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Free Online Courses For Everyone. Actívate – Fórmate. Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere. Online courses for everyone. Tutellus. CURSO DE QUECHUA - GRATUITO. Es.khanacademy. Word training. MasterClass Online Classes. Brain Pump - Learn something new. Free Online Course Materials. How to play piano - Learn to play piano online with flowkey. Be smart, instantly. University of Reddit. Guides · Publish and Share with Guides. Online Courses - Learn Anytime, Anywhere. Free bite-sized courses. Free Online Courses – ALISON Learning.

Free Online Architecture Courses From World-Class Universitites. Free Online Architecture Courses From World-Class Universitites Thinking of continuing your studies but don't want to start a master's or a doctorate just yet?

Free Online Architecture Courses From World-Class Universitites

Around the world, short-term courses taken remotely are increasingly popular alternatives, and platforms such as edX, created by Harvard and MIT Universities make it even easier to dive deeper into the most diverse topics. Of course, for long-term and undergraduate courses, the face-to-face experience cannot be replaced by online classes. However, being able to follow lessons and participate in discussions with people from around the world online is definitely an important advantage offered by the internet. We have compiled a few courses in areas ranging from video game design to bio-cellular engineering, and from the history of Japanese architecture to courses in architectural imagination.

The Architectural Imagination Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Technology The Science and Practice of Sustainable Development. Online College Courses and Degree Programs for 2016. Learn Photoshop, get help and support. Udemy Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule. Free Online Courses & Online Learning from ALISON. University of Reddit. Highbrow. Free Online Courses. CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired.

Introduction to Sustainable Development - Columbia University. 24 Free Ivy League Online Courses You Can Take. Let’s be real—not everyone can afford to go to an Ivy League school, nor can most people get in to begin with (certainly not I).

24 Free Ivy League Online Courses You Can Take

But lo and behold, the beautiful invention of online education has transformed how we can learn—so much so that with just a click of a button, we can take any course from (almost) any college while sitting on our own couch! If you’re itching to gain some extra knowledge, or considering going back to school and want to test the waters first, I’ve rounded up the best free online courses, all offered by six of the top institutions in the U.S. The hardest part now will be deciding where you should go. (Just kidding, you can go to all six!) Data and Tech 1. Harvard University For all those who never got a chance to learn programming by an elite professor, now’s your chance to catch all the basics. 2.

University of Pennsylvania Because none of us really know how to use Excel or Google Sheets, here’s the perfect class. 3. Columbia University Environmental Studies 4. 5. 6. Free Language Learning Courses. Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. Instead of TV, you should watch... 5 sitios que te ayudarán a ser más inteligente. ¿Quieres aumentar tu inteligencia?

5 sitios que te ayudarán a ser más inteligente

Pues, echa un vistazo a estas cinco webs para aprender online que te enseñarán sobre todo tipo de temas. Internet es un sitio enorme donde hay información sobre cualquier tema que te interese, sin importar lo extraño sea. En la web podemos conocer a otros individuos con nuestros mismos intereses, enterarnos de todo lo que está sucediendo en el mundo en tiempo real, trabajar en remoto, y por supuesto, aprender una inagotable cantidad de cosas. Es un pozo de conocimiento casi infinito que tenemos a nuestra disposición todos los días, las 24 horas. Si quieres aprender cosas nuevas y aprovecharte de lo mejor que ofrece la red, te recomendamos algunos sitios que puedes visitar y que te harán mucho más inteligente. 1. What are some websites similar to Coursera? Khan Academy. The Rubik's Cube Solution. How to Solve the Rubik's Cube in Seven Steps The world's most famous puzzle, simultaneously beloved and despised for it's beautiful simple complexity, the Rubiks Cube has been frustrating gamers since Erno Rubik invented it back in 1974.

The Rubik's Cube Solution

Over the years many brave gamers have whole-heartedly taken up the challenge to restore a mixed Rubik's cube to it's colorful and perfect original configuration, only to find the solution lingering just out of their grasp time and time again. After spending hours and days twisting and turning the vaunted cube in vain, many resorted to removing and replacing the multi-colored facelets of the cube in a dastardly attempt to cheat the seemingly infallible logic of the cube, while others simply tossed it to the side and dubbed it impossible. The Rubik's cube, it seemed, had defeated all. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Método de lectura rápida: Cómo leer un 300% más rápido en 25 minutos - No seas imbécil.

Tema: Mejora Personal Lo que tardes en leer y probar este artículo es lo que se tarda en leer un libro como este con un método de lectura rápida.

Método de lectura rápida: Cómo leer un 300% más rápido en 25 minutos - No seas imbécil

Tiempo de lectura de este post: 5-8 minutos. Imagina poder tardar en leer los libros de la universidad, los expedientes del trabajo o los apuntes de otro compañero tres o cinco veces más rápido que antes. Eso quiere decir poder leer en quince minutos lo que antes tardabas una hora. Y solo necesitas 25 minutos de tu tiempo. Con 14 años llegó a mi el método de lectura del recordman mundial Ramón Campayo. Lo que necesitarás es: un libro de texto (sin dibujos) de más de 200 páginas que se pueda mantener abierto en una mesa, un bolígrafo, un cronómetro (el del móvil es perfecto) y 20 minutos sin interrupciones. The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — Life Learning. Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results.

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — Life Learning

These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art, and technology topics. They will teach you practically anything, from making hummus to building apps in node.js, most of them for free. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to master a new skill, expand your knowledge, or eventually boost your career. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. What's Your Learning Style? Learning Mind - Expand your mind with lifelong learning. Learn to Speed Read in Just a Few Hours. I’m not one for making big New Year’s Resolutions as I am a continual goal setter and look at life plans and goals on a weekly or at least monthly basis, so I don’t need one day a year to pretend I’m actually going to change the year, I just always do that.

Learn to Speed Read in Just a Few Hours

However, there is one that I can’t encourage others enough to look more seriously at and that is about reading. I hope I can inspire a few people to put this on their own goal sheets for the year. Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2008, may your 2009 be even better! Background One of the most important things in my life was discovering speed reading. Well, that little bit of research paid off dearly for me as it’s made a HUGE impact in my life and is now one of my favorite past times, to sit down, read and learn from a great book. What is Speed Reading The brain can depict any visual image in a fraction of a second into many, many colors, objects, sites and moods in that since glance. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. 7 Microsoft Excel Tips for Work. You may have thought you’d never have to use Excel when you grew up and got a real world job.

7 Microsoft Excel Tips for Work

(“Numbers? Data? Nope, not me!”) But this program seems to find its way into almost every job, no matter what industry or department you’re in. So whether you need to crunch numbers, manage your inventory, or prep for the office’s fantasy football draft, the tips and tricks below will help you increase your efficiency and productivity. And, bonus, once you master these tricks, Excel becomes one more great skill you can add to your resume. Infographic courtesy of Business Insider. About The Author.

8 Excel Shortcuts to Help You Succeed at Work — The Muse. Ever find yourself with a case of Excel envy?

8 Excel Shortcuts to Help You Succeed at Work — The Muse

You watch your co-worker manipulate multiple spreadsheets without even using her mouse, somehow making the practice look like a graceful act while you can’t even figure out how to resize multiple columns. Maybe it’s just me, but when I couldn’t keep up with these people in my last job, I found myself seriously frustrated.

Fortunately for you, the days of searching through forums for Excel hacks is over. Whether you’re a visual person (see below!) Microsoft Word Hacks That'll Save You Time. Microsoft Word tips?

Microsoft Word Hacks That'll Save You Time

I know what you’re thinking: Is it 1995 again? Am I back in seventh grade? No–we’re definitely squarely in 2016. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft’s software is a relic of the past. In fact, its Office suite is used by over 1.2 billion people around the world.