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What Is Sapiosexual? Here's Why You Shouldn't Confuse It With Sexual Orientation. Sapiosexual is a neologism referring to anyone attracted to another person's intelligence and mind, as opposed to physical features and personality.

What Is Sapiosexual? Here's Why You Shouldn't Confuse It With Sexual Orientation

The term's etymological construction is Latin-based (sapiens and sexual), but its usage, as well as idea, is contemporary. According to English Language & Usage, the earliest confirmed use of the word on the internet was a March 14, 2002 blog post by LiveJournal user, jadine, though she credits fellow user, wolfieboy for coining the term (he would go on to elaborate on his definition a day later with a blog post of his own). Read more: OkCupid Just Did for LGBTQ People What So Many Other Dating Sites Aren't Searches for the term spiked the following decade, according to Google Trends.

Sapiosexual became a trending topic in 2014, when Facebook and OKCupid rolled out new identifiers for sexuality and gender, according to NPR's Neda Ulaby. Brandon also explains that sapiosexuality varies from person to person. ‘Straight’ men discuss their secret sexual relationships with other men / LGBTQ Nation. A recent national survey released by the CDC revealed that more Americans are identifying as bisexual than ever before.

‘Straight’ men discuss their secret sexual relationships with other men / LGBTQ Nation

Not only that, but more straight-identifying men are admitting to having tried gay sex. Researchers interviewed more than 9,000 men and women ages 18 to 44 years of age. Of all the men interviewed, 6.2 percent of them said they had engaged in same-sex sexual activity at least once in their lifetime. And of that 6.2 percent, 2.3 percent identified as straight. Keep it hot – GRUNT. Communication The key to hot, safe and smart sex is communication and negotiation.

Keep it hot – GRUNT

This includes talking about what kind of sex you’re into, how you want to play, consent, your boundaries, and how each of you will engage with, understand and prioritise sexual health. Ultimately your sexual health is your own responsibility, so don’t be shy about initiating these conversations if your partner hasn’t. This doesn’t have to be boring either: it can be sexy as fuck to talk through this stuff. The conversation isn’t confined to one point in time either; it’s about checking in before, during and after sex, making sure you’re both connected and maintaining consent.

Let Me Introduce You to My Husband-Wife. Michelle Tea is the author of five memoirs, including most recently How To Grow Up.

Let Me Introduce You to My Husband-Wife

A couple of months ago, I got married. It was, in many ways, traditional — I wore an elaborate white dress; my beloved, a tailored suit. I tossed my bouquet. In other ways, it was not — we walked each other down the aisle, hand in hand. After we exchanged our vows and made out before our community, the officiant (a friend who had become an ordained minister via the Internet) gazed down upon us. We were never going to be pronounced ”man and wife,” my partner and I — firstly, because it’s gross and archaic, and secondly, because my brand-new spouse is not a man. She looks like a man, though. פלמינגו. דפי הצביעה של חוש"ן בעיצובה של דניאל פלג. Listen: Band explains singer’s gender transition with a hilarious song. The lead singer of comedy band Axis of Awesome has explained her gender transition via song.

Listen: Band explains singer’s gender transition with a hilarious song

Jordan Raskopoulos of the Australian comedy trio received an outpouring of support earlier this year after revealing she is transgender. The group, known for their viral hits ‘Four Chord Song’ and ‘Birdplane’, posted a video to explain why Raskopoulos had shaved her beard – revealing her new gender. The band released follow-up song ‘Elephant in the Room’ this week, tackling the transition head-on. I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out. I Am A Transwoman.

I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out.

I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out. NOTE: Wow, I wrote this piece anonymously and privately and did not intend for anyone else to actually read it. Twentytwowords. Who is Sarah McBride? A transgender activist who broke barriers at the White House. At the Democratic National Convention on July 28, activist and former White House intern Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender person to speak at a national party convention.

Who is Sarah McBride? A transgender activist who broke barriers at the White House.

Watch: Transgender woman honors late husband in convention speech (Video: The Washington Post; Photo: Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post) At the Democratic National Convention on July 28, activist and former White House intern Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender person to speak at a national party convention. Alok Vaid-Menon Shares The Pain And Empowerment Of Being Transgender. Even in a society where actress Laverne Cox and television personality Caitlyn Jenner are celebrated, queer people still face discrimination today.

Alok Vaid-Menon Shares The Pain And Empowerment Of Being Transgender

And in the latest installment of StyleLikeU's viral video series “What’s Underneath Project,” one self-identifying trans-feminine, Indian-American addresses the issue head on. The episode, titled "The Pain & Empowerment of Choosing Your Own Gender," shows 23-year-old poet, activist and performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon not only opening up about gender identity, but also stripping off their clothes — proving that true style isn't about what you wear. “The way I understand my gender is I'm both a man and a woman, and neither a man and a woman. TRANZCULT — Home. I'm A Trans Woman And I'm Not Interested In Being One of the "Good Ones" Trans*scribe illustration ©rosa middleton, 2013 A month or two after I started living full time out as woman, one of my friends suggested I talk to an acquaintance of his, an older trans woman who had been out for years.

I'm A Trans Woman And I'm Not Interested In Being One of the "Good Ones"

My friend thought his acquaintance might be able to give me some tips on surviving as a trans woman. I was thrilled. Here, I though, was someone who had the answers. 5 Amazing Trans Women You Didn’t Learn About in History Class. While those interested in LGBT history are becoming more aware of important figures in transgender history, like Marsha P.

5 Amazing Trans Women You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Lili Elbe, through films that chronicle their lives, there were so many trans women who fought for their rights and happiness but were never covered in history class. Here are five women who broke major ground and deserve a spot in the curriculum. (RELATED: 5 Amazing Trans Men You Didn't Learn About in History Class) Open Call - Gender Unbound. – Deadline for submissions is August 8th – Gender Unbound is seeking artists, poets, and musicians who are gender diverse to participate in the festival on September 24. We are also looking for organizations that advocate for social justice for trans people, intersex people, and/or intersectional feminist rights to participate. For the purposes of this event, gender diverse means anyone with bodies, identities, and/or presentations that fall outside of societal norms or gender binary expectations.

We value inclusivity and intersectionality, and not only wish to advocate for individual sects of gender diverse communities but bring them together to learn from each other and become better allies to each other. Respect and inclusion will be expected behavior for all participating artists and organizations. Participants do not need to be local, but they are responsible for transporting themselves and materials they need to the event. Netflix adds gender reassignment surgery to list of staff benefits. The streaming service is among the list of American companies that are adding gender reassignment surgery to their list of staff benefits. In an effort to prove their inclusivity prowess, employers such as Netflix and social media giant Facebook say they are now offering medical procedures such as gender reassignment and hormone therapy.

The announcement follows a recent human rights survey that revealed that over 415 of the 780 business quizzed on their LGBT friendliness now covered many related operations – more than double the number since 2012. However, James Baron – of the Yale School of Management – warned that these benefits could be part a smokescreen by the businesses to imply that they are LGBT inclusive, as very few employees would actually use the benefits.

עמליה זיו על סקס, פורנו והורות קווירית - ספרות. 25 Sexiest Gay Scenes in Film. דנה אינטרנשיונל כהוגה קווירית - עיון. All Is Fair In Love And Wear by All Is Fair. מה עמליה זיו היתה עושה עכשיו עם 238 שקל באמזון? - כללי. Glitter Your Pride. Photography by Jeyson Paez Inspired by the Pride flag, photographer Jeyson Paez captures portraits of a variety of people in all their glittery glory. "I wanted share the rich history of what these colors truly stand for with the world and our community," Paez explains. "Through this series of glitter portraits, I wanted to highlight what the rainbow Pride flag means. 60 Homoerotic Movie Posters. Underwear for trans people: the torture of binding, tucking and packing is over. Four years ago, Teddy Tinnell put on a compression garment on his chest for the first time and headed to a party.

An hour later, the 21-year-old transgender man became so light-headed that friends had to pry the binder off him. Earlier that week, Tinnell had placed his order from Underworks, an online company that specializes in body sculpting products. It was a size too small but Tinnell persevered through the pain, desperate to cover up his breasts. Tinnell, a Colorado native, often bound his chest for 24 hours instead of the recommended eight, constricting his breathing in the process.

Rashes were commonplace, too – Tinnell rarely washed his binder because he considered it, unlike regular underwear, an extension of his body. “The parts of our bodies that are the most dysphoric need the most tenderness and love,” he said. For transgender people, finding functional and attractive undergarments is difficult. Wearing underwear plays a huge part in shaping a trans person’s identity.

"Her Story" Stars Wanna Tell Real Trans Love Stories. Feature image by Tamea A Co-created and co-written by a trans woman, directed by a trans woman, starring two trans women and with other trans women on the crew, the upcoming webseries Her Story is poised to be one of the most authentic onscreen depictions of trans women ever. Not only that, but since the cast and crew is filled with so much talent and their vision for the project is so clear and detailed, it’s also poised to be one of the best onscreen depictions of trans women ever.

The faces of transgender teen America. Katherine, a gentle 19-year old from Brooklyn, is many things: Bangladeshi American, an avid gamer, Muslim, a future programmer. 8 Common (But Easily Fixable) Ways We Erase Non-Binary People from Society. Peregrine Honig Starts Trans Clothing Line, All Is Fair. 52 LGBT Superheroes and Villains. Growing Up Trans. Listen to “Growing Up Trans” July 1, 2015, 6:34 pm ET · by Priyanka Boghani. %D7%92%27%D7%A0%D7%93%D7%A8+%D7%91%D7%9C%D7%A0%D7%93%D7%A8.jpg (JPEG Image, 1333 × 1600 pixels) - Scaled (62%) 7 Queer Musical Artists That Aren’t Miley. Peter Berlin: Wanted. 5 Powerful Images from Istanbul - LGBT Muslims. Those of us queer and Muslim have been enjoying the pride parade in Istanbul for over a decade, using it as an example of what is possible in a Muslim-majority country. But this month’s pride has left many of us angry. Vasip Şahin, the Governor of Istanbul, who belongs to a political party that had lost hugely in this year’s elections, and his government have banned the pride last minute, using the holy month of Ramadan as a pretext.

צפו: חילופי דברים חריפים בין עירית לינור לטרנסג'נדריות על רקע הסטטוס שנמחק. FTM Erikk Agnew recreates iconic photos, mother writes to FTM Magazine. On December 26th I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 8lbs, 10-1/2 oz. בעיצומן של החגיגות, בפאב שבו נולדה התנועה הלהט"בית כבר מדברים על המאבק הבא - אמריקה. דף הבית. My Whole Life I've Been Asked If I'm a Girl or a Boy. Hot Cop Backs It Up on Gay Marcher at NYC Pride. 30 Brands That Made Us Proud with Their Show of Pride. תיעוד: קטטה המונית בין עובדים בקניון עזריאלי לטרנסג'נדריות. Coming Out as Genderqueer Non-Binary (Outside Of and Within the Queer Community) ‘Becoming Nicole,’ by Amy Ellis Nutt. חוד החנית במאבק למען טרנסג'נדרים: הרפורמים - אמריקה. Hundreds sign petition calling for LGBTI community to 'drop the T' - Gay Star News. מחקר חדש מציע הסבר פרובוקטיבי למשיכה של נשים לבנות מינן - דייט בראשון.

Queer Ten, Straight Zero: A Comic About Chin Hair. יש כמה דברים שצריך להגיד על קייטלין ג'נר. 21 High School Films Every Gay Must See. India’s Third Gender: Transgender people in Hindu Society. Queer Icon Kate Bornstein Reflects On Queer And Trans Identity In 2015. The Newest Issue of 'Batgirl' Features Major Comics' First Transgender Wedding.

מיהו אבי הספרות העברית שהתברר כהומו? 10 ‘Gal Pals’ From Your History Books Who Were Totally Getting It On. 100% Of Women Attracted To Other Women, Study Says. CeCe McDonald Reflects On Life And Activism Since Her Release From Prison. Which Lesbian Movies Won’t Punch You In The Soul? A 2015 LGBT Film Festival Investigation. 'Could I be gay after all these years?' For these women, the answer was 'yes.' This Is What It's Like To Discover You're Intersex As A Teen. Mormon Missionary Positions. 8 Outrageous Things Gay Men Say to Trans Men. Transgender Care Moves Into the Mainstream. Must-See: Steven Arnold's Surrealist Gay Erotica. Queerty. This Couple Had The Best Response For Everyone Who Didn't Approve Of Their Hotness. Weapons as Art: Queer Hate Crimes Seen Up Close.

17 Bands Fronted By Queer Women That You Should Be Listening To. Artist Spotlight: Paul Specht. LDC - Rex Maniscalco Collection of Bobby Smith Photographs [LGBT] Huffingtonpost. From Queer To Cis: My Story Of Privilege And Guilt. The 20 Gayest (and Greatest) Fashion Moments of 2015. הידידות העתיקה בין השמאל למאבק הגאה - הקצה. בראשונה: ביטוח בריאות פרטי בישראל מממן ניתוח לשינוי מין בחו"ל - בריאות. 5 Muslim Nations Where Gay is Legal - LGBT Muslims. Do You Know All the Prefixes for Sexual Identities? The Transgender Tipping Point. Charity Art Show To Benefit LGBT People 'Where Love Is Illegal' A Witness Change Project. טרנסג'נדרית בת 8 הקימה בית לטרנסג'נדרים מול כנסייה. בסוף גם הדו-מיניות יעשו את זה – אלכסון. נטייה מינית? מי אמר שחייבים לבחור - סגנון חיים. A 9-year-old goes in on standardized tests and ends with the best mic drop of all time. Places of Pride. Transgender teen’s suicide continues to draw attention — one year later. 26 Trans Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle. 6 Things That Happened When I Started Testosterone. Jazz Jennings on What It's Like to Date As a Transgender Teen. המדינה לבג"ץ: נאפשר לשנות את המין בתעודת הזהות גם בלי לעבור ניתוח - משפט ופלילים. Trans Women Dominate The Red Carpet At This Year's SAG Awards. What Cis People Say To Trans People Vs. What We Hear. הטרנסג'נדרים הישראלים יוצאים מהארון. To Unicorns, From an Ex-Unicorn. Articles & Resources. A Transman’s Sex Ed – trolleyproblem. Angel Haze review – magnetic, raging rap catharsis. Russian Bill Banning 'Public Demonstration Of Homosexuality' Dies In Committee.