Turn the whole Internet into handy resources for your school

With Pearltrees Education, the Internet becomes the main documentary resource for your school. Teachers and students organize all the resources that matter and share them with all the members of their school.

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The educational resources of the Internet always at hand

Turn anything you find of interest into working resources. You can add and keep everything wherever it comes from - web page, files,- whatever the type - articles photos, notes…- and from anywhere - computer, tablet and phones.

Organize, prioritize and give their full meaning to your resources

With its visual and dynamic interface, Pearltrees lets you manipulate, organize and prioritize an infinite number of resources into an unlimited number of collections. Besides, it’s amazingly simple.

Present, share and re-use, in class or at home

Gather resources, reflections, key concepts, and enrich them over time. You can present them in the classroom or share them for students to have them at home. Anyone can keep things private, show them to a group, a class or to the whole school.

Collaborate directly with students… and other teachers

Students, teachers, librarians... Connect all players in the school according to your interests. Develop media methodology, teamwork and interdisciplinary teaching.

Digital teaching through action

Equip students with a digital working tool that allows them to explore and acquire key knowledge while developing their digital skills.

A standalone, protected and secure environment

Develop students autonomy and proactivity by offering them a risk free digital workspace: content filtering, anonymity and private account outside the school, no advertising.

Eliminate printing, subscriptions and useless papers

Reduce massively the costs of acquisition and distribution of your resources by replacing them by free digital materials protected by private sharing.

Bring your school in the digital age

Pearltrees Education spreads to the whole school with great simplicity. It connects the teachers of your school, links them to teachers from other schools, and to all key figures of the education world.

Tested, used and approved by tens of thousands of teachers and institutions all over the world.

Today, Pearltrees is used by tens of thousands of teachers and thousands of institutions in the world. The Education version has been designed with the french Secretary of State of Education and has been granted by the contributions of international education specialists.