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How Western University of Health Sciences is using VR to teach Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif., has opened a first-of-its-kind virtual reality learning center that’s been designed to allow students from every program — dentistry, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and nursing — to learn through VR. The Virtual Reality Learning Center currently houses four different VR technologies: the two zSpace displays, the Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table, the Oculus Rift, and Stanford anatomical models on iPad. Robert W. Hasel, D.D.S., associate dean of simulation, immersion & digital learning at Western, says VR gives anatomical science teachers the ability to view and interact with anatomy in a way never before experienced.

Nicodemus, Kansas - The African-American Mosaic Exhibition Nicodemus, Kansas, Township Maps County landownership maps and atlases provide excellent sources for studying the changes in black settlement patterns. The first map shows the black township of Nicodemus, located in Graham County, Kansas. The second map brings the township to scale. On these maps important structures may be easily located, such as the First Baptist Church, on Washington Street, block 4, lots 13 and 14. Standard Atlas of Graham County, Kansas: Including a Plat Book of the Villages, Cities and Townships, p. 29.

The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education - Curtis J. Bonk Special 2-Book Discount!Empowering Online Learning and The World is Open by Curtis J. Bonk. Get a 25% discount with the Curtis J. Area of a Circle Students use their knowledge of the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle to see why the area of a circle is πr2. Guiding questions encourage students to think about issues of accuracy and informally introduce the idea of the circle as a limiting shape. The lesson involves visualisation and explanation.

Generic Template Structure Over the years, a number of institutions have identified features to be included in every online course. The following model originated at Utah State University. Start Here Start Here may be a link from the home page of the blended course or announcement. It serves to provide students with initial information to get started in the online portion of your course. The content you might include in this section is: Western Migration - The African-American Mosaic Exhibition Map Locating Noblesville, Indiana Landownership maps and atlases were published by commercial companies, usually on a subscription basis, for the wealthier rural areas. Landownership atlases also documented the migration of blacks to the Midwest.

The Meta Library The Meta Library is an attempt to identify sources of information on the internet. Put simply, it is a list of links to sites that are powerhouses of resources of knowledge, data and news. All kinds of sources -- including the kinds that government lawyers may not admire -- are to be listed. It is evident that the internet is the greatest accomplishment of mankind in terms of sharing of resources. It would be a tragedy more enormous than any genocide or physical slavery to destroy or stifle access to knowledge. Let us those who recognise the importance of knowledge and have compassion for unjust suffering unite for this cause.

Emma — EMMAths: Learning and Teaching Emma works in an FE/HE College in Northern Lincolnshire where she teaches maths and PGCE students. Previously, she worked in an Inner London Secondary, was Head of Maths at an 11-16 school in Grimsby and coordinated GCSE and Functional Skills maths at a sixth form college. Emma is a “credible specialist” for Pearson/Edexcel, specialising in Post-16 mathematics, delivering CPD across the country (and the world!). Emma specialises in motivation; in ensuring that students have belief and confidence in their abilities. She infects her fellow teachers with that confidence, and shows her students that it's good to be a geek!

Teaching Head & Neck Anatomy in a Blended Learning Environment - Teaching with Technology by Robert W. Hasel, D.D.S., Associate Dean, College of Dental Medicine. The need for change in education has been an ongoing discussion for many years. For more than three centuries the pedagogical model of delivering education has been the traditional lecture based approach, placing large groups of students in a room and reciting lectures to them. This passive learning environment requires students to memorize lectures without internalizing the complexity of scientific inquiry. The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition The Gilder Lehrman Center’s online document collection contains over 200 individual items, including speeches, letters, cartoons and graphics, interviews, and articles. This page lists the complete collection. The documents are organized by author, date, subject, and document type. Index of Online Documents:

List of academic databases and search engines - Wikipedia Wikipedia list article This page contains a representative list of notable databases and search engines useful in an academic setting for finding and accessing articles in academic journals, institutional repositories, archives, or other collections of scientific and other articles. Databases and search engines differ substantially in terms of coverage and retrieval qualities.[1] Users need to account for qualities and limitations of databases and search engines, especially those searching systematically for records such as in systematic reviews or meta-analyses.[2] As the distinction between a database and a search engine is unclear for these complex document retrieval systems, see: the general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesthe article about bibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles.

: 5 Maths Gems #112 Welcome to my 112th gems post. This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers. 1. Classic Errors I like this activity suggested by James Tanton (@jamestanton). James asks 'Would taking classic and tempting errors "head-on" be a worthwhile classroom activity and discussion?'. OSCQR Annotations OSCQR 3.0 Annotations 1. Course includes Welcome and Getting Started content. The Wounds of Whiteclay In a wild four hours of legal ping-pong Thursday, four Whiteclay beer stores went from flipping “Open for Business” signs to “Closed Until Further Notice.” Here’s how it happened: At 9:42 a.m., Thursday, Lancaster County District Judge Andrew Jacobsen issued a scorching seven-page ruling nullifying the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission’s April 19 decision to revoke the licenses of the Whiteclay stores. Declaring the NLCC decision “arbitrary and unreasonable” and in violation of the constitutional rights of the beer store owners, the judge also ordered the NLCC not to interfere with the store owners’ efforts to renew their licenses in a stream-lined fashion and to then honor those renewals upon application. Then, as activists, lawyers and citizens of Sheridan County and the Pine Ridge Reservation celebrated or lamented Judge Jacobsen’s ruling in favor of the beer stores, the legal ground shifted beneath their feet once more.

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