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Your horror stories of post baby op that can ruin lives. Lisa Woodrow considered suicide Women damaged by a mesh designed to treat post-childbirth incontinence have finally been offered a glimmer of hope after enduring years of misery.

Your horror stories of post baby op that can ruin lives

As Good Health has repeatedly reported, many have suffered as the plastic mesh disintegrated into fragments which slice like cheesewire into surrounding flesh, causing crippling pain and infection, worsened incontinence, difficulty walking and, for some, the end of their sex lives. Yet despite all this, the NHS has continued to give the implant a clean bill of health. And then earlier this year, a Scottish Government investigation rejected calls for the material to be banned. But following growing anger about the report — including concerns that data showing the meshes often go wrong wasn’t properly included — the report is to be reviewed, the Scottish health minister Shona Robison has announced. The Mail's report published last month ‘Most women seem to get on well with this type of surgery,’ he said. Probe to examine possible conflicts of interest in troubled mesh implant inquiry - Sunday Post. HEALTH secretary Shona Robison has ordered an independent review of Scotland’s troubled mesh implant inquiry – amid fears that some members of the team had previous links to firms which make the devices.

Probe to examine possible conflicts of interest in troubled mesh implant inquiry - Sunday Post

The Scottish Government set up the inquiry after hundreds of women given the implants to treat bladder problems were left with life-changing injuries. But mesh campaigners were dissatisfied with its report, which decided against banning most types of mesh implant. Three inquiry members resigned just before the report’s publication, claiming some recommendations had been removed.

Now The Sunday Post can reveal that all four clinical experts on the 20-strong inquiry, plus three other members, had links to firms which made the mesh implants. There is no suggestion that any of these people has done anything wrong, and many surgeons work closely with companies developing new medical techniques. Minister says expert will look at mesh implants review. Image copyright AFP Health Secretary Shona Robison has asked an expert to examine a review into the safety of mesh implants.

Minister says expert will look at mesh implants review

Many women have questioned the safety of the implants, which are used to treat incontinence, after suffering debilitating side effects. Two patients sitting on the original review group quit in protest at what they said was a watered-down report. Now independent expert Alison Britten, a professor of healthcare and medical law, will examine the final report. Ms Robison told Holyrood's public petitions committee that Prof Britten, from Glasgow Caledonian University, would examine the process by which the report came to its conclusions. She told MSPs: "Professor Britten will produce a report on how the independent review process was undertaken and importantly what lessons can be learned in the future.

" The report concluded procedures should not be offered routinely to women with pelvic organ prolapse. Mesh survivors shall see the justice they deserve. NEIL FINDLAY writes on the healthcare scandal affecting women in Scotland and the rest of the world TRANSVAGINAL mesh.

Mesh survivors shall see the justice they deserve

Have you heard of it? Probably not — why? Because it involves the “V” word. Apparently in 2017 our society still runs a mile from talking about parts of our bodies that might offend. For the last four years I have been working with some of the most determined, decent and honest women I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Alex Neil 'disturbed and disappointed ' by the outcome of the mesh implants inquiry he established. Alex Neil - Scottish Government Former Health Secretary Alex Neil has criticised the final report by an independent inquiry into the safety of transvaginal mesh implants that he set up.

Alex Neil 'disturbed and disappointed ' by the outcome of the mesh implants inquiry he established

Responding to a ministerial statement by his successor Shona Robison, Neil said the fact two victims had lost confidence and quit the inquiry made the report lack credibility. Transvaginal Mesh Implants - Scottish Parliament: 30th March 2017. Mesh implant campaigners 'betrayed' by report publication. Two campaigners against mesh implants say they are "dismayed and disgusted" at the publication of an independent report into their risks and use which they claim has been "watered down".

Mesh implant campaigners 'betrayed' by report publication

Olive McIlroy and Elaine Holmes, who resigned from the mesh implants review group, said they felt "utterly betrayed" by the publication. It was claimed that parts of the final report had been removed. Mesh scandal report findings have ‘no credibility’ according to former Health Secretary Alex Neil - Sunday Post. FORMER Health Secretary Alex Neil last night condemned the “horrific ordeal” suffered by victims of what is potentially Scotland’s biggest ever medical negligence scandal.

Mesh scandal report findings have ‘no credibility’ according to former Health Secretary Alex Neil - Sunday Post

And he called for the postponement of a report he ordered into surgical mesh implants which victims have already branded a “whitewash”. Mr Neil instigated the review in 2014 in the face of mounting evidence about the safety of mesh surgery and after meeting women left with life-changing disabilities. Now he wants the inquiry report to be delayed to address victims’ concerns. They say vital evidence has been ignored or unexpectedly deleted from earlier draft findings. And the SNP politician is calling for the appointment of an independent ombudsman to investigate patients’ concerns about the inquiry, as well as allegations of conflicts of interest among the expert panel. “They have suffered a horrific ordeal. Medical expert quits mesh implant review group. An expert at the centre of the independent review group looking at the safety of mesh implants in Scotland has resigned.

Medical expert quits mesh implant review group

The consultant, who does not wish to be named, stepped down following the revelation that an entire chapter of the final report had been removed. It follows the resignation of two patient representatives who claimed the report had been watered down. Health Secretary Shona Robison said no evidence would be hidden. Transvaginal mesh implants are medical devices used by surgeons to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence in women, conditions that can commonly occur after childbirth. What's the issue with mesh implants?

Over the past 20 years, more than 20,000 women in Scotland have had mesh or tape implants but some have suffered painful and debilitating complications. There are more than 400 women currently taking legal action against Scottish health boards and manufacturers as a result of mesh implant surgery. ‘Betrayed’ victims quit mesh implants inquiry - Sunday Post. VICTIMS of one of Scotland’s biggest medical negligence scandals have resigned from the official inquiry into it – claiming it is a “whitewash”.

‘Betrayed’ victims quit mesh implants inquiry - Sunday Post

Campaigners Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy were patient representatives on an investigation set up three years ago into the dangers of controversial mesh implant surgery. But last night they resigned from the inquiry just a month before its final report is published – claiming key evidence of the dangers of the implants has been ignored. Elaine and Olive were asked to participate in the inquiry after ex-Health Secretary Alex Neil agreed to a full investigation into how implants used to treat bladder problems and pelvic organ prolapse left victims with appalling injuries.

And Elaine and Olive welcomed an interim report, published 15 months ago, which said NHS Scotland should stop routinely using the implants which have crippled hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. “But mesh victims have been ignored, abused and marginalised. Scottish MESH Survivors, News and Media Scotland, England, Worldwide. Scotland - Sunday Mail Articles 18 September 2016: Mesh scandal: Lawyer claims counterfeit materials were used in controversial implants: 4 September 2016: Top surgeon says doctors are complicit in mesh scandal and it stains reputation of whole medical profession:

Scottish MESH Survivors, News and Media Scotland, England, Worldwide

Mesh implants still used in Scotland despite suspension call. Hundreds of mesh implant operations have been performed in Scotland despite ministers recommending their suspension. Figures obtained by the BBC show that 404 women have received mesh and tape implants since the health secretary called for the suspension in June 2014. The Scottish government said the position had been made clear. Those boards still using mesh implants said they discussed all the potential risks with patients before surgery. The procedure is used to ease incontinence and pelvic prolapse. Mesh implants campaigners demand probe after US lawyer says medical firm used fake materials. CAMPAIGNERS have called for an investigation into allegations that counterfeit materials may have been used in controversial mesh implants in Scotland. Fears have been raised that an unknown number of women in Scotland could have received implants containing the fake materials.

US lawyer Steve Mostyn alleges that manufacturer Boston Scientific sourced polypropylene from an area of China notorious for counterfeit materials to be used in implants, a claim denied by the company. Labour MSP Neil Findlay is seeking a meeting with police over the "astonishing and deeply, deeply disturbing" claims, while campaign group Scottish Mesh Survivors has called for a suspension on the use of Boston Scientific products. However, a spokeswoman for Boston Scientific said: "These allegations are simply not true. We stand by our products, our testing and verification of the Marlex used in our products, and we continue to reject any allegations that this resin is counterfeit or adulterated. - Connecting People Through News. Pelvic Mesh Implant Procedures Halted in Scotland - Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk. Scottish Health Sec. Alex Neil Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 23, 2016 ~ Journalist Marion Scott continues her headline-making reporting on pelvic mesh implant procedures for Scotland’s Daily Record. Public Petitions Committee - Scottish Parliament: 8th March 2016. Scottish MESH Survivors. Mesh implants review recommends better training for medical staff (From Herald Scotland) Better training should be put in place to ensure medical staff are more aware of the complications women can suffer after mesh implant surgery, a review has suggested. The interim report expressed "serious concerns that some women who had adverse events found they were not believed", adding this added to women's distress and meant they had to wait longer for help.

As a result, it recommended an expert group, being led by the Scottish Government, should now "review the training and information available to clinical teams and find ways of incorporating patient views". Three of the four mesh procedures routinely used in Scottish hospitals will no longer be recommended. THREE of the four mesh procedures routinely used in Scottish hospitals will no longer be recommended under a raft of new measures designed to protect patients. Wholesale reform of medical procedures around mesh implants is detailed in a safety review launched after the Sunday Mail revealed hundreds of women had been left crippled and in agony after surgery. Mesh victims who joined the Hear Our Voice campaign welcomed the findings of the review yesterday, saying the revised guidelines will save others enduring similar torment.

The expert review group launched by the Scottish Government have decided using mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse should not be approved for patients – despite UK health watchdog the MHRA insisting the potential benefits outweigh any risks. Procedures using implants to treat bladder problems will also no longer be recommended for routine use in Scotland. It urges surgeons to improve their knowledge about mesh complications and their “listening and empathy” skills. Physios should have a greater role in supporting mesh implant patients, enquiry finds.

"Physiotherapy should be specifically mentioned in the care pathways" - Elizabeth Crothers, review committee member. Celebrity Comments - Scottish MESH Survivors. Motions, Questions and Answers Search. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is responsible for ensuring that all medical devices placed on the UK market are compliant with the relevant legislation and has a duty to enforce this legislation. When a quality or safety concern with a device is identified MHRA may issue a medical device alert to healthcare professionals outlining the problem and appropriate action(s) to take, including identifying and contacting all patients who have been implanted with the product. It is a requirement of the Medical Devices Regulations that manufacturers have to inform MHRA of any Field Safety Corrective Action taken in the UK for their devices; this includes any device recalls from the market. MHRA has reported that Boston Scientific has not informed them that they have taken any kind of Field Safety Correction Action for these devices including any removal of devices from the market for safety reasons or non-conformity with the Regulations.

00486661. Government facing massive payout if women aren't warned about mesh implants. The Government have been warned that they face a massive payout if they fail to warn women who have been given a defective mesh device by the NHS. Ministers have said they will not begin to contact women who may have been given implants considered dangerous in the US until after a safety review. Scottish MESH Survivors. Plastic mesh implants could be causing horrific health problems for Scots women. Scottish MESH Survivors, News and Media Scotland, England, Worldwide. Mesh surgery scandal: Health watchdog accused of backing procedures without fully understanding risks. Health Secretary says mesh surgery only to happen with 'fully informed consent' of patient. Support for mesh implant survivors - Government World Magazine. PE01517: Polypropylene Mesh Medical Devices - Getting Involved : Scottish Parliament. The petitioner has also collected 314 hard copy signatures.

Motions, Questions and Answers Search. Supported by: Mary Scanlon, Jamie McGrigor, Jim Hume, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Cameron Buchanan, Margaret Mitchell, Murdo Fraser, Anne McTaggart, Jackie Baillie, Ken Macintosh, Neil Findlay, John Scott, Annabel Goldie, Sarah Boyack. PE01517: Polypropylene Mesh Medical Devices - Getting Involved : Scottish Parliament. Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations. SALES reps from the makers of controversial mesh products were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations on patients. Health boards across Scotland have admitted staff members from firms were present during intimate procedures as advisers to NHS medics. The reps were merely required to complete a £250 theatre access course on protocol and infection control.

Yesterday victims of botched mesh ops questioned whether women were fully informed – though health boards said consent had to be given from patients. Live: Scottish Parliament 24 February 2015 - BBC News. Mesh implants campaigners give evidence to MSPs. Women urge MSPs to act over mesh implants. Ntroversial mesh implants to be banned by Dumfries and Galloway health board. Mesh surgery scandal: Health minister Alex Neil calls for urgent review of controversial treatment. PE01517: Polypropylene Mesh Medical Devices - Getting Involved : Scottish Parliament. Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil requests mesh implant suspension. Mesh surgery scandal: Operation victims launch advice and support website.

Mesh Surgery scandal: Exercise therapies costing less than £130 could have saved victims from agony of op.