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Virtual Classroom Spanish: spanish courses online, in class, part-time, distance learning. Real Academia Española. Spanish. Expresiones españolas para Erasmus en apuros. 797 Votes A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan A buenas horas mangas verdes A bulto A caballo regalado, no le mires el dentado A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando A falta de pan buenas son tortas A fin de cuentas A hangover A la buena de Dios A la fuerza ahorcan A la vuelta de la esquina A lo hecho, pecho A mal tiempo, buena cara A menos bulto, más claridad.

Expresiones españolas para Erasmus en apuros

Estados Unidos ya no sabe vivir sin el español – Mundo – Noticias, última hora, vídeos y fotos de Mundo en lainformacion. España recibe el apoyo de EEUU para cooperar contra la expropiación de YPF Si uno coge el metro en Manhattan hasta Astoria, en Queens, al bajar descubrirá que el inglés ha desaparecido.

Estados Unidos ya no sabe vivir sin el español – Mundo – Noticias, última hora, vídeos y fotos de Mundo en lainformacion

En el barrio, las conversaciones, los carteles de las tiendas y la música que sale de casas y coches son en español. Lo mismo ocurre en decenas de zonas de Nueva York o Los Ángeles y en ciudades enteras de Florida, Texas o California. More Spanish: Five for Friday: 5 Web 2.0 tools to record oral communication. I am working on a series of blog posts for the summer called Five for Friday.

More Spanish: Five for Friday: 5 Web 2.0 tools to record oral communication

Today I want to share my favorite five Web 2.0 tools to record oral communication in the classroom.The biggest shift in oral assessment for my class occurred because of the variety of web 2.0 tools that can be used to record students. I still believe the best way to practice the language is in person, with a partner or in small groups, but the best way to formally assess a large group of students (at the same time) or gauge their progress is by using the following tools. Each one will fulfill a different need. Google Voice My students use this tool weekly. They record their homework on it. Voicethread My class gets a lot of mileage from Voicethread as well. Lingt Language I did not use this website this year, but as I was preparing for an end of school inservice that described it, I regretted not using it. Audacity Alright, so this is #6.

What are your favorite tools to record oral communication? ESPAÑOL. Español. Learning spanish. Spanish. Spanish Language Drill. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Spanish Language Drill

(For information and Copyright notice, [click here] ). For comments, [click here] or send e-mail to: We present a facility for the interactive drilling in Spanish Grammar. The following is a list of the titles available. To get any of the titles (pages), click on the corresponding "link". A1a: -Demonstratives A2a: -Possessives A3a: -Saber vs conocer, pedir vs preguntar A4a: -Ser / estar (I) A5a: -Ser / estar (II) A6a: -Idioms with verbs (hacer, tener, etc.)A7a: -Articles and genderA8a: -InterrogativesA9a: -Gustar and similar verbsA10a: -Present ProgressiveA11a: -"Para" vs.

Each page contains roughly 10 questions. In general, there is more than one valid answer, the number being indicated after the links. "Gloss.? "Grammatical Notes" is a link to explanations relating to drills in the page. Copyright 1996 Samuel Schiminovich. The text and the HTML formatting of these drills is covered by this copyright. Top. Learn Spanish Online Free - Learning Spanish. Don Quijote Members. Pssst...

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Your email address may not be correct. If you want to receive the free weekly lesson and offer alarms please modify your profile adding a valid email address. Hello Guest! Welcome to ¿? Don Quijote Members Section! Below this text you'll find the new weekly content, so you can easily check the new lessons, jokes, and other new features every time. Last Contents... Lesson of the Week This week's lesson and its corresponding exercise are about "Concordancia temporal (Indicativo + que + Subjuntivo)". Go to Lessons Word of Today The selected Word of Today (Palabra del Día) is: Desmayo. Go to Palabra del Día. Aburrirse. Spanish Verb:aburrirse English Translation: to get bored, become bored, be bored Like our free content?


Let us know! Follow us on Twitter to recieve our Verb of the Day! Notes: Regular Verb. Translated sentences containing 'aburrirse' Los niños se aburrieron más fácilmente que los adultos. The children got bored more easily than the adults. 501 Spanish Verbs flashcards. Mnemonics to learn Spanish verbs, ser and estar ~ Learn Spanish language fast. Posted by Amit Schandillia at 5:22 PM There has always been a major confusion for new learners of Spanish over the translation of the English, to be.

Mnemonics to learn Spanish verbs, ser and estar ~ Learn Spanish language fast

This is because, Spanish has two different words (estar & ser) for this verb and you need to be extremely careful in their usage. Any mistake might drastically change the meaning! That said and done, it is very tedious to learn the complicated rules on where to use estar and where to use ser. This is where mnemonics come into play. Doctor (usage for ser) D escription (Ella es alta.) O ccupation (Soy profesor.) Learn Spanish.