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Restyled Home. Hammers and High Heels. Getting started with SparkNotes for Android. The website has only been available to the public for a little over a month, but it's already gaining attention among tech elite.

Getting started with SparkNotes for Android

Have you ever wanted Facebook to get rid of all those ads? Paul Budnitz went out and did something about it. Budnitz founded Ello, a social network that launched about six weeks ago and pitches itself as an alternative to the world's largest social network. Its biggest selling point is the feature it doesn't have: advertising. It seems like a joke at first. But its dead serious manifesto is becoming a rallying cry across the web: "Your social network is owned by advertisers," Ello says, adding that every post, friend and link is tracked meticulously by competing social networks, and all of that data is used to help advertisers send you ads. Ello's growing popularity, pegged at more than 35,000 people asking to sign up per hour, can be explained in two ways. Ello promises it will be different. Could Ello unseat Facebook? Rips in My Jeans. 21 Great Sites to Help Save Money When Shopping Online. We all love saving money and online shopping has revolutionized the way we do so.

Back in the pre-internet age, if you wanted to save a few bucks, you either had to drive to the edge of town to compare prices or spend an entire Sunday afternoon cutting those darn coupons. Thanks to the internet revolution, saving money shopping online has never been easier. With more retailers setting up shop on the web, all it takes is a click of a button to compare prices and find the best deals. If you know what you’re doing, there are ways to save even more money.

Here are some online tools guaranteed to save you some of that hard earned cash. The world's best sewing tutorials in no particular order. Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern.

The world's best sewing tutorials in no particular order.

Domestic Charm. Toy Rotation Bins. A few months ago I read the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and quickly became convinced that my kids had too many toys. Not only that, but they had the wrong types of toys,and too many options at any given time. Budget Wise Home — Decorating on a Budget. Design Dazzle. Thrive. If you’re like me, your January is about resolutions and getting organized. Our house is getting some much needed get-rid-of-the-crap-you-don’t-need lovin’, room by room.

First stop, the kids’ closets. Everything but jeans and jammies gets hung up. And with two kids per room, that means all the shirts, church clothes, dresses, coats, etc. for both of them have to play nice in a single, cramped closet. Skip to my Lou. Icandy handmade. TUTORIALS. Click an image below for step-by-step instructions and easy sewing projects.


Don’t worry…we won’t leave you hanging! We’ve got all the nitty gritty details. So click around and have fun. Sew Mama Sew! J's Everyday Fashion. Tutorials. For the Home Kid’s Clothing For Kids and Babies.


Decor. Tea towel pillow on the left, napkin pillow on the right. In the tradition of the Anthro placemat pillows, here are two more methods to create home decor from table linens. This is a much more affordable option for me than actually buying the pillows. Needle Crafts. Savannah from Oh So Pretty: The Diaries is here to share her Sew a Bird on it! Let's give her a round of applause for such detail. Plus a free printable bird template. Thanks, Savannah! We had this awesome tray in our living room that had these pretty little stitched designs but, they were old and they didn't match our new color schemes so we decided to update it! Thriftily DIYing my way to a beautiful home  LILLA BLANKA. The Magic of Paint! – Spray Paint Blog segment to show what a little paint can do to those things you have lying around that just don’t go with anything else or just need a little refreshing and updating to make you love them again!

The Magic of Paint! –

Small Telephone Table spray painted with (Lowe’s)Valspar Colbalt Cannon, love that color! My Antique Kitchen Chicken spray painted with (Lowe’s) Valspar Tropical Oasis. Diddle dumpling: crafts. After nearly 13 years using the same trusty black leather Fossil wallet, I recently decided I was ready for a change. I snagged an adorable fabric wallet made by a friend of mine, but it didn't have a zippered compartment for my coins. This, of course, necessitated the creation of a coin purse. I'm not sure how I came to settle on the design that I did, but after making the decision that I wanted some pretty french knots to adorn my new purse, I chose a graduating assortment of yellow embroidery floss and a scrap of grey linen from my stash.

This was the perfect in-front-of-the-tv project and took me several hours to complete. HandymanWire - Building a Sandbox. The sandbox is 6 ft. by 6 ft. Two 12 ft long 2x12's can be purchased and each cut in half to provide the boards for the sides. Or buy four 8-ft boards and cut them to 6 ft long. The sides are joined at the corners with a corner post.

Which is bolted to each of the boards at the corner. Upholstering Series {how to upholster. Blogs & websites. About - The Fit Cook - Healthy Recipes - Skinny Recipes. Lancome Rouge in Love, Swatches, Photos, Reviews. Lancome just launched a new, longwearing lipstick formula: Rouge in Love.

Lancome Rouge in Love, Swatches, Photos, Reviews

There are 21 colors, divided into three groups: daytime shades Jolis Matins (“beautiful mornings”), cocktail colors Boudoir Time, and intense, magical shades Tonight Is My Night. Lancome designates the Jolis Matins shades with an M; the Boudoir Time shades with a B; and Tonight Is My Night shades with an N. The packaging is really pretty (and not terribly heavy). Cupcakes and Cashmere. Tutorial: How to make a Fabric Headboard. In my master bedroom, I wanted an extra large headboard that would make a statement.Here are my instructions on how to make a fabric headboard…not just any fabric’ll see.

Tutorial: How to make a Fabric Headboard

Step 1: Find fabric that you love! I found this fabric at my favorite fabric store called Home Fabrics and Rugs. It cost 5.99 a yard, and I bought 10 yards. (I still have some left over, but we’ll just play it safe and say it cost me $59.00 for the fabric. One of the main reasons I chose this fabric was because it was neutral in color. Step 2: Measure your space. Can You Cut Up A Large Couch To Make it Smaller? Um, YES? Bedroom Galleries »

Short Cut Saturday – The New Bob. You asked, so I’m bringing a new section to Hair Romance – Short Cut Saturday! Short Cut Saturday will feature inspirational short cuts and easy hairstyles for short hair. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below. I love this layered bob hairstyles, one of the styles featured in Refinery29′s Fall hairstyles feature. This is a perfect style if you’re growing out your pixie cut, or you’re looking for an easy short hairstyle. If your hair has a natural wave, the layers will encourage this. If your hair is straight, the layers will add shape and you can use a curling wand to create some waves. Alexa Chung has done so much for the layered bob, and made growing your hair out look cool. A Cultivated Nest — Inspiring Cottage Ideas for Your Home & Garden.

Simple Ways to Reuse and Repurpose - DIY Inspired. Simple Ways to Reuse and Repurpose.

Simple Ways to Reuse and Repurpose - DIY Inspired

RustiChic: Before & Afters. My Yellow Sandbox. A Beautiful Mess. Popular Hair & Beauty from Pinterest: 28 Feb 2012 - IKnowHair.Com. Black and white stripe upcycle: Shirt into skirt! Homemade "Shout" Stain Remover. This post is brought to you by Amazon where you can get deals on household cleaners! . . . Buttons. News, patterns, tutorials and reviews. Anngela's Pretty Little Things: Dressy Tunic Top {Tutorial} Megan nielsen design diary - DIY tutorials. Print custom fabric on-demand. Delight by design. Today is the day that we finally depart for our European adventure!

Although our final destination is Italy we will be spending the first day in Madrid and thought it was only appropriate to share some inspiration from my favorite Spanish interior design magazine, nuevo estilo, to get me in the mood! Kendi Everyday. .. The Look 4 Less. Spring into Organization! The Bargain Whore: Coupons. How To Start The Fun Task Of Couponing. How I Painted My Vinyl Floor. Not Just Paper and Glue: It’s Pinterest Party Time! Kids Birthday Party Themes: berries and branches christmas party. Full of Great Ideas. 25 HairStyle TUTORIALS & EXTRAS!

.. in the Fun Lane. Grandma’s Camp Book. Top 12 Websites For Crafting And DIY Projects. Top 10 Sites for Do It Yourself Projects : Planet Green. Blissfully Ever After: Budget Friendly Entryway Makeover. Dollar Store Crafts. A Little Tipsy. About. DIY. 20 minute crafter. DIY Home Organization, Home Organization Blog, Organize My Home, Declutter My House. Vintage Revivals. Untitled. The Perfect Palette. How to get organized? Follow these PROCESS steps…. Traditional Exterior Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas. Classy Cosmetics.

Cool Stuff to Buy Online. Custom Lip Color Re-Order (2 Tubes or Wands) What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you. Mrs Happy Homemaker { Mrs Happy Homemaker } Under $10 and under 1 hour. Recipe Index. Delightful Order. Morning MakeUp Call: March 2011. Centsational Girl.

My Fridge Food - Recipes you already have in your Fridge. The Hairpin. Caprese Salad: Re-designed. The Best Makeup Brushes - Real Techniques - Real Techniques. A blog about styling hair, and hair generally. EmergingThoughts Blog. Controlling My Chaos: Altered Clipboards. Free Printable Coupons, coupon blog, DIY, Learn How to Coupon, and Make Ahead Meals. Nutrition. Menu Plan Your Butt Off. It’s Dollar Store Week! The Pot. How To Build a Pottery Barn Inspired Vanity - DIYdiva. Photo Collage Max. Favorite Paint Colors: Luna Light. Tips, Video Tutorials, Reviews, and more! Beauty Makeup Magic.