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29 Genius Recipes to Freeze Now (Because It's About to Get Crazy) Homemade Spicy Ramen with Tofu Recipe. Homemade Ramen is lyfe. 🙌 Thanks for coming, end of story, goodbye, see you next time! Okay, I’m kidding – but I really almost feel like I could just leave it at that “Homemade Ramen is Lyfe” statement and there would be nothing more that would need to happen here except you grabbing a big bowl, piling it high with slippery ramen noodles, pouring that spicy miso broth over the top, adding a scoop of seared tofu or a soft boiled egg, drizzling everything with sesame or garlic oil, tossing in a handful of scallions, and going to town with your chopsticks to the delight of your little ramen-loving heart.

Amiright? How To Make Our Spicy Ramen (1 MIN): Since there are quite a few things to note about today’s spicy ramen recipe, let’s just dive in. Spicy Ramen Note #1: This is not necessarily a super authentic spicy ramen recipe. We are being tutored by the greatness of Lady and Pups and we are making the ramen situation work for the average person with an average-ly stocked kitchen. That is all. This One Genius Ingredient Will Make Better, Quicker Soups. Bake Crunchy Croutons Directly into Your Soup, Win at Life. I think we can all agree that, more often than not, a bowl of soup, a hearty stew, or a saucy braise is only improved by the addition of bread.

Sometimes that’s a hunk of freshly baked baguette. Other times a buttery dinner roll. Bread is the staff of life, as they say. But lately it feels like that phrase should be amended to “fried bread is the staff of life.” Everywhere I look somebody (myself included) is frying a thick slice of sourdough bread in a slick of olive oil until crunchy and golden brown on one side, soft and doughy on the other, and serving it alongside any saucy concoction worthy of soaking.

If you’re not one of those people, I urge you to become one. Immediately. But, as I recently discovered, fried bread is not necessarily the end-all, be-all of carb-on-soup situations. Traditionally, Ribollita is made thick and hearty by cooking leftover stale bread directly into a broth-y combination of stewed tomatoes, beans, and other veggies. Even better? How to make Dashi Stock with Bonito and Kombu. Nowadays most Japanese people choose to use instant dashi granules rather than making dashi from scratch. However, making your own dashi is easier than you might think, and if you are hoping to learn to prepare truly authentic Japanese food, it would be well worth learning how to make your own dashi soup stock. To make a mixed bonito fish and kombu kelp dashi, follow the instructions below. Step 1 Assemble 20g dried kombu kelp, 30g bonito fish flakes, and 1L water. Step 2 Clean your kombu kelp by gently wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Do not clean off any of the powdery white substance from the kombu, as this is some of the umami flavour that you will want in your dashi. Step 3 Cut a couple of slits into your kombu, then add it and your water to a saucepan. Allow to soak for 30 minutes or, ideally, overnight. Step 4 Bring the dashi to a near-boil over a low to medium heat. Step 5 When you start to see bubbles around the edge of the pan, take the pan off the heat and remove the kombu. How to make Dashi Stock with Bonito and Kombu. Miso Ramen With Crispy Pork and Burnt Garlic-Sesame Oil Recipe. Once the lid is on, check the pot after 15 minutes. It should be at a slow rolling boil. If not, increase or decrease heat slightly to adjust boiling speed.

Boil broth until pork shoulder is completely tender, about 3 hours. Carefully remove shoulder with a slotted spatula. Transfer shuolder to a sealed container and refrigerate until. Once the lid is on, check the pot after 15 minutes. Once the lid is on, check the pot after 15 minutes. Ramen-recipe-o-ya. Ma recette, vite fait, bien fait, de la soupe de nouilles aux crevettes et curry rouge. The nourishing bone broth recipe you need to master. Paul Bertolli's Cauliflower Soup Recipe on Food52. Ribollita - Tuscan White Bean Soup | Feasting At Home. This day will never come again. ~Merton Throughout Tuscany, White Bean Stew is called Ribollita, which translates to “re-boiled.” This hearty stew originated in hilltop villages throughout Tuscany during the Middle Ages, where hungry, hard-working peasants who served table-side to their wealthy landowners, would pocket the leftover crusts and crumbs and bits of meat after abundant feasts and add these to their soups and stews at home.

Nothing was wasted. This recipe can be made vegan or vegetarian – the pancetta is optional and can be omitted all together – but for extra depth of flavor, try adding a bit of Parmesan rind to the simmering soup. Several years ago now, my group of girlfriends and I took a trip to Tuscany together. There is something truly special about making the decision to go somewhere, and then to actually go. But feel free to make it your own. Have a delicious weekend! Ribollita Recipe Author: Sylvia Fountaine | Feasting at Home Blog Recipe type: Main Cuisine: Italian. Miso Soup With Mixed Seasonal Vegetables. Pressure Cooker French Onion Soup. My Legendary French Onion Soup – My French Heaven. Here is a dish that is a true pillar of the French culinary tradition! One would even say an icon of traditional French cuisine. I had posted about this years ago, but I thought we were due for a refresher post. Plus it’s so darn cold outside :0) Try the recipe and tell me how it was.

For the anecdote, the onion soup was called the soup of the drunks, because it hides very well the smell of red wine: 0) My recipe seems so simple that you could be tempted to add beer, wine or beef/chicken broth. DO NOT DO IT! I myself was tempted the first time and I did well to resist! For 3 bowls: – Cut 9 small yellow onions into thin strips (small onions have more flavor and less water) and sauté them in butter. . – Sprinkle a small tablespoon of flour and mix well – Add 1.5 liters of water and let simmer for about 15mn. . – Put the soup into ovenproof bowls up to half a centimeter from the top (the pictures show that I was about a quarter of an inch too low) – Place under the grill for a few minutes. Related. Miso Soup Recipe. Bonappetit. 30-Minute Pressure Cooker Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup) Ditch the dairy to make this creamy roasted cauliflower soup.

This time of year, with the weather getting colder, I love to serve soup for supper. It’s an easy sell at my house, where The Husband is a soup-aholic. But with a soup this good, I firmly believe you can sell anyone on it. The trick is to amp up the flavour, vary the texture, and make it substantial. Here I started by roasting — not boiling — the cauliflower. Roasting eliminates excess water, brings the natural sugars to the fore, and concentrates the flavours (adding some nuttiness in the process). Next, I make sure not to obscure the cauliflower’s flavour with too many other ingredients. Yes, there is onion and garlic, but they play only supporting roles. You may notice that there’s no dairy in this recipe. READ MORE: 4 easy ways to cut carbs with cauliflower Similarly, there’s no flour or cornstarch here. The right tool for pureeing a soup is a blender.

At the end of the recipe, to provide some crunchy contrast to the creamy base, I added roasted cauliflower florets. Servings: 4. Embrace the Savory Side With This Japanese Squash Soup. A creamy, savory, dairy-free squash soup. [Photographs: Vicky Wasik] It's always important to question your initial impulses. Just imagine if Lincoln had started the Gettysburg Address with his original text, which is believed to have been "These past 87 years have been one hell of a slow-motion train wreck, amiright? " Or if Martin Luther King had gone with the first draft of his March on Washington speech, tentatively titled I Slept Poorly Last Night. And think of the mess scientists would still be cleaning up today if Heisenberg had published his Absolutely-Damned-Certain Principle.

I'm proud to add this soup to the list of things that, once rejiggered, changed the course of history...or, in this case at least, changed the course of your first course. That's because what I originally wanted to do was make a roasted butternut squash soup, with its sweet, deep, earthy flavor. For kabocha no nimono, the skin is usually left on the squash. Miso-Squash Soup With Sesame-Ginger Apples. Food52. Cooking is more fun with friends. Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Get inspired. Sign Up ♥ 64 + Save ▴ If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place.

Got it! If you like something… Click the heart, it's called favoriting. Author Notes: "This is not your average broccoli soup," Melissa Clark writes. Serves 4 to 6 This recipe is a Community Pick! More Great Recipes: Broccoli|Soup|Vegetables|Soups|Olive Oil 💬 View Comments (0) Share this Recipe Tweet this Recipe. Cold Carrot Soup "Myhrvold" Cold Carrot Soup You’ve probably heard that Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, the CEO of Intellectual Ventures and former CTO of Microsoft, along with Chris Young, Maxime Billet, and a cast of dozens, is publishing the most anticipated cookbook since Apicius.

(If not, here is the background.) I’ve had the great good fortune to hear Dr. At the last talk, he described a method for making intense and purely flavored, somewhat caramelized vegetable soups using a pressure cooker. Several folks have expressed concern that this method would cause burning. I’m not completely clear on the science behind the caramelization here. What I can tell you is that the soup is, if I may speak technically here for a moment, freaking delicious. For today’s version, I’ve chosen to serve the soup cold as an amuse bouche, with olive oil, pomegranate molasses, dukkah, pickled shallot, cilantro, and Maldon (aka the world’s greatest salt) . For the soup: To serve:

Ditch the dairy to make this creamy roasted cauliflower soup. I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Dairy Pumpkin Bisque. Sweet Potato Soup with Miso and Ginger — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn. Creamy sweet potatoes, spicy ginger, and sweet and salty miso all meet in this easy, delicious soup that my family has been enjoying the last few days. When I first served it, my husband had a hard time pinning down the flavors — we both thought it tasted fruity, although I knew there was no apple or orange in the recipe. It's thick, creamy, bright, and an excellent use for leftover sweet potatoes. A yogurt drizzle adds a tangy touch and more warming spice. This soup makes an easy weeknight meal all on its own, especially if you already have a few leftover roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge.

For a more complete meal, add a side salad or bulk it up with some chickpeas. Sweet Potato Soup with Miso and Ginger Serves 4 to 6, makes about 8 cups For the spiced yogurt drizzle: 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt 1/2 teaspoon garam masala 1/2 tablespoon maple syrup Cook the onion and garlic in the olive oil over medium heat until soft and translucent. Add the broth to the pan and stir to combine. Luxurious 7-Vegetable and “Cheese” Soup. Grocery shopping while hungry – oh boy. It seems to happen all too often, despite my best intentions. Sometimes, simply being in the proximity of tasty looking food makes me hungry. Ok, make that always. Last week, Eric and I were picking up some groceries at Whole Foods around dinnertime. Moral of the story: ALWAYS look on the top or bottom row at Whole Foods!

I was suddenly struck by an intense craving for broccoli and “cheese” soup. Needless to say, I polished off the jar by lunch the next day. That’s right. Sure, there will be those times when I’m hangry in the grocery store and looking for something quick for dinner, but it’s good to know that I can make something similar in my own kitchen should I feel motivated to do so! Yield10 cups Prep Time Cook time Total Time Ingredients: Directions: Grab a very large pot (about 6.5 qt) with a lid and set aside. By the way, a huge thank you to everyone who made a donation to TEAM MOO in Farm Sanctuary’s What Did U Do? Xo. Quick Miso Soup Recipe. A Seasonal Cook in Turkey: Tarhana Çorbası/Tarhana Soup. Once upon a time many centuries ago, there was a Sultan who was a guest at a poor peasant’s house. There was no food to offer him as such and this was the only dish the poor peasant wife could quickly prepare.

She said this is ‘dar hane’ soup, meaning this is the soup of a ‘poor house’ and thus over time the word evolved into tarhana. Tarhana is in fact the first instant soup ever and was invented by the Central Asian Turks many moons ago; over time it spread to the neighbouring Balkans. When you next go to the market, look out for containers or sacks of these rather nondescript-looking powdery granules.

Tarhana is not something that I or anyone I know would ever aspire to make from scratch: this is the preserve of the villagers who do a marvellous job of cutting, trimming and drying all the glorious summer vegetables and herbs to make this winter staple and it happens at the end of August or early September. Tarhana Çorbası/Soup Serves 2 2 – 3 tbsp tarhana ½ cup water 2-3 cups chicken stock. Binnur's Turkish Cookbook: Tarhana Soup.

(Tarhana Corbasi) 2-3 tablespoonful tarhana dough (see below)1/2 cup water2 tbsp crushed tomato2-3 cup chicken stockCrushed red pepper, optional1 tsp butter Garnish:Crumbled feta cheese Place the tarhana and 1/2 cup water in a pot. Leave it alone for 1-2 hours for tarhana to dissolve a bit. Then add in the rest of the ingredients. Place the soup into a bowl, sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese on top and serve while still warm. Tarhana Soup is great for cold winter mornings as breakfast:) This recipe makes 2 servings. Meal Ideas:- Lady's Thighs Kofte, Egg Noodles with Tomato and Carrot Salad. Tarhana Dough Use the mixer to finely chop onions, tomatoes and red peppers. Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel. It's the end of fermentation when the dough no longer puffs up.

If you like to keep it dry, divide the dough into small balls, place the pieces on a cloth and let them dry. History of Tarhana Tarhana is the first instant soup which was invented by Central Asian Turks. (Tarhana Corbasi) Tarhana Soup Recipe • Turkey's For Life.