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Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics. The past year of research has made it very clear: Trump won because of racial resentment. More than a year after President Donald Trump won the election, there are still some questions about what drove him to victory: Was it genuine anxiety about the state of the economy? Or was it racism and racial resentment? Over at the Washington Post, researchers Matthew Fowler, Vladimir Medenica, and Cathy Cohen have published the results of a new survey on these questions, with a focus on the 41 percent of white millennials who voted for Trump and the sense of “white vulnerability” that motivated them.

The conclusion is very clear: Contrary to what some have suggested, white millennial Trump voters were not in more economically precarious situations than non-Trump voters. Fully 86 percent of them reported being employed, a rate similar to non-Trump voters; and they were 14 percent less likely to be low income than white voters who did not support Trump. Employment and income were not significantly related to that sense of white vulnerability.So what was? This is not a one-off finding. Post-Racial or Most-Racial?: Race and Politics in the Obama Era, Tesler.

Study: Obama voters switched to Trump because of race. One of the most puzzling elements of the 2016 election, at least for a lot of Americans, was the millions of voters who switched from voting for Barack Obama in 2012 to Donald Trump in 2016. Somewhere between 6.7 million and 9.2 million Americans switched this way; given that the 2016 election was decided by 40,000 votes, it’s fair to say that Obama-Trump switchers were one of the key reasons that Hillary Clinton lost.

The existence of those voters has served as evidence that the most plausible explanation for what happened in 2016 — that Trump’s campaign tapped into the racism of white Americans to win pivotal states — is wrong. “How could white Americans who voted for a black president in the past be racist,” or so the thinking goes. “Clinton suffered her biggest losses in the places where Obama was strongest among white voters. A new study shows that this response isn’t as powerful as it may seem. This isn’t just a matter of historical interest or ideological ax-grinding. Choice page. A new study shows that every European country has negative racial bias towards black people. This new map shows how easily white Europeans associate black faces with negative ideas. Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have logged onto a website run by Harvard University called Project Implicit and taken an “implicit association test” (IAT), a rapid-response task which measures how easily you can pair items from different categories.

To create this new map, we used data from a version of the test which presents white or black faces and positive or negative words. The result shows how easily our minds automatically make the link between the categories—what psychologists call an “implicit racial attitude”. Each country on the map is colored according to the average score of test takers from that country. In every country in Europe, people are slower to associate blackness with positive words such as “good” or “nice” and faster to associate blackness with negative concepts such as “bad” or “evil”. Implicit bias Open questions.

Daily Caller Editor Wrote for Alt-Right Radix Journal. Greer’s day-to-day work was much less controversial at The Daily Caller, which has been a key voice in the conservative online media since its founding by Tucker Carlson and Patel in 2010. The Caller has published moderate voices and been the springboard for respected reporters, but has had its brushes with controversy. The site backtracked and fired its opinion editor last year after he brought in Yiannopoulos, by then fired from Breitbart due to controversial comments he had made about pedophilia, to write a weekly column. Also last year, the Caller published a piece by Jason Kessler, a white supremacist, about a pro-Confederate monument rally without disclosing that Kessler was involved in the event.

He would later organize the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville that led to the death of a counterprotester. They show Greer discussing his blog being published on Radix and referring to editing other people’s posts there. The Demography of the Alt-Right | Institute for Family Studies. Editor's Note: This research brief has been updated by the author with corrected information: only about 6% of white Americans agreed with all three attitudes of white identity politics in the 2016 ANES survey (8/10/18).

A year ago, the so-called Alt-Right (short for "alternative right" and the latest manifestation of the U.S. white nationalist movement) made international headlines in its infamous "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA. The rally led to dozens of serious injuries and the death of one counter-protester. Scholars and journalists have written much about this phenomenon, trying to discern where it came from and what it means for American democracy. The Alt-Right, and the racist Right more broadly, has proven very difficult to quantitatively and systematically study. The Alt-Right has proven particularly challenging from an analyst's perspective because of its amorphous nature and the anonymity of most of its adherents.

Alt-Right Core Attitudes Key Findings Conclusion. Why is the far right dominated by men? | Cas Mudde. What if male identity, rather than racist ideology, is the most important reason why people join far-right groups? That is the central claim made by Michael Kimmel, a US sociologist, in his new book Healing from Hate: How Young Men Get Into – and Out of – Violent Extremism, which studies why young men join (and leave) extreme right groups in Germany, Sweden and the US.

While the central thesis is slightly overstated, the book is remarkably well-written and researched. Kimmel, a longtime scholar of men and masculinity, fills the book with quotes from his many interviews with so-called “formers”. Almost everyone will have noted that far-right groups and rallies are predominantly male, from the original, deadly Unite the Right rally last year to the pathetic Unite the Right 2 last weekend, but Kimmel is one of the few to have made this the focus of his research.

It is tricky to translate insights from smaller, more activist and extreme groups to the broader electorate. The Complex History of the Genes That Color Our Skin. Few human traits are more variable, more obvious, and more historically divisive than the color of our skin. And yet, for all its social and scientific importance, we know very little about how our genes influence its pigment. What we do know comes almost entirely from studying people of European descent.

To Sarah Tishkoff, a geneticist at the University of Pennsylvania, that’s a ridiculous state of affairs. “It gives you a very incomplete perspective,” she says. To redress that imbalance, Tishkoff and her team looked to Africa—the continent where humanity is at its most physically and genetically diverse. They found several, clustered around six specific genes: SLC24A5, MFSD12, DDB1, TMEM138, OCA2 and HERC2. Tishkoff says that her results complicate the traditional evolutionary story of human skin. But most of the variants that Tishkoff’s team identified, for both light and dark skin, have an ancient African origin. But that wasn’t an all-encompassing change. Second Fox News reporter leaves amid objections to network. Another on-air reporter is leaving Fox News over frustrations with the direction and tone of the network, the second in the last three weeks to defect for those reasons. Adam Housley, a Los Angeles-based reporter who joined Fox in 2001, felt there was diminished opportunity at the network for reporters and disapproved of tenor of its on-air discussion, according to two former Fox News employees with knowledge of his situation.

Story Continued Below Housley believed that as the network’s focus on Trump has grown — and the number of talking-head panels during news shows proliferated — it had become difficult to get hard reporting on air, according to one of those former employees. “He’s not doing the type of journalism he wants to be doing,” the former employee said. “And he is unhappy with the tone of the conversation of the channel.” Fox News declined further comment. “News gathering is very expensive. When Powell decided to leave Fox News, he did not yet have a new landing spot. Noah Berlatsky : The Trump effect: New study connects white American intolerance and support for authoritarianism. Theroot. White nationalist Richard Spencer's pages just got kicked off Facebook.

Here's what you need to know about BuzzFeed's Breitbart bombshell. Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream. Jews in Texas Already in Hiding From Neo-Nazis; Holiday Service Held at Secret Location. There's an apocryphal story from WWII that when the Nazis started requiring the Jews under their control to wear gold stars, the Danish King donned one himself and suggested his subjects do the same. It’s an inspiring story, and it ought to be true, but it is mere folklore in the service of the more mundane historical truth: the Danes saved most of their Jewish population from the Holocaust, but by more conventional methods.

Early warning of Germany’s intentions and a negotiated safe passage through Sweden were why nearly 90 percent of the Danish Jews survived the occupation of Denmark. But it is also true that siding with their Jews in 1943 carried substantial risk for the Danes, who had refused since the German invasion of Denmark in 1940—a “war” that took all of two hours—to enact anti-Jewish measures suggested by the occupying forces and gotten away with it because Danes were “Nordic Aryans,” considered capable of governing themselves and offering no threat.

Kristallnacht. Armed Militias Face Off With The 'Antifa' In The New Landscape Of Political Protest. This is FRESH AIR. I'm Dave Davies in for Terry Gross, who's off this week. The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. 12 days ago that turned deadly attracted white separatists and neo-Nazis along with a large crowd of counter-protesters. Also among the crowd were men in camouflage, heavily armed, some carrying assault-style rifles. These were members of the American militia movement, who say they were there not to support white supremacists but as a third force to keep the peace between opposing sides and ensure the right of free speech. Our guest, Mark Pitcavage, has been studying militia groups for decades. Let's talk about militias. MARK PITCAVAGE: Well, the militia movement arose in 1994 in opposition to federal gun laws, the election of Bill Clinton, NAFTA and particularly deadly standoffs with federal law enforcement at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas in the early 1990s.

DAVIES: And what do they stand for? They often refer to it as the New World Order. DAVIES: OK. Are there white nationalists in the White House? The "Unite the Right" march in Charlottesville has brought the issue of white nationalism to the top of the nation’s agenda -- specifically, whether white nationalists are part of the White House staff. Remarks by liberal commentator Joy-Ann Reid on the Aug. 13 edition of NBC’s Meet the Press crystallized these questions.

Reid, the host of MSNBC’s AM Joy, wondered whether Trump’s initial downplaying of white nationalists’ culpability stemmed from alt-right influence among his staff: "Who's writing the talking points that he was looking down and reading from? He has people like Stephen Miller, claimed as a mentee by Richard Spencer, who is an avowed open white nationalist. He has Steve Bannon, who's been sort of allowed to … meld into … the normalcy of a governmental employee, but who ran, which I reread today, the post that's still on their website, where they self-describe as the home of the alt-right. "What is the alt-right? "That is who is in his government. Thomas J. Already stuck in a hole, Trump finds a shovel, keeps digging. The Rachel Maddow Show, 8/14/17, 9:00 PM ET Maddow: Racism 'a persistent infection' in white American culture Rachel Maddow looks at the deadly racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia in the context of other instances of white supremacist violence in the modern era, as well as what makes the weekend’s tragic events unique.

All Donald Trump had to do was stop talking. The president embarrassed himself on Saturday when he responded to violence in Charlottesville by condemning bigotry “on many sides,” but Trump tried to put things right with a more sensible statement yesterday. The underlying controversy wasn’t over by any stretch, but it’d fade from the headlines if the president managed to just stop making things worse.

And yet, after finding himself in a hole, Donald J. Sounding very much like a right-wing Twitter feed, the president added, “Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Why we’re supposed to “believe him” is unclear. Here’s the Memo That Blew Up the NSC  The memo at the heart of the latest blowup at the National Security Council paints a dark picture of media, academics, the “deep state,” and other enemies allegedly working to subvert U.S.

President Donald Trump, according to a copy of the document obtained by Foreign Policy. The seven-page document, which eventually landed on the president’s desk, precipitated a crisis that led to the departure of several high-level NSC officials tied to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The author of the memo, Rich Higgins, who was in the strategic planning office at the NSC, was among those recently pushed out. The full memo, dated May 2017, is titled “POTUS & Political Warfare.”

It provides a sweeping, if at times conspiratorial, view of what it describes as a multi-pronged attack on the Trump White House. Trump is being attacked, the memo says, because he represents “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.” “It was about H.R. UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it. A University of Washington professor started studying social networks to help people respond to disasters.

But she got dragged down a rabbit hole of twitter-boosted conspiracy theories, and ended up mapping our political moment. It started with the Boston marathon bombing, four years ago. University of Washington professor Kate Starbird was sifting through thousands of tweets sent in the aftermath and noticed something strange. Too strange for a university professor to take seriously. “There was a significant volume of social-media traffic that blamed the Navy SEALs for the bombing,” Starbird told me the other day in her office. Same thing after the mass shooting that killed nine at Umpqua Community College in Oregon: a burst of social-media activity calling the massacre a fake, a stage play by “crisis actors” for political purposes. “After every mass shooting, dozens of them, there would be these strange clusters of activity,” Starbird says.

“That was a terrible mistake. Starbird sighed. FBI-led investigative team examines role of conservative news sites in Russia campaign. Federal investigators are examining whether far-right news sites played any role last year in a Russian cyber operation that dramatically widened the reach of news stories — some fictional — that favored Donald Trump’s presidential bid, two people familiar with the inquiry say. Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed the computer commands, known as “bots,” to blitz social media with links to the pro-Trump stories at times when the billionaire businessman was on the defensive in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, these sources said.

The bots’ end products were largely millions of Twitter and Facebook posts carrying links to stories on conservative internet sites such as Breitbart News and InfoWars, as well as on the Kremlin-backed RT News and Sputnik News, the sources said. Investigators examining the bot attacks are exploring whether the far-right news operations took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives. Bannon and Gorka have controversial profiles. Everywhere You Look, Americans Are Spreading Hate | The Huffington Post. EXCLUSIVE: Nazi-Allied Group Claims Trump Aide Gorka As Member - National. Steve Bannon’s betrayal of Breitbart: White House at “war” with right-wing site over immigration and Trumpcare.

More Bomb Threats Close Jewish Community Centers Across The Nation | The Huffington Post. America's extremist battle: antifa v alt-right. Neo-Nazis Blame "The Jews" For Michael Flynn's Resignation. The Nationalist Right Is Coming for Reince Priebus - The Atlantic. The White House Put Stephen Miller On Four Sunday Shows To Dodge, Lie, And Attack The Media. Free Speech and the Paradox of Tolerance – Julia Serano – Medium. Trump, Breitbart, and the rejection of multicultural democracy. What you — yes, you — can do to save America from tyranny | Commentary | Dallas News. M.facebook. Researchers baffled by nationalist surge.

Antibody Reduces Harmful Brain Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer's Patients. Whose Alt-Right Is It Anyway?