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Senior School. Exam assessor notes. VTAC and SEAS. Ban on mobile phones in schools is short-sighted. Opinion By Dan Hogan Updated Thu at 7:01amThu 27 Jun 2019, 7:01am A plan to ban mobile phones in public schools is as blunderbuss in intent as it is disconnected from reality.

Ban on mobile phones in schools is short-sighted

The heavy-handedness of legislating a singular device ban is straight out of the alarmist's book of bandaid solutions. To go full teacher-talk for a second: it is a poor behaviour management strategy. Prohibition will get us nowhere Where there is prohibition there will be bootleggers, which gives rise to a whole new set of problems. Phones have become an entrenched component of our personal and professional lives. In no more than two generations, the adults have transformed how our lives interface with the world; an interface defined by incessant connectivity, notifications, and infinite scrolling. A law that isolates children from the very real challenges of managing themselves in a world beholden to devices is lazy at best. And it's condescending But I digress. A larger conundrum An equity issue Where is the nuance? The case against banning and blocking digital access in schools.

I wish I could remember who said, “Swimming pools are dangerous, but we don’t ban them, we teach kids to swim”.

The case against banning and blocking digital access in schools

A great insight! They were referring to the idea that we are very quick to express ‘moral outrage’ and rush proactively to protect children and young people in relation to some dangers, but simply ‘solve problems’ by blocking their access to other potentially risky experiences. Across the Western world, we have rushed to block students’ (and in some cases everyone’s) access to websites and devices in the name of safety. I am presently working with 80+ enthusiastic 3rd year pre-service primary (elementary) teachers, in 4 groups, and the topic of safety in the digital world is at the forefront of our learning together. Banning and blocking! No! I’ll outline 6 reasons why I think this is a problem.. There are many studies showing that our current students generally have much greater access to the internet, devices and social media at home, than they do at school.

We have a problem.

Year 9 English

New York Times. Year 10 English. Psychology. Year 10 English. Top 10 Revision Strategies. 2.

Top 10 Revision Strategies

Flashcards. Flashcards are a very familiar tool used by students. Crucially, however, too many students fail to use them for effective self-testing – (only 30% in this research). Clearly, we need to train students to design, or find, effective revision flashcards, before then training them in their use. Students should also beware dropping flashcards they think they know. 3. 4. PhysicsHwkWrapper. PhysicsExamWrapper.

Exam Wrappers-Teaching Excellence. All too often, when students receive back a graded exam, they focus on a single feature – the score they earned.

Exam Wrappers-Teaching Excellence

While this focus on “the grade” is understandable, it can lead students to miss out on several learning opportunities that such assessment can provide: identifying their own individual areas of strength and weakness to guide further study;reflecting on the adequacy of their preparation time and the appropriateness of their study strategies; andcharacterizing the nature of their errors to find any recurring patterns that could be addressed. So, to encourage students to process their graded exams more deeply, several faculty members across the university have devised exam wrappers, short handouts that students complete when an exam is turned back to them.

These exam wrappers direct students to review their performance (and the instructor’s feedback) with an eye toward adapting their future learning. Examples from Mellon College of Science courses: English/ ELA Hyperdoc Power! How Photographers Are Changing the Definition of the Photo Essay. Whether through digital channels, print or on exhibit, the impact, influence and reach of the still image has never been greater.

How Photographers Are Changing the Definition of the Photo Essay

But with so many images fighting for our attention, how do photographers make work that most effectively stands out and connects with an audience. In this seven-part series, TIME looks back over the past 12 months to identify some of the ways of seeing—whether conceptually, aesthetically or through dissemination—that have grabbed our attention and been influential in maintaining photography's relevance in an ever shifting environment, media landscape, and culture now ruled by images. Barbie Has a New Body Cover Story. Photographs by Kenji Aoki for TIME Inside the biggest change in barbie’s 57-year history–and what it says about American beauty ideals Part 1Barbie’s dress won’t fit.

Barbie Has a New Body Cover Story

I’m sitting in a bright pink room at Mattel’s headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., playing with a Barbie that only 20 people in the world know exists. Her creation has been kept so secret that the designers code-named the endeavor Project Dawn so that even their spouses wouldn’t be tipped off to her existence. Like every girl who has ever played with the most popular toy in history, I yank her clothes off and try to put on a new dress.

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12 english 2018. Ancient Egypt. Professional Development. Year 7 English. Year 12 English. Ancient Mesopotamia.