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Compétences 2.0 pour faire face au VICA - JPD Conseil - LA société conseil des PME. Avez-vous entendu parlé du VICA (VUCA en anglais)?

Compétences 2.0 pour faire face au VICA - JPD Conseil - LA société conseil des PME

VUCA explained. How Complicated is your Company? Our results provide valuable insight into how complicatedness affects different kinds of companies.

How Complicated is your Company?

For instance, we explored whether company size has a significant effect on the level of complicatedness; larger companies, we predicted, would be more complicated. But that proved not to be the case: complicatedness can affect even the smallest companies if their processes, systems, and cultures hamper efforts to respond effectively to changing market conditions and customer demands. The World Moves Fast. “Unsafe Thinking” Will Help You Keep Up. READ ON TO DISCOVER:Why you should never think of yourself as an expertHow the most popular ideas blend the old with the newWhat a “risk portfolio” is, and how you can balance yours Jonah Sachs is an author, speaker, and viral marketing trailblazer who has been named by Fast Company as one of today’s 50 most influential social innovators.

The World Moves Fast. “Unsafe Thinking” Will Help You Keep Up

Jonah Berger is an associate professor of marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and also the bestselling author of Contagious: How Things Catch On and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior. The two recently sat down to talk about Sachs’ new book Unsafe Thinking, and why daring to defy conventional wisdom may be the smartest thing you can do. This conversation has been edited and condensed. To listen to the full version, click the link below. Berger: What made you title the book Unsafe Thinking? Trending: Happiness Expert Gretchen Rubin on Why a Happy Life Starts with Knowing Who You Are.

Five Fifty: Confronting uncertainty. Managing in a VUCA world. Maintenir son efficacité dans la turbulence, mission possible. L’environnement d’affaires plus complexe et incertain que jamais, les adjointes administratives le vivent de l’intérieur.

Maintenir son efficacité dans la turbulence, mission possible

Astuces pour rester zen et efficace malgré la surcharge d’informations, les multiples demandes et les changements de toutes sortes. « La turbulence dans la vie, c’est comme la turbulence en avion. Leading in an Increasingly VUCA World. I have had the good fortune to do a lot of international travel over the past couple of years.

No, it’s not the long hours in a metal tube with wings that I am grateful for (especially now that Airbus has patented a new passenger-stacking system). Rather, it’s the opportunity to once again see and experience the world from different perspectives, hear disparate voices, and watch diverse reactions to unfolding events. Working with executives in the Middle East, for example, provides far more insight into events there than simply following the news media. The traveling I’ve done over the years has also afforded me the chance to analyze the world’s VUCA levels. I have been talking about the concept of VUCA for some time now.

There is some good news: Although the leadership challenges in an increasingly VUCA world are significant, they’re not insurmountable for those who are willing to look beyond old thinking and approaches. Les cybermenaces de plus en plus graves. Réunis lundi à Paris pour un colloque à l'occasion de la publication de la Revue stratégique de cyberdéfense française, pour la rédaction de laquelle près de 200 personnes et institutions ont été consultées au cours des six derniers mois, ils ont insisté sur les risques que font peser sur le fonctionnement des sociétés modernes les actions de pirates, cybermalfaiteurs et États de plus en plus offensifs, difficiles à contrer, voire à identifier.

Les cybermenaces de plus en plus graves

The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution. Deloitte and Forbes Insights would like to thank the following for sharing their time and expertise: Flemming Besenbacher, chairman of Carlsberg.

The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution

Deloitte Shift Index Series. M&A Statistics - Worldwide, Regions, Industries & Countries. M&A Statistics – Number and Value and Largest M&A Transactions by Region In this section, you find M&A statistics like Number & Value and Largest Transactions by region.

M&A Statistics - Worldwide, Regions, Industries & Countries

We also report similar information for various Transaction Types, Industries, and Countries (please select the tab above). Number & Value of M&A Worldwide In 2017, companies announced over 50’600 transactions with a total value of more than 3.5 trillion USD (2.9 trillion EUR/ 2.5 trillion GBP). Compared to 2016, the numbers of deals grew only marginally by 2.9% while the value declined by 2.00%. Future shocks: 10 emerging risks that threaten our world. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, we asked ourselves one question over and over again: why didn’t we see it coming?

Future shocks: 10 emerging risks that threaten our world

It rocked the global economy and threatened to destroy the financial systems that we rely on. Ten years on, some countries are still picking up the pieces. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018 says that, in our increasingly complex and interconnected world, this type of shock may become more likely. The report explores 10 potential future shocks, including food scarcity, the extinction of fish, technological breakdowns and another financial crisis. Corporate Longevity 2016 Final. Vuca Index – How leaders can overcome SA’s tough conditions.

Volatility -Volatilité

Uncertainty - Incertitude. Complexity - Complexity. Ambiguity - Ambiguité.