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The Hard and Soft Sides of Change Management: Tools for Managing Process and People (23 March 2021) by Kathryn Zukof. Shaping the future with 3D mapping. Top 300 Tools for Learning 2021 by category. How to Test a Leader’s Thinking. Complete Guide to Creating a Workflow Optimization Strategy. The right workflow optimization strategy can dramatically impact your organization’s performance and the bottom line.

Complete Guide to Creating a Workflow Optimization Strategy

Let’s look at a few techniques, tactics, strategies, and metrics that can help you optimize and enhance your workflows. What is Workflow Optimization? Workflow optimization is just what it sounds like – improving workflows in terms of variables such as: EfficiencyCostTimeResource utilizationWaste. Tool: A user story template. LinkedIn by Harold Jarche through Annapurna A. LinkedIn by Annapurna A. Tool: Organizational Change Management Platform. A curated list of the best business, design, and organisational change toolboxes built by some of the most influential companies, institutions and thinkers. Stakeholder mapping. LinkedIn by The Psychometric World.

Owtcome by Krasi Bozhinkova. A daring strategy at times of disruption requires new thinking methods for value innovation Thinking can be a dangerous act.

Owtcome by Krasi Bozhinkova

The answers we give ourselves aren't always right, but sometimes they are comforting. We lean towards what we like to hear, but it often isn't the answer we need. Helpful resources on strategy, assessments, technology, change etc. Adapt Consulting Company 1 ADAPT GUIDE TO BUSINESS INTEGRATIONS PDF.pdf 2 ADAPT GUIDE TO WHAT MAKES A HIGH PERFORMING TEAM PDF.pdf 3 ADAPT Guide to Project Phases.pdf 4 ADAPT Guide to Project Update Reports.pdf 5 ADAPT Guide to Trust.pdf 6 ADAPT Personality and Leadership Self Assessments.pdf 7 ADAPT Self Assessments.pdf The files prefixed with BBB (Build Back Better) programme are from UK IoD Business Mentoring Service.

Helpful resources on strategy, assessments, technology, change etc.

Tim HJ Rogers ICF Trained Coach IoD Business Mentor MBA (Management Consultancy) & Change Practitioner Adapt Consulting Company Consult CoCreate Deliver Philosophy, Psychology, Coaching and practical solutions for everyday Life, Work, Home and Purpose #people #process #progress #change. How Infographics Empower Leaders in Change Management. From early human cave paintings to today’s billboards and digital pop-ups, visuals have always been powerful communication tools.

How Infographics Empower Leaders in Change Management

Visuals have an important role to play in communication because they provide simplified representations of complex things—kind of like CliffNotes for your brain. While modern business leaders have no use for cave paintings per se, the truth is, effective leadership in change management requires more than just management skills. You must know how to motivate, educate, and communicate with precision and clarity. Here’s what you need to know today about using visuals for leading a team through change. Click to jump ahead: Tools: Five agile change toolkits. The agile way of implementing changes has been popular for quite a number of years among a range of companies, from small startups through to large corporations.

Tools: Five agile change toolkits

Most agile methodologies do not address the role of change management explicitly as a function. However, at the same time, most project practitioners agree that managing change is a critical skillset. In fact, surveys conducted by the Project Management Institute consistently found that change management is rated as one of the top skills for a project manager.

On De Bono's thinking hats. Using Change Management Roadmaps. On-demand webinar: Draw Your Notes: Yes, You Can Draw. LinkedIn par Lydie Lanxade. Six Thinking Hats. Tool: Healthy Growth Check-up. On the GRPI model (Goals, Roles, Procedures and Interactions) Use this agile technique little known in change management to get the best outcomes. The MoSCoW technique of prioritising initiative requirements or features The MoSCoW method of prioritization is well used by Business Analysts, Project Managers and Software Developers.

Use this agile technique little known in change management to get the best outcomes

The focus is on identifying and agreeing with key stakeholders what are the core levels of requirements that should be focused on more than others. Tool: Cards of Change. How to Diagnose, Treat and Monitor Project Health. How do you know when a change is progressing well? Which tools do you use to diagnose problems and identify critical risks? Evaluating project health based on gut feelings, subjective opinion, or even feedback from organizational leaders can lead you down the wrong path without knowing it.The Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model is a simple yet powerful framework that shows the four critical aspects of any successful change effort and how they are interrelated. Together with the PCT Assessment, the model provides a focused way to evaluate, track and gauge the health of Success, Leadership/Sponsorship, Project Management and Change Management. Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model and PCT Assessment Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States, once said, “Those who trust to chance must abide by the results of chance.”

Are you familiar with Brene Brown's trust inventory? It's a clever. After-Action Reviews: A Simple Yet Powerful Tool. Wharton@Work Nano Tools for Leaders® are fast, effective leadership tools that you can learn and start using in less than 15 minutes — with the potential to significantly impact your success as a leader and the engagement and productivity of the people you lead.

After-Action Reviews: A Simple Yet Powerful Tool

The Goal. Optimizing Return-to-Office Strategies With Organizational Network Analysis. Leaders of organizations large and small are struggling to define return-to-office strategies that reflect an appropriate balance of in-person and virtual interactions.

Optimizing Return-to-Office Strategies With Organizational Network Analysis

In the absence of data, many leaders are advocating for hybrid models based on intuition. You don’t have to look far to find examples of companies advocating for policies fueled by a desire to get back to “seeing people,” or the blanket belief that engagement or innovation is suffering in virtual settings. But such approaches don’t optimize business performance, innovation, or engagement, because they are blind to the informal networks through which collaborative work happens.

For most organizations, the balance between in-person and virtual interactions will certainly shift as a result of the pandemic. LinkedIn by Sean McPheat. Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network. The SEI LTC is an essential assessment tool for today’s world.

Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network

Everyday leaders find themselves navigating levels of uncertainty and complexity at a pace seldom seen before. This puts them under tremendous pressure because the hardest time to lead is during times of change. It is often met with frustration and anxiety, which (if not well navigated) leads to a breakdown in trust, resistance, disengagement and low performance. Change is about people, and people are driven by their emotions. Clever idea for those returning to their offices. Report: Methodology - Return on Leadership®

The ROL100™ ranking is an “outside in” assessment of Return on Leadership® for America’s 100 largest companies (based on the 2020 Fortune 500 list).

Report: Methodology - Return on Leadership®

Return on Leadership® measures an organization’s capacity for execution through its leaders and managers. It’s a composite metric based on four fundamental drivers: Connection to Purpose, Strategic Clarity, Leadership Alignment, and Focused Action. For more information on ROL™ click here. ChangeAnalytics® Pro - Organizational Change Management Software. ChangePlan Features. RAPID vs RACI (RASCI, RACI-VS, RACIO, DRASCI, DACI, RATSI) RACI vs RAPID – How to choose? Do NOT base your decision on which consulting / auditing firm you are using because they will push you towards one vs. the other based purely on their internal corporate approach standard. If you aren’t sure which methodology to adopt, best thing to do it to create a pros-cons chart based on your challenges/goals and corporate structure to evaluate which one will suit your needs best.

The Hidden Risk of Change Management Tools and Templates. We live in an age where it feels like there is an app for everything. So it’s not surprising there is a tendency for some people to view change management as simply using or applying change management tools and templates. But, just like that new time management app won’t solve your time management issues, change management tools and techniques are not enough to ensure organizational change success.

Having the right tools for any job is necessary for success, but they are not sufficient. Your success and the value of any tool, whether it’s an ordinary wrench, the latest app to beat procrastination, or your change management tools, depends on the knowledge and skill of the person using them. 5 Ways to Improve Team Communication. Dear Brittney, How do you effectively communicate to your team they need to open up to each other and share the goings-on in their individual unit within the department? Signed,Stuck in Silos Dear Stuck in Silos, Communication isn’t just a skill. Influencing without Authority: A Four-Part Formula. Wharton@Work Nano Tools for Leaders® are fast, effective leadership tools that you can learn and start using in less than 15 minutes — with the potential to significantly impact your success as a leader and the engagement and productivity of the people you lead.

The Goal. How to Foster Trust on Remote Teams. A Card Game to Uncover the Issues of Growth, Crisis, or Change. Sponsor’s Content: Business Readiness for AI - What Your Organization Needs to Know. Tool: tscheck to kickstart or close your session. Outcome Mapping: A Basic Introduction. LinkedIn by Monte Pedersen through Gail Severini. 10 méthodes d’idéation pour rafraîchir vos réunions collaboratives. A tool to empower public innovators. Using Pareto's Law to Sustain Organizational Change. What Is the Power Distance Index (PDI)? Tool: 15-minute FOTO (From Obstacles To Outcomes) 100+ Prioritization Frameworks Ultimate Guide: How to Prioritize Product Features & Projects. Our favorite digital tools for remote collaboration. Force Field Analysis (FFA) Example: FFA & Digital Adoption. Free innovation tools. How Do You Use the Force Field Analysis in Business?

How to Create a Force Field Analysis Template in 60 Seconds. The SCARF Model of Engagement: Dr David Rock. Twilio 2020 Impact Report. Why heatmaps are not the best way to make change decisions.