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Disaperance of the outside

Seeing in a Sacred Manner - Conversations with Transformative Artists. The official publication for Art & Culture of Brazil. FSP - Tourism - 76 km Trail leads to intimate plateau - 03/01/2013. Sustainable Development: SGI Activities at Rio+20. SGI News: Global activities for peace, education and culture Sustainable Development: SGI Activities at Rio+20 The opening of the Japan Pavilion [SGI-OPI] The SGI was an active participant in events supporting the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, Rio+20) which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20-22.

Sustainable Development: SGI Activities at Rio+20

Rio+20 marked the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) which was also held in Rio de Janeiro. On June 13, as part of the PrepCom (held from June 13-15), SGI Peace Affairs Program Coordinator Nobuyuki Asai spoke at a symposium organized by the Earth Charter International titled "Exploring Synergies Between Faith Values and Education for Sustainable Development" that introduced a publication of the same name supported by UNESCO. This is tomorrow - EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING. EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING review by Gina Buenfeld When John Latham lived in Flat Time House, he conceived of its layout as an organism through which visitors journey, beginning with the face, moving through the mind, hand, eventually arriving amongst the inner workings at its core.

this is tomorrow - EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING

If Latham’s house is to be understood as a body-event, EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING is a bodying-forth of language, where we come to realise even our most abstract cogitations are subject to the sentient life of the body itself. Taking its title from a work Bob Cobbing produced in 1972, the exhibition brings three younger generation female artists into dialogue with Cobbing’s language experiments, in which the body, language, sound and form immerse and enact themselves in one another.

Anna Barham’s ongoing word-game propagates phrases that invite us to sense meaning in spite of their nonsensical syntax. We Find Wildness. The Surgeon and The Photographer (detail), 2009 365 puppet figures, fabric, found images, metal stands, 60 wooden plinths each figure: 45 x 13 x 13 cm, courtesy: Casey Kaplan New York, Catriona Jeffries Vancouver, photo: SCOTT MASSEY The Surgeon and The Photographer (detail), 2009365 puppet figures, fabric, found images, metal stands, 60 wooden plinthseach figure: 45 x 13 x 13 cm, courtesy: Casey Kaplan New York, Catriona Jeffries Vancouver I am by nature one and also many, dividing the single me into many, and even opposing them as great and small, light and dark, and in ten thousand other ways, 2001, Fabric, wig, paper, broom, courtesy Catriona Jeffries Gallery, photo : SCOTT MASSEY Rauschenberg’s Toe, 2011wood, battery powered LED241.3 x 8.9 x 43.8 cm, courtesy: Casey Kaplan New York all images from: The Sur­geon and the Pho­tog­ra­pher, 2009.

We Find Wildness

City of Greater Campolongo. Bojon.

City of Greater Campolongo

Akuol de mabior. Buying Choices: Kodak Hero 7.1 All-In-One WiFi Printer (Print, Copy, Scan) 229 the venue. SGI Library Online - The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin. THERE are two types of illness: minor and serious.

SGI Library Online - The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin

Early treatment by a skilled physician can cure even serious illnesses, not to mention minor ones. Karma also may be divided into two categories: fixed and unfixed. Sincere repentance will eradicate even fixed karma, to say nothing of karma that is unfixed. The seventh volume of the Lotus Sutra states, “This sutra provides good medicine for the ills of the people of Jambudvīpa.”1 These words can be found in no other sutra. All the sacred teachings of Shakyamuni’s lifetime are the golden words of the Thus Come One; for countless kalpas, they have never contained the slightest falsehood.

King Ajātashatru broke out in virulent sores all over his body on the fifteenth day of the second month of his fiftieth year. Xen-Do Martial Arts London. Chicago legend Derrick Carter preps House Masters compilation, announces tour dates. Defected releases a clutch of previously unreleased cuts and edits from the Chicago king.

Chicago legend Derrick Carter preps House Masters compilation, announces tour dates

House Masters Derrick Carter includes over 15 previously unreleased cuts and edits which previously would only have been found in Derrick’s own personal collection. “Choosing the material for this compilation was an experience for sure,” says Carter. The compilation process was “sometimes taxing and frustrating but also fun and exciting.” How To Apple Factory Unlock iPhone 4 / 4S on Three 3 Network Any Baseband Any iOS. MINDGAMES : Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar. A quadrangled story about shades and variations in co-dependence and sovereignty, inspired by a musician (John Lennon), a theorist (Henri Lefebvre), an author (Halldor Laxness) and a demented ruler of Rome (Caligula).

Published in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie. Designed by Noah Venezia, Werkplaats Typographie, Arnhem / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. Size: 12 x 17 cm Pages: 152 Edition: 500 Mindgames is constituted by four parts – ordered in alternating sequence – to form thirteen chapters in total. The Cinematic Sound Of Hurry Up We're Dreaming: Meet M83's Anthony Gonzalez. The monks of Tibhirine. Sembra di entrare in una suggestiva kasba berbera, con le sue torri all’entrata a disegno geometrico e i suoi muri ocra, ma il bel nome scritto in grande la tradisce: Notre Dame de l’Atlas.

The monks of Tibhirine

Party Father Renato Zilio for 25 years of priesthood - Timeline - New Venice. DOLO.

Party Father Renato Zilio for 25 years of priesthood - Timeline - New Venice Renato Zilio.

Renato Zilio. 00:44 · Vinicius de Moraes - Soneto de fidelidade. League of Pragmatic Optimists. Experimental photography movement. Eye Magazine. Device. Transformation Projects. Blacknegative. DesignCharts // Weekly Top 40 Website Design Charts // Because Web Designers Are The New Rockstars // Best Website Designs Updated Weekly.

Lionel Williams. Lionel Williams - Artist, musician, aspiring supernaturalist Born March 4 1990, Hollywood Lives and works in Los Angeles( portrait ) California Institute of the Arts - BFA2 (2014 grad)

Lionel Williams

Nomint. Animade - London Animation Studio. Poetry - Vinicius de Moraes. Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior. Production information Released in the USA as "The Road Warrior". Colour, dolby stereo, 95 minutes. Original aspect ratio 2.35:1 Music by Brian May Cost: A$4,000,000 (Mel Gibson paid A$120,000) View more production details in the Internet Movie Database. To see some of the original Australian newspaper ads for Mad Max 2, visit the Mad Max 2 advertising sub-page. For a comparison of currently available releases, check the comparisons page. Different Releases The standard theatrical release of the film is readily available on most formats. Torrente. Cláudio torres.

A campaign to counter the social segregation of Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood in the south west of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Last week we went to the archive of the ‘O Globo’ newspaper to look for articles on the history of ‘Torre H’ and Athaydeville. In one of the newspaper articles[1] we found an interesting idea of professor Antônia Castro de Almeida. The article deals with the name-change of Athaydeville into ‘Bosque Marapendi e Parque Lúcio Costa’ in 2004. The old name represented the failure of the original urban masterplan. Back in the 1970s Mucio Athayde[2] promised that Athaydeville would not turn in another urban problem, but this promise turned out to be a lie: Design flaws, a lack of comfort caused by the cylindrical shape given to the buildings, the use of materials unsuitable for construction in combination with undesirable execution.

A new Digital Space for LCC » London College of Communication. Artists impression of The Digital Space (26 November) The Digital Space is a new creative learning hub for the London College of Communication (LCC). Inspired by LCC students and designed by interior design and architecture studio Penson , who created working environments for Google and Facebook, the Digital Space is an open-plan creative and collaborative working environment equipped with the specialist technology and software creative disciplines demand.

The Digital Space will include 80 computers with course specific software installed and a separate teaching area with a further 25 Macs. Support with technology and software will be provided by technicians on hand at all times. Aude Debout. Manhattan International Film Festival. On March 1st, those pictured above were named Winners of the 2014 Manhattan International Film Festival! Their short films will be screened at the United Nations on Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 pm. Click here for an invitation to the UN event. To attend, email Alexis Kende ( by Monday, March 31st. If you are a young film director interested to apply for the 2015 MIFF, email

The Designer as Producer by Ellen Lupton. The Designer as Producer by Ellen Lupton Walter Benjamin’s ideas are explored (amongst other early 20th century avant-garde artists) in relation to the recent discussions around expanding the designer’s role from that of problem solver to one of author—and producer. The slogan ‘designer as author’ has enlivened debates about the future of graphic design since the early 1990s. ART, Craft & Media facilitators. As Within, So Without. ©2006 Dr. Patrick MacManaway. Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness. You can read March 2011 issue, Table of Content and Articles We are pleased to present this special edition on Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness.

This edition includes a broad array of articles from well-known authors in the field, as well as graduate students whose work also addresses topics such as anomalous experiences of mediums and advanced meditators, shamanic experiences, near-death experiences, experiences related to dreams and body wisdom, and the various ways that anomalous experiences can be conceptualized and categorized. ~¥∆†∆¥~ ERIC YAHNKER ~¥∆†∆¥~ STACI GREEN. TURNED OUT by Maya. Toronto Digital Design and Development Agency. Bjö Fashion, Beauty, Music, Photograpy, Art & Culture, Documentary, Film. RANKIN. ASTAANDME. Cindy Sherman's workshop. Live streaming - AlterFutures. The selby. Ady - Wikipedia. Onedotzero. Ars Electronica FESTIVAL.

Statement of the [the next idea] Art- and Technology Grant Jury 2005 A New Concept. Roberto Piqueras. Nonprofits: Steal This Film For Your Own Purposes. MIT Technology Review. Watch The Devils (1971) Free Online. Aldous Huxley. Utopian Philosophy - Visions of Utopia. Holiday rentals, private rooms, sublets by the night - Accommodations on Airbnb.

Burst Radio - Bristol University Radio Station - Essentially Bristol. The Berlin Wall: Life, Death and the Spatial Heritage of Berlin. FormMagazine. Apartamento - an everyday life interiors magazine. PIN-UP Magazine. Sari Poijärvi Photography - homepage. Tiina Alvesalo: LINKS. About « a documentary about queer fat performers by Goldie Dartmouth… Creation Stories. Creation Stories. Psychogeography. Topography.


Humanities Lab Objectives. Berlin: Temporal Topographies. COSMIC WONDER Light Page. Eiko + Koma. Sound. Guillaume Apollinaire. Staggering Beauty. Powerdust - .tv. Hybrids. Archive of Spatial Aesthetics and Praxis. Institute for European research on happiness. Asia Art Archive (Beta Version) MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo. Archive. Exhibitions. VT MAK. Contagious Creative Agency.

Brazil. Magazines. Adventures in Learning. Mobile Films for Global Change.