" your Facebook page doesn't increase your sales. The Haters
Khan Academy
Fearless Creativity! - towards a deeper, more empowered creative life… Fearless Creativity! - towards a deeper, more empowered creative life… photo credit: Magic Madzik In part one of this article , we looked at the value of channeling what we might think of as the ‘beginner’s spirit’ in our creative work – that combination of curiosity, naiveté and excitement at the discovery of something new that so often lends the work of ‘beginners’ its energy and spark, and which is all too often missing in more established, ‘career’ artists, musicians and so on. Today I’d like to look at another kind of beginner, and to think about this idea in a different light.
The Hacker’s Guide to Finding a Job: 9 Tactics No One’s Using The Hacker’s Guide to Finding a Job: 9 Tactics No One’s Using I write about entrepreneurship a lot on this blog, but not everyone want to start a business. So I thought it would be nice to add some updated insights on the other side of the employment spectrum. Enter today’s guest contributor, Scott Dinsmore of LiveYourLegend. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Quit Your Job Without Quitting (To See If It’s What You Really Want) A note from Jonathan: Every day I get emails from people asking if they should quit their job right now to do what they “really want to do,” or if they should wait and follow a plan. In nearly every case, my answer is “Yes, you should absolutely have a plan. Live and Work on Your Own Terms Live and Work on Your Own Terms
Pin It This post is part of the Creativity and Money series. Creative people have a love/hate relationship with money. We love it, because – well, who wouldn’t want it? But we also hate it, avoid dealing with it, and avoid even talking about it. Here are some of the reasons why. 7 Reasons Creative People Don’t Talk about Money 7 Reasons Creative People Don’t Talk about Money
There is a language crisis going on. Buzzwords are so abundant in our professional vocabularies, I’m pretty sure they’re getting their own channel on Oprah Network. HERE’S THE REALITY: Language that limits, loses. HELLO, my name is BLOG!: 11 Words That Don't Matter Anymore HELLO, my name is BLOG!: 11 Words That Don't Matter Anymore
#015: In the Sky Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe on iTunesRSS Feed On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talk all about airlines and how good or bad customer service can change the entire way we view an airline and whether or not we choose to fly on it. We also share some of our best and worst flight experiences. Other topics include: UnMarketing UnMarketing
Kicking your Art Career into Gear Carlos and I are getting together each week on Friday for a brand new series of videos discussing the business side of art. In this episode we talk about: • Getting things started • Some of the things we have planned for the upcoming year • What’s holding you back and how to overcome it • Taking action If you have a topic you’d like us to cover in future episodes please leave a comment. Free Photoshop Demo Drawn By Success-Freelancers Attracting Better Clients and Higher Fees
The premise of Christopher Nolan’s latest thriller Inception is simple enough. Plant an idea within the mind of your target so it grows in a way that it seems to come from the target himself. Why? Because nothing consumes a man more than his own idea. An idea with which he can persuade himself along a path YOU’VE pre-determined. But how do you plant this idea? Content Marketing: The Inception Method
Kaufen Canon PowerShot G11 Es ist nicht alles eitel Sonnenschein, auch so. Die sperrigen Design kann nicht für jeden geeignet, es fehlt jeder HD-Film zu bannen (es maxes bei [...] Hallo Fi Cd Player Wie können Sie aus 6 Technische Hifi CD-Player zu wählen? Was ist der beste Ort, um alle technischen Hifi cd hi [...] [Podcast] How To Run Your Business Like An Artist | Frank Dickinson
Creative Coaching and Training | Wishful Thinking Create an impact when it counts If your business depends on wowing clients and winning pitches with creative presentations, you need to know you can deliver. Mark McGuinness speaking at the Royal College of Art for FuelRCA Many people (audiences included) dread presentations, and ‘death by PowerPoint’ is so common it’s become a cliche.
Art Heroes Radio When it comes to movies, most of us "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." We follow the stars and often directors, but rarely does the producer of a film get to be in the spotlight. But in many ways, the producer of a film is the one person most central to the creation— from choosing a screenplay, to hiring key personnel, to facilitating the millions of details large and small required to successfully coordinate a large number of creatives and technicians.
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