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The best free tools for live streamers & gamers. Squoosh. XSplit - Live Streaming & Recording Software for Games. How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you. Voice Agent - ResponsiveVoice for Text to Speech. Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. Why dashboard design is critical to analytics success. Usability, ease of navigation and the overall user experience are all very important in analytics dashboard design—but equally important is understanding what the end user's objectives are when he or she uses an analytics dashboard or a user interface—because if you don't know what they want to get out of the analytics, you risk losing the user.

Why dashboard design is critical to analytics success

Missing a target on an analytics interface can have serious repercussions. Entire analytics projects have been shelved—not because of the business value of what an app can do—but because of a poorly designed user interface or dashboard that was impossible to understand or to navigate to results. How do you avoid this pitfall? Sit down with your target user to determine exactly what types of answers from data they expect to get. There is a business process behind how the user cuts into analytics results just as there is a process on the analytics side to extract meaning out of raw data.

This sounds simple, but it isn't. Spend 10 Minutes Doing This Every Day and You Could Transform Your Blogging. Today I want to suggest an exercise that has the potential to improve your blogging profoundly if you build it into your daily routine.

Spend 10 Minutes Doing This Every Day and You Could Transform Your Blogging

Look at another blog Image by zev OK – this may not sound that profound – most of us read other blogs every day but it doesn’t revolutionise what we do – but stick with me for a second while I explain HOW to do it in a way that could have a big impact. Here’s what I do every day I choose a blog and then spend 5-10 minutes reviewing it. What I’ve found is that my spending 5-10 minutes every day looking at another blog in this way that I learn so much! The objective is not to do these reviews to copy what others are doing – but rather I find in looking at other blogs I often find inspiration and insight for my own blogs. How to make a website in github. Mariela Patron.

46 museos y bibliotecas que han digitalizado todo su conocimiento y lo ofrecen gratis en internet. Gran parte de la historia de la humanidad y de los conocimientos que hemos adquirido con el paso de los siglos, se encuentran contenidos en una infinidad de objetos, como libros, escritos y muchos otros artículos que nos proporcionan una mirada al pasado, con los que podemos entender de dónde venimos y cómo hemos evolucionado como especie. Debido a la importancia de esto, el ser humano ha tratado de almacenar y cuidar todo este acervo, ya sea en museos, bibliotecas, universidades e incluso a través de colecciones privadas, que a pesar de estar ante cuidados especiales, el paso del tiempo les provoca un deterioro irreversible que pone en riesgo todo este conocimiento humano.

Por lo anterior, desde hace algunos años surgieron iniciativas que se apoyan en el uso de la tecnología, esto para digitalizar todo este contenido y ponerlo al alcance de cualquier personas con acceso a internet, iniciativas que ahora son conocidas como 'Colecciones Digitales'. An obituary: The National Endowment for the Arts, 52, of unnatural causes. Hypotheses – Platform for academic blogs in the humanities and social sciences. Official Blogger Blog. Digital Humanities Toolkit. Alliance for Networking Visual Culture » Overview. Scalar received an “Excellent” rating and an Editor’s Choice nod from

Alliance for Networking Visual Culture » Overview

Specializing in richness, depth, experimentation, and understanding. Scalar is a free, open source authoring and publishing platform that’s designed to make it easy for authors to write long-form, born-digital scholarship online. Scalar enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways, with minimal technical expertise required. More fundamentally, Scalar is a semantic web authoring tool that brings a considered balance between standardization and structural flexibility to all kinds of material. It includes a built-in reading interface as well as an API that enables Scalar content to be used to drive custom-designed applications. Scalar also gives authors tools to structure essay- and book-length works in ways that take advantage of the unique capabilities of digital writing, including nested, recursive, and non-linear formats.

VIP Collection of Premium Themes and Plugins. Google's Test My Site tool measures speed and 'mobile friendliness' Google launched a mobile website-testing tool in its latest effort to improve the user experience on the wireless web.

Google's Test My Site tool measures speed and 'mobile friendliness'

The company introduced Test My Site, an online destination that enables users to type in a homepage URL to receive scores for "mobile friendliness," mobile speed and desktop speed. The service also provides reports on how well sites adapt to mobile including whether content and navigation buttons are sized for mobile screens as well as information on browser caching and support for compression.

And it offers guidance regarding how well sites avoid plugins and app-install interstitials that hide content. The new offering was produced by Think With Google, a division of the company aimed at helping companies optimize their online presence to attract, convert and retain customers.