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How to Read a Coronavirus Study, or Any Science Paper. Chromebook - PhET Simulations. Maths. All demos. Smithsonian Open Access. Review: ‘Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’ Is Long on Knowledge. The short and resonant essays in Carlo Rovelli’s “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” began as columns in Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian newspaper.

Review: ‘Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’ Is Long on Knowledge

Even better, they appeared in that paper’s culture section, its editors sensing that its arty readers could use a bit of stretching. Mr. Rovelli is a theoretical physicist, one of the founders of loop quantum gravity theory, and he possesses a welcoming prose style. His columns were a sensation. First gathered into a book in Italy two years ago, they outsold “Fifty Shades of Grey” in that country. Of the five words in this book’s title, the second explains its immediate appeal.

The essays in “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” arrive like shots of espresso, which you can consume the way the Italians do, quickly and while standing up. Mr. He is at his best, however, when spanking those same literature majors for their condescension toward higher mathematics. Image “Myths nourish science, and science nourishes myth,” Mr. Curiosities do abound here. Mr. How to Use Video in Science Projects (feat. Adobe Spark)

Video is a powerful medium.

How to Use Video in Science Projects (feat. Adobe Spark)

Students can talk about their learning, capture moments, and share their ideas with the world! Ready to take a new spin on your typical science projects? I can’t wait to share some science project ideas with you that are customizable for any age group! In addition to speaking at conferences and special events, part of my professional development work includes spending time with teachers and students in classrooms. I recently had the chance to work with a group of enthusiastic fifth graders as they used Adobe Spark to share their research about severe storms. Today we’ll talk about using video with students in the science classroom.

Video in Science Projects In this blog post, I’ll take you through my favorite strategies for using video as part of a science project. Download these graphic organizers to help you get started with these project ideas! Recording Predictions Regular readers of the blog (sign up here) know that I love sharing Adobe Spark combos. Wakelet - Save, curate and share the things you love. Mic Note -Voice Recorder & Notepad. UDL Science Notebook: Building Teacher Skills. Project Name Project Description embedded teacher supports for instruction and student feedback, investigation samples, plans and activities; explanatory videos, and science concept and vocabulary supports a blended professional development and coaching model needs/readiness assessment rubric PLC guides will be created through an agile design based research process Timeline 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2020 Funded by Partners Principal Investigators.

UDL Science Notebook: Building Teacher Skills

Forest - Stay focused, be present. Arloon Chemistry App. News from all fields of science for readers of any age. Scavenger Hunt app (2020) Google Science Journal & Vernier Sensor (2020) With Google Science Journal, your students can organize their ideas into projects, make predictions, take notes, collect data in multiple trials, and then annotate results.

Google Science Journal & Vernier Sensor (2020)

Simply connect a compatible Go Direct sensor to begin wirelessly streaming data to your Android™ device. Google Science Journal requires Graphical Analysis 4 installed to use Vernier Go Direct® sensors. Features Collect and graph time-based dataConnect multiple sensorsExamine pointsFind the min, max, and meanAdd annotationsUpload an image of the experimentRecord observations and summarize results in NotesUse the accessibility feature to illustrate data with soundExport data as a CSV file.

Science Journal (Google, 2020) : The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception, San Francisco. Home - Personalized Online Labs that Score Themselves (2020) Technovation Families (2020) NOVA Labs (2020) uHandy Microscope Review for Teachers (2019) UHandy can be powerful in a variety of settings.

uHandy Microscope Review for Teachers (2019)

Individual kids can use this digital microscope to explore their own passions. Premade sample cards are provided already loaded with spices, a down feather, or glitter. These examples can get kids excited about other items they might want to examine around the house or neighborhood. In the classroom, microscopes allow for those amazing "aha" moments like examining salt and seeing its underlying structure. This helps students to understand that some phenomena can be observed only at microscopic scale (a Next Generation Science Standards Crosscutting Concept). Depending on grade level and needs, uHandy may not be a cheaper option. Continue readingShow less. (2019)