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More Than Ten Years on Testosterone - Is It Safe?? More Than Ten Years on Testosterone - Is It Safe??

More Than Ten Years on Testosterone - Is It Safe??

Have you ever worried about the possible long-term effects of being on Testosterone? Well, you can relax because science has your back. Italian researchers concluded in 2014 that “Testosterone administration in FtM subjects has a good safety profile” after finding “no significant serious adverse effects and no clinically relevant changes” in 45 FTM patients treated for at least 10 years with T. Also notable: “Liver and kidney function tests did not show any significant changes.”

The aim of the study was to assess the effects and safety of Testosterone administration on body weight, lipid profile, hematological and bone parameters in trans men. האמנית הטרנסג'נדרית רועי חפץ: "אנשים מגיבים אלי ברכבת כמו שאנשים מגיבים לעבודות שלי בסטודיו" - אמנות. ילדת פלא: טרנסג'נדרית בת 8 שינתה חוקים של מדינה שלמה. Fashion Blog. Words: Sandiso Ngubane | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Jared Blake | MUA: Roxanne Sayers “I’ve never seen anyone who looks as good in white jeans as you do,” a friend said as I reached over to give them a hug to say “sup”.

Fashion Blog

Of course, I bought those jeans precisely because I loved the way they fit me, but even when you know that you look good in something, a compliment from someone else is all it takes to make you feel incredible about living in the skin you’re in. But it hasn’t always been like that. Not for me, anyway. When I was younger, I recall how my sister was allowed to go clothes shopping with my mother, allowed to pick and choose whatever she wanted, but, more often than not, I would have to accept whatever it was my dear mother thought was fashionable for boys to wear at the time.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. The subject of sex can often be overwhelming or, at the very least, a little awkward but when you throw dysphoria into the mix it could become downright panic-inducing for either or both partners.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Whether you were together before the transition started or you became aware that you’re trans, or you’ve already started your transitional journey and are looking to date, both scenarios can be daunting. Here are some quick tips and words of advice on handling the situation delicately. “As scary as it may be to go through life without a partner it’s worse to go through life not being yourself.” Vice. נעה כ"ץ מתארת בקומיקס כיצד יצאה מהארון - ספרות. 11 incredible trans people from history you won’t learn about in school. These amazing trans people have helped shape the world we live in today, whether through their activism, visibility or setting new legal precedents.

11 incredible trans people from history you won’t learn about in school

Schools hardly feature LGBT people in history class – let alone the history of the struggle for LGBT rights – so PinkNews has compiled this list of trans people you won’t read about in school who shaped history. April was outed as a transgender woman by the Sunday People newspaper in 1961 and is one of the earliest British people known to have had gender reassignment surgery. 42 Incredible Erotic Art Pieces featuring Trans Men (NSFW) Transgender Star Laverne Cox Talks Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and LGBTQ Rights. The presidential election has stirred up a lot of feelings in America—on both sides of the aisle.

Transgender Star Laverne Cox Talks Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and LGBTQ Rights

For Laverne Cox, the groundbreaking transgender actress who has become a spokesperson of and advocate for the trans movement, the impending rise of Donald Trump and Mike Pence has caused some deep reflection. "I've been trying not to be in a reactionary place," Cox told Marie Claire at our first-ever Young Women's Honors event, airing on December 19 on the CW. "I've tried to really sit with myself and really be in a meditative place so that when I come forth and have an opportunity to speak it's from a place of love and my own truth. That it's not about being even more divisive or more combative. That it's really from a place of love. Trans Activists' Advice To Transgender Youth: 'We Have To Stop Fighting With Each Other' American trans activists Buck Angel and Janet Mock have come out to encourage the young transgender community not to be afraid in the face of persecution, following weeks of unease since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America.

Trans Activists' Advice To Transgender Youth: 'We Have To Stop Fighting With Each Other'

At a recent screening of The Trans List – a multi-media project from artist Timothy Greenfield-Sanders that highlights activists in the trans community – adult film star and activist Angel began a call to action for the trans community, to not let fear get in their way of standing up for what is right. Buck Angel told The Cut: 'Fear is how we ended up here.' Here's What Trans People Who Aren't Medically Transitioning Want You To Know. The Personal Things from BCRW Videos on Vimeo. Do I have to have Dysphoria to be Trans? Advertisement Lets not answer this question with a simple word.

Do I have to have Dysphoria to be Trans?

Let us first look more deeply at the causes and root of dysphoria itself. Having been a spectator of the Trans masculine community, having transitioned, and having experienced dysphoria, these are my thoughts on the matter and I encourage a polite discussion either here or on the forums this article is posted. The Rod* – Super Realistic Meta Extension – transthetics. The Politics of my Trans Identity – chase strangio – Medium. On the morning after the 2004 Presidential election, I walked out into a cornfield in central Iowa where I was attending college and broke down in tears.

The Politics of my Trans Identity – chase strangio – Medium

I felt shaken and uncertain about my future under a second George W. Bush administration — an unfamiliar feeling for me given my relatively charmed life as a white, class-privileged, formally educated person. I knew nothing of the systematic violence and fear that people of color, immigrants, poor people lived under. That is why I was especially unprepared to navigate the political exploitation of my identity as a queer person. It destabilized me but it also motivated me to invest in a more extensive critique and understanding of structures of white supremacy and the history of political orders designed to maintain them.

Queer Fashion Week in Oakland Gets It Right. Fashion empowers at Queer Fashion Week in Oakland.

Queer Fashion Week in Oakland Gets It Right

Read more below The Queer Fashion Week & Conference (September 28 through October 2) encompassed all the sartorial flashes and political stances of the queer community. The event saw longtime fashion pros mixing with newcomers. 15 Hilarious Trans Memes. IGY: כתבות וטורים - צפו ב"קוויר": סיפור חייו של נער מזרחי פאנסקסואל ג'נדר-קוויר מדימונה. Jordan Gray on getting signed, trans rights, and brand new single Platinum.

After impressing judges and viewers on BBC’s The Voice UK, Jordan Gray is finally ready to release new music as a signed artist.

Jordan Gray on getting signed, trans rights, and brand new single Platinum

Following a year of travelling around the country performing at various Pride events and establishing a name for herself, the talented artist signed with The Record Label and is preparing to release her brand new single, Platinum. We caught up with her and talked about her move from an independent to a signed artist and new music, her love for Paloma Faith, and on being the first trans artist to possibly hit the charts. Firstly, congrats on getting signed! How does it feel to move from being an independent artist to a signed one? Trans and gender non-conforming people on wanting a gender fluid world / LGBTQ Nation. While society is beginning to explore and understand gender in a more nuanced way, there remains a good deal of confusion, misunderstanding and prejudice around gender and gender identity.

This year has already seen a record number of transgender homicides, as well as state violence in the form of anti-LGBT laws that especially target trans and non-binary individuals. It is more important than ever to hear their voices. In a recent video by Upworthy, three individuals share their stories and their hopes for a less gender-biased and oppressive world. The video stars Tyler Ford, who identifies as agender, Meredith Talusan, a trans woman, and Jacob Tobia, who is genderqueer and gender non-conforming.