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15+ Dogs That Have No Idea How Silly They Look With Their Toys. Dog toys are meant to make our pet pups happy, but there are plenty of clever dog toy designs that are fun (or funny) for their owners as well.

15+ Dogs That Have No Idea How Silly They Look With Their Toys

The funny dog toys on this list will make your dog look like a hilarious doofus, but they won't notice – they'll be having too much fun! If you know about a silly dog chew toy that belongs on this list, then feel free to add it and upvote your favorites as well! Show 25 more Recent submissions to this list More Lips To Kiss You With! A Dog That Loves His Veggies.

Fudge And His 'teefs'. Just Look At My Profile! My Sausages... The 15 Goofiest Animals Who Make The World A Happier Place. - StumbleUpon. Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon. Cano Cristales - Crystal River.

Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon

River of five colors, as the locals call it, originates in the south of the mountain chain Macarena, Colombia, and flows eastward to its confluence with the Guayabero river. In the Cano Cristales found five colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. All of them are waste product of many algae and, depending on time of year, color saturation, or weakened or strengthened. Share on Tumblr. Flickr - Photo Sharing! - StumbleUpon. שביט היילי. שביט היילי, המסומל באופן רשמי כ-1P/Halley, הוא שביט מחזורי מפורסם שזמן ההקפה שלו סביב השמש עומד על 75.3 שנים.

שביט היילי

כששביט היילי מתקרב לשמש הבהירות שלו עולה באופן ניכר והוא נראה בעין בלתי מזוינת. חלק מהפעמים שבהם ביקר שביט היילי במערכת השמש הפנימית זכו לתיאורים מפורטים על ידי אסטרונומים ועל ידי צופים לא מקצועיים. השביט נקרא על שמו של אדמונד היילי, הראשון להכיר בכך שההופעות הקודמות המתועדות של שביט, הן בעצם הופעות של אותו שביט, ומי שאף חזה את שנת הופעתו הבאה. הרכב[עריכת קוד מקור | עריכה] היסטוריה מוקדמת[עריכת קוד מקור | עריכה] חישוביו של היילי איפשרו למצוא את רישומי הופעותיו הקודמות של השביט בעבר: כשהשביט הגיע בשנת 1456, הוא עבר קרוב מאוד לכדור הארץ.

בעת החדשה[עריכת קוד מקור | עריכה] בעת החדשה הופיע שביט היילי בשנים 1835, 1910 ו-1986. הופעת השביט בשנת 1910 לבשה משמעויות רבות בשל מספר סיבות: זו הייתה הפעם הראשונה שהשביט הופיע לאחר המצאת הצילום. The 40 Most Spectacular and Mindblowing Photos of Nature - StumbleUpon. A lifetime is not enough to see what nature has to offer and all its beauties, along with its weirdness at times. There’s always something new happening in the world that people can hardly explain and sometimes mysteries are never solved. Pxleyes presents a stunning showcase of 40 images dedicated to the spectacular nature events from all over the world: a show of natural lights and colors, impressive rocky mountains and structures, tons of beautiful blue eyes and many other interesting elements, some almost unheard of.

All images show only NATURAL elements, non altered by human hand or post editing software! It is all genuine and happening somewhere in the world. This might help in picking the next vacation destination The Great Blue Hole – Belize Yellowstone Northern Outburst Wall of Light Cappuccino Coast – Pacific When Light Meets Ice Light Pillars, Jackson WY Light Pillars – from a distance Cave of Crystals, Mexico Pink and White Terraces. These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away.

Baby chameleons photo. Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags: baby animal chameleon baby chameleons by igor siwanowicz 1 047 420 views Rating: +26 a happy family of polar bears baby meerkats cute “mini lion” kitten Adorable Photos of Animals With Their Babies That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

baby chameleons photo

- StumbleUpon. SF Bay Area Beautifully Blanketed in Fog - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon. While heavy fog can be a major nuisance, making it nearly impossible to drive, for a photographer it can be a godsend, like nature's perfect gift.

SF Bay Area Beautifully Blanketed in Fog - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon

Terence Chang, who you may remember from those long exposure shots of planes taking off, has worked his magic again. This time he shows us parts of San Francisco and Sausalito beautifully blanketed in fog. When I asked Chang why he enjoys taking photos of fog, here is what he told me. "Photographing fog transforms it in unpredictable ways.

It shows the fog flowing in waves and currents, partially burying hills and towers with new 'ground.' "Being above fog clouds and able to watch them interact with the San Francisco Bay is a rare and beautiful sight. If you love Terence's gorgeous fog photos, you can now pick up one of his prints over at our online art store, My Modern Shop. Terence Chang's website and Flickr page. Penetrates. PBH2, Video Before It's Viral - StumbleUpon. Earth from Above a collection of aerial photography... - - StumbleUpon. "Earth From Above" is the result of the aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand's five-year airborne odyssey across six continents.

Earth from Above a collection of aerial photography... - - StumbleUpon

It's a spectacular presentation of large scale photographs of astonishing natural landscapes. Every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet. Coal mine in South Africa Sha Kibbutz, Israel Military cemetery in Verdun, France Suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark Elephants on the savannah, Botswana Favelas in Rio de Janeiro.