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ScratchJr - Beyond the Hour of Code. ScratchJr is the best tablet-based programming app for pre-readers of all time.

ScratchJr - Beyond the Hour of Code

Getting students to the point where they are ScratchJr-comfortable only takes a lesson or two. Scratch the Dancing Cat: Two of the most important things students need to know is how to begin a program and how to tell the sprite to move. This lesson hits both of those points. The challenge for students is to design an awesome dance for Scratch the cat. To create a dance, they will need to use the green flag event block (this triggers the program to begin when the green flag is clicked) combined with several of the blue movement pieces. ScratchJr: Jumping on the Moon. Esta semana hemos seguido trasteando con ScratchJr, y para no ser menos, hoy hemos realizado una nueva actividad con esta aplicación.

ScratchJr: Jumping on the Moon

SCRATCH Junior, des missions ludiques et créatives pour initier vos élèves au codage. - L'Atelier Canopé 78 – Marly-le-Roi. Cet ensemble de documents a été réalisé dans le cadre du laboratoire des usages « Robotique et programmation » du réseau Canopé, et utilisé pour la première fois à l’occasion d’une formation « Atelier Vacances » à l’Atelier Canopé des Yvelines, Marly-le-Roi, puis lors d’autres formations "Initiation Scratch Junior" à l’intention de professeurs du 1er degré (GS, cycles 2 et 3).

SCRATCH Junior, des missions ludiques et créatives pour initier vos élèves au codage. - L'Atelier Canopé 78 – Marly-le-Roi

Les cartes « Missions » Des « missions » de type « scénario » (petit dessin animé) sont proposées aux stagiaires. Chacune des missions consiste à réaliser un programme avec Scratch Junior, en s’appuyant sur une animation vidéo qui montre le déroulement de ce programme. Les 28 missions sont réparties en 4 catégories, correspondant à des niveaux de difficulté croissante : jaune, bleu, magenta, vert. Athnes. Apprendre à programmer et à coder dès l'école maternelle avec ScratchJr. L'application de programmation simplifiée pour les plus jeunes enfants ScratchJR, qui n'était jusqu'à présent disponible que pour les tablettes IPAD existe maintenant pour les appareils fonctionnant sous Android.

Apprendre à programmer et à coder dès l'école maternelle avec ScratchJr

Scratch Junior permet d'initier graphiquement les plus jeunes à l'algorithmique et à la programmation. Ces activités permettent à l'élève d'acquérir un raisonnement logique, de réfléchir sur les démarches à mettre en œuvre et de structurer son travail. CodeableCrafts. Enseigner avec le numérique - Scratch Junior. Familiar PBS characters appear in new coding app for kids. Kids can use the new PBS app to make stories with characters from Peg + Cat and other shows.

Familiar PBS characters appear in new coding app for kids

PBS member stations will soon be able to help kids make their favorite characters move and talk with the PBS Kids ScratchJr app, which teaches kids basic concepts of coding and storytelling. Designed for children 5 to 8 years old, the game includes elements of Wild Kratts, WordGirl, Peg + Cat and Nature Cat. Kids can move blocks of code around on a iPad or Android tablet to make the characters move. Tablets were chosen as the game’s platform because younger kids can more easily play on larger screens. “Because of the age range we’re looking at, the tablet is much more accessible,” said Sara DeWitt, vice president of PBS Kids Digital. Formation ScratchJr. Helping Young Children Experiment, Explore, and Express Themselves with Code — Scratch Foundation Blog.

Helping Young Children Experiment, Explore, and Express Themselves with Code Below is an excerpt from The Official ScratchJr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code, an easy-to-use, hands-on guide for parents and educators.

Helping Young Children Experiment, Explore, and Express Themselves with Code — Scratch Foundation Blog

Written by the creators of ScratchJr, Marina Umaschi Bers (Professor at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University) and Mitchel Resnick (Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab), The Official ScratchJr Book is the perfect companion to the ScratchJr app. With ScratchJr, young children can bring their stories and ideas to life by connecting blocks of code to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Each chapter includes several activities that build on one another, culminating in a fun final project. Newly released by No Starch Press, the book is available in paperback or ebook format. (Images provided courtesy of No Starch Press) Making things... Learning Things. [Note: Updated, April 22, 2015]

Making things... Learning Things

L'Agence nationale des Usages des TICE - De la logique au code avec Scratch Junior. Learn. Tips & Hints Tips and hints that you might find useful as you explore ScratchJr.


For answers to more general questions about ScratchJr, see the Frequently Asked Questions. Learn how to make a new project, rename an existing project, and delete a project. New PBS KIDS ScratchJr app launches. Based on the ScratchJr programming language co-developed by the MIT Media Lab and Tufts University, PBS has released PBS KIDS ScratchJr, a free app to help children ages 5-8 learn coding concepts as they create their own stories and games using over 150 PBS KIDS characters.

New PBS KIDS ScratchJr app launches

With the PBS KIDS ScratchJr app, kids can snap together colorful programming blocks to make their favorite characters move, jump, dance, and sing. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively. The free app is now available from the App Store on iPad and from the Google Play store on Android tablet. Through outreach efforts supported by the Verizon Foundation and the Ready To Learn Initiative, PBS member stations will extend the reach of PBS KIDS ScratchJr to children in underserved communities across the U.S. through programs and partnerships with Title I schools. Verizon will also be supporting the development of after-school activities and a weeklong summer camp. Programmer en maternelle avec Scratch Jr. Programmer avec Scratch Jr en grande section de maternelle.

Ressources - Coder avec Scratch Junior en Cycle 2. ScratchJr - Vidéo Activité 1. Scratch Programming Resources, Tutorials, and Books. In this clip, Cameron gives us the quick introduction to what’s different in the PBS Kids ScratchJr app that was released today.

Scratch Programming Resources, Tutorials, and Books

You can find it in your app store. Some below the fold tech stuff: Despite a recent post promoting the Andy Android Emulator, I had to install a different emulator (Bluestacks) to get the PBS version of Scratch to run. Andy runs Android 4.2 and the PBS Kids ScratchJr app requires Android 4.4. Yikes – the two scratch versions have different system requirements. ScratchJr - Home. Scratch Jr. History[edit] Supported devices/OSs[edit] It was launched in July 2014 for iPad ; an Android version was released in March 2015.[3] It should be followed by a web-based version later in 2015.[4] User interface[edit] Both the number of categories of programming blocks and the number of blocks within each category have been reduced, so that only most basic ones were retained, and are completely icon-based.[1] Backgrounds are part of pages that can be changed by "Go to Page", and each have one's own set of sprites together with their background.

Use in school settings[edit] It has been used in kindergarten classrooms at the Eliot-Pearson Children's School in Medford, affiliated with the Tufts University, and in the Jewish Community Day School in Watertown, Boston.[1] References[edit] ScratchJr App Review. Reviewed by Steve Bambury CONCEPT: The acclaimed Scratch coding system comes to the iPad, tweaked to suit even younger students. ScratchJr: Jumping on the Moon. Scratch Jr : la programmation simplifiée pour les moins de 8 ans. Scratch Junior - Jeu "Course dans la savane"

ScratchJr. The current ScratchJr logo. The first prototype of the program. ScratchJr is a mobile application released on July 30, 2014 for the iPad. It is developed by Tufts University, with grants from the National Science Foundation, to allow young kids (the target is age 5 to age 7) to easily learn programming with a system based on Scratch. The goal of ScratchJr is to "develop and study the next generation of innovative technologies and curricular materials to support integrated STEM learning in early childhood education. Scratch à la maternelle. Teach. Tutoriel Scratch Jr pour apprendre à programmer dès l'école maternelle.

Vidéo : Programmer avec Scratch Jr en grande section de maternelle. Vidéo Scratch à la maternelle. Vidéo : Scratch Jr Tutorial. P5-Course.pdf. P6-CoucherSoleil.pdf. P7-LeverLune.pdf. P8-Discussion.pdf. P9-DiscussionPersonnage.pdf.